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NCCuttingTools is a professional Diamond Saw Blade, Diamond Drill Bit and Diamond Abrasive Tools manufacture. It occupies 25300 square meters. NCCuttingTools is specialised in Diamond Tools, Metal Fiber, PDC Bits, totally over 1000 varieties of product systems and OEM Service. Our products are widely used in cutting and grinding marble, granite, stone, concrete and other materials. We have rich experience of scientific&technology development, abundant production strength and perfect management, that help us deliver products on time with high-quality. Company is the first one to certificate and MPA Germany ISO9001:2000 by China Quality Control System and brought in advanced SAP manage system. The company focused on using advanced technology and quality product to provide the most scientific solution and the best service for the customer.


scroll saw vs band saw

Scroll Saw VS Band Saw: How to Make the Right Choice

Several novice/beginner woodworkers might not be able to afford all the tools they desire in their workshop, which leads them to have to choose between these tools. Two of the power tools that have always been having difficulty in making a choice is the scroll saw, and band saw. Though at first look, they might

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Image of a rock blade and stone is an excellent introduction

Rock Blades – How to Be An Indispensable Tool

There are plenty of different reasons that you would need a rock blade for your circular saw. Despite what some people may think, circular saws provide a great way to cut through rock such as that used for countertops, flooring, and even tile for a bathroom. The difference between this circular saw rock blades and

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A clear image of a table saw blade

How To Ensure You Are Buying The Right Table Saw Blade

With your table saw, we are expecting you to install a table saw blade with it to carry out your cutting tasks. This table saw blade is capable of handling all your tasks that range from cutting lumber to ripping fancy joints. Over time, you ever wondered why your table saw blade is doing what

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Saw Blade

Saw Blade Noise – How To Reduce it is Very Important!

It is difficult to separate noise from operation when it comes to using diamond saw blades. The standard uses include the cutting of stone, the cutting of concrete, and the cutting of asphalt, cutting of bricks, cutting of marble, as well as cutting of coal balls, glass , and ceramics – and all of these

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Tile Saw Blade

Tile Saw Blade – How to Get the Best for Your Work?

These days, tiles have been the go-to material when covering ground space in many commercial and residential locations. Their lasting range of designs makes them the perfect material for every area. Manufacturers make tiles from pure clay and other processes, and pipes have a certain degree of strength and workability that these processes affect. If

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Saw Aperture

Saw Aperture – How To Use It For Better Work

The diamond blade saw aperture is one of the most vital parts of the diamond saw machine. This article is full of confidence to bring you the spirit of industry experts and other professionals. They have been dealing with diamond blade machines throughout their lives. For Saw Aperture, I didn’t know what it was at first.

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Scroll Saw Vs Band Saw

Scroll Saw Vs Band Saw, Everything you Need to Know!

The pain of purchasing the wrong item is not describable. This article saves you the opportunity to choose wisely depending on the task at hand the saw of your choice. We understand that you might be in a dilemma as to what to buy. It is why this article has been written up for you.

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A worker cutting metal with a knife

Saw Blade-How to Make a Knife from an Old Saw Blade

A couple of years ago, I hosted a couple of friends to dinner at my private residence. The group consisted mainly of farmers and winemakers, most of whom had inherited the business from their parents just like I did mine. I hinted one of them John, of my plans to dispose of my old diamond

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A man cutting through concrete with a diamond saw machine

Diamond Saw Machine – How to Understand More Deeply

In the last decade, diamond saws have been a very significant part of the construction and many other industries. A little known fact is that in every endeavour where heavy machinery is deployed to use. Such as construction, military, and some notable others. A diamond saw machine is usually on the top ten lists of

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circular saw blade

How to Choose The Right Circular Saw For You

Choosing the right circular saw blade is essential for getting the best cuts.  There are many different circular saw blades available, and for as many saws, there are just as many purposes.  How do you know which is the right one for you?  Read through this guide and to learn how to find the right.

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skill saw blade

Skill Saw Blade –5 Ways to Improve the Efficiency

If you happen to be one of those millions of people from all over the world who have purchased a skill saw blade or intend to then this guide is meant to help you enjoy the full experience. A skill saw blade is a piece of technology used majorly with the diamond saw, and like

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Segment Blade with Protective Teeth

Application: Abrasive materials, green concrete, asphalt and sandstone Feature: Effective improve the performance of basal blade and scarp removed. Very suit for strong grindability stone.

Turbo Saw Blade

Application: Tile, Bricks, Brick Blocks, Concrete, Marble, Granite, Stone and manyother materials. Features: Excellent performance in heat losing and scarp discharge. Continuous teeth ensure its processing accuracy and safety. According to shape there are three categories, narrow turbo, mid turbo and wide turbo saw blade.

Diamond Wire Saw

Application: Marble, Granite, Concrete Features: Using for Wire Saw Machine to cut large block Stone.

Continuous Rim Saw Blade

Application: Tile, Ceramics, Bricks, Brick Blocks, concrete, marble, granite, stone and many other materials. Features: It is often used for professional Tile and Ceramics cutting by special recipe. Usually need water when using it cut.

Crack Chaser

Application: Green Concrete, Block, Concrete and Stone. Features: Crack Chaser blades feature a V-shaped segment design with diamond embedded wedges for high speed cutting and long using life.

Turbo Cup Wheel

Application: Granite, Marble, Concrete, Masonry Features: Grinding disc is a kind of diamond tools, which is widely used in the grinding of stone and concrete. Different arbor sizes and segment specifications are available upon request.

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