8 Kinds of Circular Saw Blades Worth Buying in 2020

Circular saws Blade are some of the most widely used industrial tools in the market today, serving varying industries where there is a need for machinery that can cut through the hardest substances.

It is essential to understand circular saw, whether you use it in a commercial or personal capacity.

When you buy the right machine, it becomes more comfortable to use. It gives you lesser problems that you can handle quite effectively without any complications because it is originally suited for the capacity in which you’re using it.

This article helps you to understand what a circular saw is, which kind of circular saw is worth purchasing and how best to use it in your home, farms, construction, and other projects. Depending on the project that you have in mind, buying one kind of circular saw over the other may be counter-intuitive, especially if you haven’t done all the necessary research on the usefulness of a particular kind of circular saw.

Metal Circular Saw Blade on a Wooden Background

Section 1: Different Uses of the Circular Saw Blades

Metal Circular Saw Blade on a Wooden Background

Saw machines that fitted with circular saw blades deployed in a variety of use cases across industries. There are many kinds of circular saw blades, and they’re all made to use in different capacities, which means that you may need to acquire more than one model if you need to deploy your circular saw blades in multiple-use capacities.

1. Circular Saw Blades are Perfect for Cutting Straight Lines

When it comes to cutting through a hard material in a straight line, circular saws are especially useful. Most circular saws are precision instruments, which makes them perfect for cutting through the most delicate substances without denting or affecting unintended parts of your possessions.

2.Circular Saw Blades are the Best for Making Overhead Cuts

Making overhead cuts can be one of the most delicate tasks for anyone, especially if you’re doing it without the right machinery. In this case, a circular saw is the best option to deploy as the weight is evenly distributed and more concentrated on the left rather than the right, which means that the heavy side is the solid side of your project and relieves the pressure on the part you’re cutting away.

3.Circular Saw Blades are your Best Bet for Pipe, Concrete & Asphalt

When it comes to cutting through abrasives such as pipe, concrete, and asphalt, circular saws are the go-to machinery. The cutting of abrasives usually exposes the machinery involved to an unusually large amount of heat, which in turn expands the metal on your blade and whatever you’re trying to cut.

Circular Saws can withstand this pressure for a very long time, and this makes them perfect for cutting through pipe, concrete, and asphalt.

Section 2: 8 Kinds of Circular Saw Worth Buying in 2020

A carpenter cutting flax board

There are numerous kinds of circular saws on the market today, and understanding the appropriate one for you will go a long way in helping you improve your performance efficiency. Here are some circular saws worth buying in 2020;

I. Cold Saw Blade for Metal

Put, the cold saw is a kind of circular saw designed to cut through metals. Although cutting through metal is one of the most common uses of the circular saw, it is still an endeavor that should undertake with the least potential of risks and downsides, which, therefore, requires the appropriate tools.

One of these potential risks includes the expansion and contraction that occurs while friction takes place. Friction also causes significant wear and tear in metals; therefore, when you do not make use of the appropriate tools, cutting through metals becomes very risky.

A cold saw blade is designed to cut through the hardest metal objects by transferring the heat generated by cutting to the chips created by the saw blade through its toothed blade and is one that you should be considering purchasing in 2020.

II. Low Noise Circular Saw Blade

This kind of circular saw blade also makes the list of saw blades that are worth purchasing in 2020. If you’re one who likes to work without all the noise that comes with traditional cutting tasks, then you should consider adding a low noise circular saw blade to your arsenal.

The typical low noise circular saw blade such as the Diablo D1040X ATB flaunts a diameter of 10 inches, a size 40 teeth, a 5/8 inches arbor size, and lots more.

Low noise circular saw blades equipped with laser-cut stabilizer vents that help in dampening vibrations and noise reduction while spinning. These stabilizer vents equally assist in dissipating heat so that the blade will not warp by expanding unevenly.

III. Circular Saw Blade for Cutting Aluminium

Like you probably already know, there are various kinds of circular saw blades, and they all have their various strong uses. If you work with a lot of metal materials, especially aluminum sheets and you’re looking for the perfect saw blade for your circular saw, then buying a kind of saw that’s designed to perform excellently with aluminum sheets is the best option for you.

A circular saw blade such as the Irwin’s 4935560 is a very viable option because of its durable and tough metal-cutting grade carbide teeth. Unlike many other circular saw blades designed for Aluminium, these teeth are supported by anti-kickback shoulders for shock resistance and improved safety by reducing the number of flying sparks.

It flaunts a 7.25-inch diameter, a size 68 teeth, and anti-vibration vents that allow for noise dampening and significantly reduced vibrations.

IV. Continuous Rim Circular Saw Blade

Just like the name already suggests, a continuous rim circular saw blade possesses a continuous rim with no teeth. Rather, the edge fitted with hard synthetic diamonds that create a very clean finish when cutting through tiles and slates.

This kind of circular saw should make it into your list of saws worth purchasing in 2020, especially because of its uniqueness and ability to get the job done efficiently and quickly regardless.

V. Turbo Rim Circular Saw Blades

A turbo rim circular saw blade is very similar to the continuous rim circular saw blade but fitted with serrated rims that afford you the luxury of cutting aggressively through concrete, bricks, and other masonry materials.

It is the perfect kind of circular saw blade to use in the construction industry, and if you work in construction or intend to make a foray into the industry in 202o, then it is one that should make it into your arsenal.

VI. Segmented Circular Saw Blade

A Segmented circular saw blade is perfect to use in a very rough industry as it designed with more attention paid to aggressiveness than aesthetics. It fitted with diamond edges, which are then divided by deep gorges.

This design allows the circular saw blade to cut through the toughest materials but leaves behind a very rough finish. It is also very handy and efficient, especially if you’re cutting through very hard materials and is worth putting your hard-earned cash on in 2020.

VII. Abrasive Circular Saw Blade

Abrasive circular saw blades crafted from abrasive compounds such as silicon carbide or aluminum oxide, and they do not have any teeth.

The abrasive material is perfect for cutting and very efficient in cutting through masonry materials or metals. If you work in construction, then this is one of the best kinds of circular saws that you should consider purchasing in 2020.

VIII. Standard Circular Saw Blade

A standard circular saw blade use in cutting through wood and wooden materials. These kinds of circular saw blades have been designed in various sizes and models to accommodate the numerous differences in types of wood. Standard circular saw blades with very few teeth can generally cut through wood much faster, but they also leave behind a very rough finish.

On the other hand, standard circular saw blades with many teeth cut very slowly but leave behind a clean-cut finish. Your 2020 will certainly be incomplete without the right tools, and a standard circular saw blade does just that for you.


A woodworker changing the saw blade for his circular saw

Buying a circular saw blade in 2020 can prove to be a complicated endeavor, given a large number of circular saw blade types available on the market today. It is also not helpful that these circular saw blades are designed to cater to some specific needs and are utterly inefficient in others. The eight kinds of circular saw blades listed above will give you a clear insight into how circular saw blades work, how and why you should use them, and the perfect circular saw blades that suit your particular needs.

You can contact us here to get the perfect circular saw blades for your circular saws at the most competitive price in the market. Why wait? When you can make a perfect purchase in just one click! We are a customizable and mass-produced manufacturer, and we’ll help you take care of all your circular saw blade problems.

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