8 Tips on Choosing your Right TCT Saw Blade Manufacturers

People will tell you that you can cut with any blade. This is true to some extent, but not always. When cutting, you need to consider more than just cuts. You also need factors such as cleaner cuts, faster cuts, and even deeper slits. As the demand for the TCT saw blade market increases, finding a saw blade supplier becomes something you need to consider.

The TCT saw blade is a blade with crucial features that makes it an efficient saw blade. In this article, we will consider the details that make the TCT saw blade essential today.

Facing so many TCT saw blade makers, how should we choose. You need to pay attention to these 8 aspects, I believe that after reading this article, you can quickly choose the right TCT saw blade maker.

A Carbide Tipped Saw Blade
Figure 1: A Carbide Tipped Saw Blade

1.View Manufacturer Network Reviews

Choosing the perfect TCT saw blade that fits your job description can prove to be quite tricky. The reason for this is that you have several manufacturers producing the blade. One thing to do at such a moment is to read the manufacturer’s network reviews.

The present state of the customer supply to the manufacturer is quite complicated. A couple of factors is the reason for this complexity, some of which include connectivity, supplier’s interdependency, etc. All these factors make the manufacturer’s network susceptible to disruptions on either the local or global level. It is, therefore, crucial that you check through to see the resilience of the supply chain you are looking to purchase.

Failure to consider and address this particular factor can be problematic. Such problems can leave you stranded whenever you need to change or buy a new blade.

See network reviews

(See network reviews)

2.Quality of the TCT blade

Another essential tip that you will find very useful is the quality of the TCT saw blade. One of the first quality standard you must look out for is the blade’s tip. TCT saw blades are famous for their adhesive feature, and this is because of the sliver braze on the tips.

The tooth configuration is another aspect that defines the blade quality. You should ensure to look out for tooth geometry that can accommodate a range of applications. Your blade configuration must cater for positive and negative rake angles.

The quality of the blade is also evident in the material type of the body of the saw. The shape of the edge must constitute properties that are tough and resilient. The module must be able to support the carbide tip during cutting operations.

So, your typical TCT saw blade consist of a durable material flexible enough to accommodate your project’s working condition. In hindsight, it is vital to note that all of this might come at a steep price.

A Typical TCT Blade

Figure 2: A Typical TCT Blade

3.TCT Saw Blade Free Samples.

Most manufacturers in a bid to get you to purchase or convince you about their product give free samples. It gives you a closer insight into the type of TCT saw blade you look to buy. Another reason for this is that it makes you trust their products more asides the benefit from free samples.

The free samples incentive is a tip that will prove helpful when choosing the perfect TCT blade. Beyond this, it gives you the feeling that such manufacturers are willing to go all the way to convince you. It can also indicate that the manufacturers are quite confident about the quality and performance of their products. All of this gives you a good feeling about the blade.

Samples of TCT Saw Blades

Figure 3: Samples of TCT Saw Blades

4.Features of TCT saw blade

Quite some factors surround your choice of TCT blade. Some of which include the varieties of the module that you can use for special functions.

1.TCT saw blade for wood

There is industrial quality TCT saw blade that you can use for cutting both your hardwood and softwood. This blade can also substitute as a crosscutting blade if needed. Such modules have fewer teeth number that enables them to cut along the grain. These blades can sometimes be hardened and tensioned to reduce vibration when cutting.

2.TCT blade for cutting metal

TCT blades have also come in variations that are especially for cutting metals. They have structural designs that help reduce the contact noise when cutting. These types of saw blades are most compatible with chop saws, double miter saws, and panel saws. They also have an added feature that gives them longer life spans.

3.Blade Customization

Most manufacturers offer services to design blades with users’ special requests. These types of modules are very flexible enough to match your invitations. Such demands can include expansion slots, copper plugs, noise reduction blades, etc.

A TCT Saw blade in a Mitre saw

Figure 4: A TCT Saw blade in a Mitre saw

5.Project Customized Blade

The TCT blade is an essential tool, so vital that it is an incredibly useful tool, and you will find one in almost every workshop out there. However, it is necessary to note that one of the factors to consider in choosing a blade is your project type.

Choosing the perfect blade for the specific job you are working on can prove quite pivotal. It can determine the quality of the situation and the speed of the cut. To be able to operate at peak efficiency, you might need to make individual adjustments to the blade. Specifications like kerf angle, hole size, etc., are some of the features you can adjust.

So, as you go out to get the perfect TCT saw blade, be on the watch for manufacturers offering such services.

TCT saw blades with different teeth

(TCT saw blades with different teeth)

6.Recyclable TCT Saw Blade

TCT saw blades constitute about ninety percent steel. The Tungsten carbide tipped saw blades have a compound mixture on the teeth that makes it twice as hard as steel. It makes the leaves progressively hard.
Even though you can use the blade to the last, they endure a lot of mileage from their typical use. Eventually, your saw blades should be honed or tossed out. Furthermore, you can sharpen saw blades, either at home or by taking them to an expert. Be that as it may, you can likewise reuse them if you never again need them.
Since they are made of steel, wherever that reuses metal should take them. Moreover, there are numerous approaches to reuse saw blades. So, as you go out to choose your TCT saw blade, have recyclability at heart.

A Recyclable TCT Blade
Figure 5: A Recyclable TCT Blade

7.Certification of TCT Saw Blade

Some bodies certify the quality of a blade and the manufacturers’ validity for producing TCT blades. It is quite essential because they sign off on such modules for variety, this something you should also watch out for in the modules. Manufacturers with quality blades manufacture knives with laser technology. This mode of production is useful when producing leaves of high quality and precision of these products.

Certifications like this prove a track record of close collaboration with other users and trusted commitment. Such a TCT blade manufacturer is trustworthy and reliable. You can trust such manufacturers always to be the front of the industry. So, a close association and collaboration with such blade producers will prove to be beneficial over time.

Circular Saw isolated on black background

(Circular Saw isolated on black background)

8.China TCT saw blade

China is no stranger to the production of TCT blades. They are America’s largest competition when it comes to blade production. A top production company of TCT saw blade in China is Jiangsu Yaofeng Tools Co., Ltd.
They specialize in the making of TCT saw blade consisting mostly of steel. They have a factory with state of the art and cutting-edge equipment. They produce TCT blades in all sizes and even take orders for special requirements.

Artistic TCT saw blade

(Artistic TCT saw blade)


TCT (tungsten carbide tipped) saw blades represent your typical capable blade. The TCT is your go-to blade if you aim to get a clean, safe, and accurate cut on your workpiece. Before choosing your TCT blade, you must consider some factors.

Factors like blade quality, blade type, etc., all of this makes for a sufficient parameter you consider before choosing.

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