7 Tips for Cutting With Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blade


A circular saw is an indispensable and vital cutting tool that is a favorite among construction workers and many DIY workers. It helps cut different materials, including metal, wood, or alloy.

Many materials have specific cutting directions to avoid damage.

If you are working with metal materials, you would understand that cutting it coincidentally will just not cut it.

You need to find out how to cut it properly and then follow the instructions. In this guide, you would find tips on how to cut metal properly with your metal cutting circular saw blade.

metal cutting circular saw blade

(metal cutting circular saw blade)

1.Secure the Material You Are Cutting With Your Metal Saw Blade

Secure metal materials when cutting with a metal saw blade

(Secure metal materials when cutting with a metal saw blade)

An important thing to consider when you want to cut metal with your metal cutting circular saw is how secure the material is. If the material is not held firmly in place, it could result in severe accidents. To be on the safer side, these metal materials must be safe and secure.

Metal materials have different shapes, types, thicknesses, and sizes. You will determine how to secure every kind of material depending on these qualities. The most common type of tool used to  fasten metal items  in place is the Clamp.

Clamping tools can help you to secure different materials in place, ranging from sheet metal to thick pieces of metal. The clamps ensure that you not only get a cleaner cut, but it also does not slip out of place, which may lead to injuries.

For a better and safer cutting experience, invest in clamping tools to hold different sizes of metal materials in place. It will immensely reduce the stress of having to struggle with the material & the saw at the same time.

2. Avoid the Flying Metal Fragments As You Cut With Your Metal Saw

Metal cutting circular saws can release dangerous fragments when cutting metal

 (Metal cutting circular saws can release dangerous fragments when cutting metal)

Whenever you are working with metal, either during cutting or grinding or general metalwork, it is necessary to take precautions. It is because they can be dangerous to touch or handle.

Many times, you would find that metal, especially sheet metal, can cause joint injuries like cuts, lacerations, among others. However, there is one other hazard that comes with working with metal. It is the metal fragments that go flying as the blade grinds against the metal.

These fragments are called Swarf, and they can be harmful to you. Even when you are working with metal cuttings, these fragments still go flying because of the friction caused by the cutting.

These shards or fragments can be expelled with great force and fly as far as a few meters. It makes it dangerous for you as well as any other persons standing around you. Sometimes, if the Swarf is made of reactive metals, it can be highly flammable.

They can combust suddenly and cause more harm. It is why you must wear protective clothing when cutting so that you can reduce the damage that may occur when you cut.

3. The Metal You are Cutting Must Hang at the Edge of Your Metal Saw

For ease of cut and safety, position your metal saw blade correctly

 (For ease of cut and safety, position your metal saw blade correctly)

There are certain positions in which the metal material you are cutting must sit to enable you to prune correctly. This way, cutting becomes easy and hassle-free. It is indeed possible to cut through metal without putting yourself at risk.

A metal cutting circular saw depends on particular angles and methods to be able to cut safely. Understanding the right aspects to cut at makes your job easier and faster. When cutting metal, you must hang it at the edge of your metal saw blade to allow for easier cutting.

If you’re a metal cutting circular saw dealer, you should be able to advise your customers and clients about cutting at the right angle. For those who also use metal saw blades, you must take note of this.

4. Take Note of Your Metal Cutting Diamond Blade Depth

Be aware of the cutting depth setting of your metal saw blade

 (Be aware of the cutting depth setting of your metal saw blade)

One thing you need to consider when working with metal saw blades is their depth setting. For your safety, you may want to consider how thick or thin the material you are cutting with is so that you do not use the wrong blade for it.

Usually, the blade depth setting should not exceed ¼ of the metal thickness you want to cut. If the metal you are working with is thin, then you need a metal cutting diamond blade with a higher tooth count. For thicker materials, you would need a metal saw blade with fewer teeth.

Most blades have their specific usage, usually indicated in the module. You find how thick a material they can cut or if they are suitable for thinner materials. Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully to match it with the appropriate material.

5. Take Note of the Speed Your Metal Cutting Saw Blade Should

You must know how fast your metal saw blade should run

(You must know how fast your metal saw blade should run)

If you are cutting your metal with any other type of circular saw other than a circular saw blade for metal, it is risky. It may ruin not only the materials but also the saw. Many saws have a particular cutting speed, which they function best while cutting different materials.

If you use a wood cutting circular saw to cut metal, it will destroy many things. It is because the saw runs at a higher speed than is required. Now, when you get the appropriate saw for cutting metal, find out what the necessary gear for running the saw is.

To substantially cut through metal materials with a circular, the usual recommended no-load RPM is 5, 000. Anything below this would be a waste of time for you. If it is above the required no-load speed, it may also cause the saw to overheat or cause serious injury.

Check to find out the required rate your metal cutting saw blade should run at and then stick to that, even if the saw can go faster. Cutting metal is a serious business, and all these precautions should not be trifled with.

6.Apply Lubricant to Your Circular Saw Blade for

Lubricating your metal saw blades help you to cut better

 (Lubricating your metal saw blades help you to cut better)

An excellent way to ensure a long life of your metal cutting circular saw blade is to take proper care of it. Apart from cleaning it and storing it in the right conditions, you must not forget to oil it. Metal cutting diamond blades need to be oiled regularly to ensure it runs smoothly.

Grease your blades to prevent the blade from sticking to the materials being cut due to debris and shards. Lubrication is also essential to help curb overheating. It protects the blade from wear by allowing it to cut smoothly.

The tips of the blade do not crack when they are properly lubricated. It is equal to a longer lifespan for your metal cutting circular saw blade. There are many saw blade oils on the market.

Once you get an excellent grease, read the instructions to find out how to apply it and how often too. Your metal saw blades will be better off, last longer, and keep you from harm as you use it to cut metal.

7.Wear Security Protection When you’re using Your Metal Saw

Ensure you wear an appropriate covering when cutting with a metal cutting circular saw

(Ensure you wear an appropriate covering when cutting with a metal cutting circular saw)

When you are cutting metal with your metal saw blade, there is every tendency that hazards can occur. Cutting metal with a metal blade will cause a lot of friction, which can be very dangerous. When using your metal cutting saw blade, you need to be cautious.

One of the ways you can do this is to wear health-protective clothing. It comprises a face shield, safety glasses, and hearing protection. These will keep the possibility of injuring your eyes and other parts of your face minimal.

You also need to protect the rest of your exposed skin. You can do this by wearing gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, and pants. If you are holding or touching blades, be sure to wear long gloves.

Always make sure that before you operate or handle your metal cuttings saw blade or any cutting any metal, you are appropriately covered. It goes for any person who would be near you while cutting too. If you are protected, and they are not, it could still injure them.

Other protective measures for cutting safety includes reading and observing all that the safety precautions required. If you brush it aside, you may end up getting harmed. Check the metal discs or saw blades for these precautions.


Here are a few points worthy of remembering as you proceed to use your circular saw blade for cutting metal.

Cut with your saw firmly clamped in place and avoid the flying pieces of metal as you cut. Also, remember to wear safety equipment as you cut and oil your tools regularly for smooth function.

If you need further assistance with these matters, then you may contact Nccuttingtools for help. They have vast experience in everything you should know about cutting tools such as these. They will fix your dilemma in no time.

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