9 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Diamond Core Drill Bit

Diamond core drill bit, as we all know, is a natural process in use today. It would surprise you to know that many experienced operators make mistakes that significantly affect the results. Amongst these is the application of pressure on a tilted drill bit. To get the full guide on this, listed below are the most common mistakes that could be making drilling frustrating and their solutions.

These processes should be digested in full by wholesalers and retailers so that we can always convey it to the individual driller.

Clear diamond core drill bit pictures

(Clear diamond core drill bit pictures)

1.Using the wrong types of Diamond Core Drill Bit

Drill bits are essential tools used for various jobs besides just drilling holes. You can also use them for the installation of strip paint and screws. The drill bits are beneficial but can also be dangerous if not handles with care.

While inserting your drill bits, make sure to insert it into the front part of the drill. Selecting the right type of exercise for your job is one of the factors to enhance your project, thereby giving you the best results. Listed below are some of the most common drill bits according to their uses:

  • Twist Bit:

The twist drill bits are also known as the standard drill bits. They allow you to drill holes into your working materials, which may include: light Metals, plastic, and light woods.

  • Spade Bit:

Just as wide as the traditional spade looks, the spade drill bits drill bigger holes more efficiently. It is only agreeable that spade drill bit does the same job as an ordinary twist bit but just in a more commercial way.

  • Hole Saw:

If you are looking for the perfect drill bit to drill large holes, the hole saws are just the first bits to use. This drill is for drilling large holes customarily from a half-inch to six inches in width.

  • Glass Bit:

Just as the name implies, this drill is for drilling glass materials. The holes bored on glasses using this material is perfectly done with diamond drill bits. Using the wrong type of drilling bits can cause discomfort in the work zone. Also, it would be wrong to use concrete coring bits for drilling glass as it would be a mistake to do so.

  • Screwdriver Bits:

Screwdrivers are for driving screws. It usually becomes so frustrating to start screwing hundreds of screws just with the traditional screwdrivers. With this drill bit, time and energy are conserved. The screwdrivers drill bit is just the perfect tool for your project.

There are factually thousands of more bits available to fit many of your projects. Make sure to find the right drill bit for your project.

Drilling Operation

(Drilling Operation)

2.Using the Wrong Speed Setting of Diamond Core Drill Bit

Once you have the right drill bits type in place, then the operating speed should not be a big deal. Many different materials have different drilling speed. The drilling principle of the drilling bit is the ability to glaze over surfaces of materials, thereby taking a little piece off the body.

There is some variable speed reversible drills. The rate of the bit varies by the amount of pressure applied to the trigger. It also goes by the strength and density of the material you are working on.

It is advisable to read all safety and drilling precautions that come with the drill at hand before use.

High-speed drilling

(High-speed drilling)

3.Applying Too Much or Too Little Pressure

Drilling pressure is one of the most important factors to consider while using the drill bits. The common mistakes people make in this aspect is applying too much pressure vertically to a tilted bit. Furthermore, when drilling, it is expected of you to make sure that the direction of the applied force is forming a straight line.

NOTE: When applying force to a tilted drill bit unknowingly, there is usually a high, unintended breaking of the drill bit in use.

The above note is valid since the applied force comes from the handle instead of the head of the drill. The head of the practice is the part of the drill body designed directly behind the bit-shaft.

With all these said, you should know that applying too much force can lead to the destruction of the drill bit.

When using drill bits, make sure you apply the force on the edges of the drill bits, not on the sides. Little more pressure is needed when using the concrete coring bits and the drill bit for granite. Little pressure is applied when using the diamond core drill and the diamond drill bits for glass.

Heavy-duty machinery used for drilling

(Heavy-duty machinery used for drilling)

4.Using the Wrong Lubricant/ Failure to Use Lubricant

It is highly required of you always to remember that drill Bits are generally not flexible. Therefore, you have to remove your drilling bits periodically from the material you are drilling, to shake off the shavings. This might cause a jam-up of the drill, which causes the exercise to burn as a result of excessive friction. Also, doing this will usually reduce the temperatures generated by the drilling process as temperatures can weaken the metal and render it more susceptible to wear and tear. This is more of a reason why it is advisable to use a lubricant at all times of the drilling process. Fats such as motor oil are applied when drilling through hard metals and other tough materials.

The procedure of applying the lubricant oil is by placing the tip of the drill bit directly into the lubricating oil. This process is done frequently throughout the drilling process.

By using lubricants, the level of friction reduces, the temperature of drilling gets diminished. This can go a long way in prolonging the lifespan of the drill bit. Lubricants also enable the bit to glaze over potential binding spots in hard materials such as metals, which can damage your drill bit.

Use of lubricant during a drilling operation

(Use of lubricant during a drilling operation)

5.Having the diamond core drill bit on reverse

Some exercises can run on a reverse. This reverse winding should not be used for drilling as it wears off the glazing end of the drill bits. When drilling bits such as diamond core drill bit gets stuck in a drilled hole, you can put it on a reverse to remove the drill.

NOTE: Do not drill with the reverse spin of a drill except if you have a reverse drill bit.

Use of drill bits to make a hole in wood

(Use of drill bits to make a hole in wood)

6.Covering Ventilation Holes During of diamond core drill bit

Ventilation holes are necessarily left open while drilling. It would be a grave mistake to shut them out while drilling. The primary effects of closing ventilation holes while drilling includes overheating. Overheating is a result of an increase in temperature.

An increase in temperature also leads to the burning of the coil, causing the drill to spin. Factually, closing the ventilation hole will lead to the wear and tear of the training.

Drilling operation showing ventilation hole

(Drilling operation showing ventilation hole)

7.Choosing the wrong type of power diamond core drill bit

The power drill is of different kinds. The choice of power drill you chose should solely meet the requirements for your project. Before using a power drill, it is advisable to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use it. The manual should also prove useful.

Drill screwdriver used for making holes

(Drill screwdriver used for making holes)

8.Not Cleaning the tool after use

Proper maintenance is the key to a long-lasting drilling tool. To properly use your drilling tool, the first thing to consider is the length of the rope of your drill. If the cord provided by the manufacturer is not long enough, it is best to use an extension cord to reach the rest of the way. Also, make sure that the cord is not laying near a puddle of water, as this could result in an electric shock that could lead to injury or death.

During drilling, some shavings get stuck inside the head where the drilling bit. Failure to clean this before, during, and after drilling might result in wear and tear.

Different Bits

(Different Bits)

9.Lack of patience

Patience, they say, is the key to a perfect job. It does not matter the amount of work you are doing. Also, it does not matter the rate at which you are drilling. The fact is, if you lack patience, then you have missed it. Every project and use of the tool needs patience. Lack of patience can result in the wrong usage of tools, thereby leading to the most common mistakes made during work.

Safety during a drilling operation

(Safety during a drilling operation)


The most common mistakes made during the drilling process are usually unintended. They are simply things you usually would not take severe but causes damage to your project.

From the way you choose your drill type to the way, you fix the bits. Also, the way to the cutting of your materials properly to achieve clean cuts, NCCuttingtools are here to provide the services.

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