NCcuttingtools has more than 20 years of production experience, and we have extensive experience in quality control and cost management. Provide you with the most competitive products.​

About the company

NCcuttingtools is specialized in Diamond Tools, Metal Fiber, PDC Bits, totally over 1000 varieties of product systems and OEM Service. Our products are widely used in cutting and grinding marble, granite, stone, concrete and other materials.

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Segment Blade with Protective Teeth

Application: Abrasive materials, green concrete, asphalt and sandstone Feature: Effective improve the performance of basal blade and scarp removed. Very suit for strong grindability stone.

Turbo Saw Blade

Application: Tile, Bricks, Brick Blocks, Concrete, Marble, Granite, Stone and manyother materials. Features: Excellent performance in heat losing and scarp discharge. Continuous teeth ensure its processing accuracy and safety. According to shape there are three categories, narrow turbo, mid turbo and wide turbo saw blade.

Diamond Wire Saw

Application: Marble, Granite, Concrete Features: Using for Wire Saw Machine to cut large block Stone.

Continuous Rim Saw Blade

Application: Tile, Ceramics, Bricks, Brick Blocks, concrete, marble, granite, stone and many other materials. Features: It is often used for professional Tile and Ceramics cutting by special recipe. Usually need water when using it cut.

Crack Chaser

Application: Green Concrete, Block, Concrete and Stone. Features: Crack Chaser blades feature a V-shaped segment design with diamond embedded wedges for high speed cutting and long using life.

Turbo Cup Wheel

Application: Granite, Marble, Concrete, Masonry Features: Grinding disc is a kind of diamond tools, which is widely used in the grinding of stone and concrete. Different arbor sizes and segment specifications are available upon request.


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Safe use of a diamond saw blades

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