6 Tips to Make Your Diamond Saw Blade Last Longer

If you need to acquire a diamond saw blade, then you need to consider the longevity of the blade to be certain it fits the purpose of your work.

The diamond saw blade is made out of steel and coated with diamonds fixed on the edges. It is designed to cut hard or abrasive materials. The blade is mostly used by miners and can also be used in other aspects of the construction industry.

In this post we’re going to examine tips that can make your blade last longer no matter the type of diamond saw blade used but before then you should know that the quality of the diamond saw blade also factors into how long one can use a blade.

Close up worker use wet sawing machine for cutting marble stone

(Close up worker use wet sawing machine for cutting marble stone)

1.Regular cleaning of diamond saw blades

Cleaning a diamond saw blade is the best way of keeping the edge clean, sharp and ready for work. As a versatile tool, it is usually used under the most stringent conditions, leaving marks on the blade and abrading its edges. To keep the blade functional would require proper cleaning. Doing so would help make the blade last longer and keep it clean from dirt.

A lot of people think a way of keeping the blade is potential is by sharpening the blade, and this is wrong as it only makes the blade wear quickly but keeping it dirt-free by cleaning it will help preserve its cutting potential. Cleaning the diamond saw blade is an easy to do technique; you do not need any form of soap or cleaning solution to get this done. All you need is a piece of concrete, which is big enough for you to run on the blade.

We can plugin your saw and throttle its motor to be running on full power. Now, make some shallow cuts on the stone for a few minutes. Make this cut on at least five different angles for 10-20 seconds. After this cut, you’ll see how brand new your diamond saw blade look.

Man installing module after cleaning

(Man installing module after cleaning)

2.Can I polish a diamond saw blade?

Yes, it is the best means of maintaining the blade after use. Lots of people believe that the best way to keep a diamond saw blade is to sharpen the blade but what they don’t know is that the blade wears from grinding. So, you’ll get the edges of the blade blunt and spoilt by grinding it.

You do not need to polish your diamond saw blade daily to avoid weakening the boundaries. We must regularly clean at least every two to three weeks to remove scratches and enhance its advantages.
To polish the blade, you need to;

• Wipe the blade with a soft cloth to clean the dust and wipe as much as scratch as you can. The earth and scratch would corrode the metal over time, so you need to dry them.

• Polish the blade with a polish material made for use on stainless steel blades. Many products in the market are reliable, so you can use whatever you can afford.

• Apply a dime-sized drop on the body of the diamond saw blade and rub it in. Allow it to settle in for 10 minutes then wipe it off the surface of the blade. You can follow the manufacturer instructions for more directions.

Polished blade surface resting on a polished plywood surface

(Polished blade surface resting on a polished plywood surface)

3.Can wet cutting extend the service life?

High-level science proves that water plays a vital role in the function of the blade when used on wet surfaces. However, using the diamond saw blade on a damp surface does not necessarily mean the blade would last longer because water is known as a corrosive agent that will create abrasive slur which would cause wear to the edges of the blade.

Although wet surface does not necessarily improve the longevity of the diamond saw blade, there are other benefits to using this blade on slippery surfaces such as;

• Providing a more efficient cut by limiting resistance by clearing away loose aggregate

• Water acts as a suppressant for dust and reduces exposure to airborne particles that causes health issues to the user

• Water acts as a coolant and reduces the chances of the diamond saw blade overheating while you work. Overheating can lead to creating the core and segments to crack and also lead to blade warp.

Wet marble saw cutting moment

(Wet marble saw cutting moment)

4.Do not force cut

To maintain your blade and help it last longer, you have to watch the intensity at which you work when cutting as the hardness makes the diamond saw blade subject to shock and very brittle. Any amount of vibration can easily damage the teeth of the saw.

You can also suffer from kerf loss which can delay your work and cause a decline in production. Also be careful what kinds of metals and surfaces you use this saw to cut as if you cut something more complicated than the diamond saw blade, you can damage its teeth immediately.

Close up of worker cutting sandstone by electric hand stone saws, working with power tools

 (Close up of worker cutting sandstone by electric hand stone saws, working with power tools)

5.Set the saw blade depth correctly

Many people normally overlook this step but it’s quite essential to set the depth of the saw blade accurately because the maximum cutting depth of a blade is different when it been used on the job, therefore to ensure that you do not damage the tiny binds support that clings to the diamond segments, set your diamond saw blade depth.

To consistently get a good result when cutting, you need to keep track of the depth settings you normally use. This will ensure that the maximum cutting depth is the same when you use it to work.

Close up of a man hands using a tile saw to cut ceramic tile

 (Close up of a man hands using a tile saw to cut ceramic tile)

6.The right way to store diamond saw blade

Taking a storage method for your blade is essential to the longevity of the blade and having a blade system that works efficiently. If you have been searching for numerous ways to store your blade, there are various ways which you can choose from, and they include;

• French cleat saw blade system: This is a rack that can hold the different sizes of diamond saw blades in the workspace of any cutter.

•  Using a magazine-style storage rack: Which is essentially a rectangular wooden frame with slightly slanted individual slots to store different sizes of diamond saw blade. It can be hanged on the wall or positioned in an area of your workspace for easy access.

• Slide-out CD style box: this is a similar system with what we use in storing our compact disk plates. You can conceal your diamond saw blade in an organized and orderly fashion.

• Knife Block: This is a similar setup to what you use in preserving your knives at home. The only difference is that its significant enough to hold your heavy saws.

There are numerous ways to store your blades, but you need to find what method works for you. You can check with different woodworkers to find what suits your collection of module best.

Discs for a circular saw on a wall in the store

(Discs for a circular saw on a wall in the store)


These are mostly the tips to help your diamond saw blade last longer, but there are many more tips out there you can follow to get the same result. You should start with these methods to help you save money on purchasing new blades every time and time spent on going to shop for the blades.

Following these tips is quite easy to do, but you can also reach out to NCCutttingtools, One of the best manufacturers and suppliers of diamond cutting tools on the market. We offer a wide variety of services from cutting your marbles to polishing and renting diamond Hole saws and even consultancy. You can enquire from their professional help on how to make your diamond saw blade last longer.

We are quite affordable, and our charges are only for whatever requirements you need at no extra cost. Why not contact us today. Our team of professionals would be more than willing to help you bring your dreams to reality.

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