Asphalt Cutting Blade- 9 Tips To Help You Make The Right Choice

Choosing the right blade for cutting any type of material is vital to the productivity of the saw and the owner of the saw.

There are many saw blades on the market; choosing the right blade for cutting asphalt is often a confusing and complicated task for many saw owners.

As an asphalt blade supplier or distributor, may have blades for cutting asphalt in bulk, you must know the specified asphalt cutting blade for different purposes. In this guide, you will discover which asphalt cutting blade to use for any job.

Profile on the blade of an asphalt or concrete cutter

  (Profile on the blade of an asphalt or concrete cutter)

1. First Understand What Material You’re Cutting

Before choosing any kind of blade for cutting asphalt, You should first understand and fully grasp the type of material to cut. It’s easy to think that there is not much to know about the kind of content you would be decreasing, but this is false.

There are a lot of blades that are general purpose blades, and they can handle a ton of different materials. However, if your cutting need is mainly for one type of material, in this case, asphalt, It is then recommended to choose a blade optimized for this purpose.

For example, an asphalt cutting diamond saw blade is mainly suited for cutting concrete or asphalt. Asphalt cutting blades are lined with diamond-shaped fragments to enhance their ability to cut hard materials.

By understanding the peculiarities and specific needs of the material, you would know what type of blade would be best suited for that purpose.

The type of material you’re cutting determines the blade you would use.

(The type of material you’re cutting determines the blade you would use.)

2. Select Asphalt Cutting Blade Diameter

Blades for cutting road, as well as many other blades, have different widths that give different cutting power. The width of a blade determines the depth of your cut. Therefore, before you choose an asphalt cutting blade, you may need to decide how deep of a cut you wish to make.

Before choosing your asphalt blade, be sure to compare the blade diameter and the blade with the capability of your saw. The sizes of circular blades, such as diamond asphalt blades, are usually grouped according to their blade diameter.

You must ensure that the blade’s diameter does not exceed the max-width that your saw requires. If your blade diameter is smaller than needed, it will reduce your maximum cutting depth. If it is higher, it may be dangerous.

To be confident and entirely sure about the right diameter for your blade, check the user guide of your saw.

asphalt cutting blade for cutting asphalt have different diameters

(asphalt cutting blade for cutting asphalt have different diameters)

3. Asphalt Cutting Blade device selection

When choosing the right asphalt cutting blade, it is not sufficient to only check the blade diameter; you must also know what type of cutting equipment you wish to use with the project. There are different types of saws or cutting machines with different cutting strengths.

The five horsepower electric cutting machine uses low labour intensity, has high efficiency, cuts smoothly, and is safe and quite reliable. It has other features and specifications that you may find useful for your cutting needs.

However, the 70 horsepower electric cutting machine has a higher cutting power than the 5 HP electric cutting machine. A diesel engine or electric motor usually drives it. The strength of the cutting tool would give a faster cutting speed.

The different equipment will use different types of blades in cutting asphalt. Is why you need to consider both before you can select the right road cutting diamond saw blades.

Electric cutting machines for asphalt blades have different strengths

 (Electric cutting machines for asphalt blades have different strengths)

4. Choice of Wet and Dry Asphalt Cutting Blades

Diamond-cut asphalt blades usually made of hard-bonded materials, so we use it to cut asphalt which is softer than other surfaces such as concrete. They are better to use because they quickly release the grit in the pavement, making it easier to cut.

However, there is yet another variety of blades that are suitable for cutting asphalt. These are wet or dry blades. The sterile blade has a softer bond compared to the wet blade. The wet asphalt cutting blade would need to be lubricated and cool when cutting into the asphalt.

Understand the differences between these blades first before you make your choice on the type of blade you should use for cutting.

Asphalt cutting blades can use dry or wet cutting technique

(Asphalt cutting blades can use dry or wet cutting technique)

5.Cutting Depth Of Asphalt Cutting Blade

The capacity of your blade determines the max depth of cut that your saw can achieve. If you have a large blade, you’ll get a deeper cut. How deep do you want your blade to cut? It is essential to take note of as you select the asphalt blade you need.

The cutting depth of many materials differ; that of granite differs from marble, and marble differs from asphalt. As you select your asphalt cutting blade, make sure you know the cutting depth you wish to cut before you do. Be adequately informed before you choose.

Asphalt cutting blades can use dry or wet cutting technique

(Select a blade for cutting asphalt based on your cutting depth)

6. Speed Of Asphalt Cutting Blade

Different jobs require different cutting speeds. The rotation speed of a blade can preserve or ruin it; therefore, in selecting an asphalt cutting blade, you need to know the right rate to use.

As you prepare to cut asphalt, at what speed do you wish to run? Fast or slow? Look out for the appropriate Revolution per minute (RPM). We can find it in the user guide or the packaging

When choosing the cutting speed to use,

Make sure not to exceed the maximum RPM installation of asphalt cutting saw blade. Identify the correct gear that matches your saw to avoid cutting accidents and other avoidable problems.

Your asphalt blade RPM should not exceed require speed

(Your asphalt blade RPM should not exceed require speed)

7. Get an Asphalt Cutting Blade with a Wide U-shaped Slot

One of the ways to differentiate blades from the other is by looking at the key slots or gullets. Gullets are spaces of air which separate the diamond segments. These slots are there to allow airflow, dissipate heat and remove slurry from the cut. It also helps in keeping the blade in good condition.

Gaps or cogging blades with different blades varies, depending on what we want to cut the material. Blades for cutting concrete usually have a narrow U-shaped slot or keyhole slots; however, a diamond asphalt cutting blade has a full U-shaped slot.

A quality diamond asphalt blade should have a full U-shaped slot. The more abrasive the aperture is, the more thorough the size of the slot to help with dissipating heat.

A Wide U-shaped slot is a preferable choice of Asphalt blade

 (A Wide U-shaped slot is a preferable choice of Asphalt blade)

8. Take Note of the Hardness of the Diamond Asphalt Blade

Because of the hardness of diamond, it will cut into almost every kind of material. However, the bond strength of your diamond asphalt blade can either be soft, medium, or hard. The bond strength of your blade determines how fast the diamonds are exposed.

The strength of the bond also determines what type of material the diamond blade is designed to cut. Soft-bonded asphalt cutting blade is ideal for hard, dense materials, while hard-bonded blades are high for softer and more porous materials like asphalt, green concrete, and sandstone.

It is also important to note that using a blade with a bond strength that is too hard for the material will give you a cutting speed that is much slower. In selecting the right blade for cutting asphalt, consider the hardness of the blade. Choose a soft-bonded blade.

A diamond asphalt blade

 (A diamond asphalt blade)

9. Make a Comparison of Prices

An excellent way to decide on selecting the right blade for your saw is by comparing the prices of the asphalt blades on the market. Different brands offer different rates, although they may be similar.

One way to make a decision when comparing prices is to check the reviews of other customers that have bought. Customers often try to give quality reviews of items they buy, so you may want to look at customer reviews before making a purchase.

Lastly, as you compare prices, also check out the features that each brand has to offer. Which brand is tested and trusted? Which brand has the most features? It will guide you in making the right decision, especially if the blades have almost similar prices.

Prices, reviews, and features help you choose a right asphalt cutting blade

(Prices, reviews, and features help you choose a right asphalt cutting blade)


If you have blades for cutting asphalt in bulk, or you plan to buy some soon, then you must take note of these tips and follow them carefully as you do so. It is effortless to get the right blade you need mixing up because diamond blades may serve a general cutting purpose of cutting different types of materials.

Luckily, these nine tips are simplified and easy to understand to assist you in making the right decision. If, however, you still have any questions or challenges in picking out the right blade for cutting, then you may contact NCCuttingtools. We are a tried and tested service that helps with keeping your tools in excellent condition and provides other corresponding services you may need.

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