Diamond Saw Blades: 6 Best Ways to Extend the life

Diamond Saw Blades

If you have in recent times purchased a diamond saw blade or intend to, then this article was written specifically for you. Diamond Saw Blades make use of very innovative technology to help you cut through the hardest substances, and although the diamond saw blade is a piece of potent equipment, it is just as delicate as it is sturdy and needs to be stored appropriately. In this article, we will learn how to optimize the storage and service life of your diamond saw blades.

I have deployed the diamond saw blade in many of my construction sites. I can authoritatively tell you that it is usually essential to keep your equipment in the best state possible to avoid disappointing performances and even injuries as a result of debris which is on many occasion hidden in between the metal saw of your diamond saw blade.

Diamond Saw Blades

Section 1: Should pay attention! Protection of the saw blade during transportation

One of the most important things to pay attention while making a diamond saw blade purchase is the transportation processes from the manufacturer until you take possession whether you’re a consumer or buyer. The serrations of your diamond saw blades should be a priority as many an equipment has had their service life reduced or terminated abruptly as a result of careless transportation. To ensure that the manufacturer delivers your diamond saw blade in the perfect condition, you have to protect the blade tooth. Here are some sure-fire ways to take care of your sawtooth while transporting and they are:

1、Make sure that you place the serrations in the outer plastic frame.

2、Ensure that you place the blade appropriately in the shelf.

3、Avoid rolling the saw blade.

4、Ensure that you do not touch the saw blade during installation.

Diamond Saw Blades

Section 2: Want to know how to store your diamond saw blade?

The diamond saw blade can be very complicated equipment to store and not paying enough attention to ways in which you can optimize your storage processes and facilities. The sawtooth is, and it should be adequately taken care of as any damage to the sawtooth will lead to hindered performance and a reduction in service life.

This video comes from YOUTUBE, which describes how to make a diamond saw blade storage rack. The storage rack effectively protects the diamond saw blade, making the storage more orderly, beautiful, and saves space. You can try to make such a shelf yourself, or choose to buy a similar product in the market.

If you have a lot of diamond saw blades, I believe you need it.

Section 3: Note that the installation method helps to extend the life of the equipment

Like earlier said, the diamond saw blade is a very powerful but albeit fragile equipment, and while installing it, it is imperative to avoid any vibrations as they can have a lasting effect on the general performance of your machine. It is crucial for your diamond saw blade to remain hard as this helps to determine the cutting speed and quality of your equipment but doing this requires you to look at current installation methods and create your personalized process out of them while ensuring that you squeeze out optimized service life from your equipment. Here are some tips to extend the service life of your diamond saw blade

 l  Always ensure that you install the right edges on your equipment. Some diamond saw blades were meant for wet cutting just as the manufactures build others for the sole purpose of dry cutting. It is important not to confuse one for the other. 

l  Always ensure that you do not expose your equipment to overheating especially while using it. Overheating your diamond saw blade would wear your edges out 

l  While cutting wet surfaces, it is crucial to ensure that the water supply is sufficient enough to carry out the task to avoid unnecessary friction which will wear down your blade faster than usual.


Section 4: Mastery of cutting materials and speed

It is equally important to pay attention while purchasing your diamond saw blade to avoid pairing your diamond saw blade with the wrong cutting materials. The illegal cutting materials will most definitely cut down your equipment service life and once the mistake is made, correcting it without any adverse effects on your equipment might be very hard to do.

It can be very tempting to adopt a breakneck cutting speed while using your diamond saw blade, but it is vital to know that a very high cutting speed does not necessarily equate to optimized performance. It is usually more beneficial to both the equipment and the user to ensure that your cutting speed is in the normal range and would be best in some situations to slow down your machine cutting speed as much as possible without affecting your productivity in any way. Adopting a more rooted cutting style or a higher chip load would go a very long way in extending the service life of your diamond saw blade.

Diamond Saw Blades

Section 5: Learn to clean your diamond saw blade

 If you’re looking at enhanced performance and extended service life for your diamond saw blade, then the proper cleaning methods should be taken into cognizance as soon as possible.

Cleaning your diamond saw blades do not require water or any other cleaning liquid and you can do it in just a few easy steps.

Diamond Saw Blades

 l  Avoid any wear and tear as much as you can as there is no going back to optimized performance once your metal blades are worn. Therefore, to stop your diamond saw blades from becoming obsolete, it would be pretty important o avoid the metal teeth from getting any worn at all, for if it is then the only remedy might be having to replace the metal blade in its entirety.

l  Look for a piece of concrete, something big and hard enough to cut through with your diamond saw blade.

l  Then start your saw and engage in cutting through the concrete for about 10-15 seconds. The aim is to make shallow but effective cuts and at multiple times and from different angles to ensure that all parts of your blade are touched. Doing this will make your equipment feel brand new while using it again.

With this method, your diamond saw blade will become as good as new, and you’ll be happier for it as all the grit which your equipment has accumulated in the course of operation will totally come off, and you can get back to optimized performance with ease. This method is still today one of the easiest and straightforward ways to use in ensuring that your diamond saw blade stays as clean and highly functional as possible.

Section 6: The most important quality of a diamond saw blade production!

A diamond saw blade is one of the innovative technological equipment available in the market today, and well, we all know technology to be a continual process. The service life of your diamond saw blade is directly proportional to the technology used in the production of that particular equipment.

It is therefore important to choose a suitable diamond saw blade production supplier. Directly related to the service life of the product.

Diamond Saw Blades

With over twenty years of industrial production experience in quality control and cost management, at https://www.nccuttingtools.com,diamond saw blades and other machines are products of cutting edge technology which is driven by the company’s desire to deliver as much value as possible to the smallest viable audience with which the products resonate. The diamond saw blade is one in a collection of fantastic equipment which the manufacturer has introduced into the market.  Like many counterparts, the diamond saw fields the latest innovation in the tech industry, a practice which is much more comfortable with the company’s mouth-watering investments in research concentrated at created upgraded versions of each product and ensuring that it stays on top of market competition with the passing of each day. It is therefore essential to note that the service life of your diamond saw blades can be very disparate from one another especially if you have made the purchases at different time frames.

www.nccuttingtools.com is a forward-thinking technology company which is dedicated to input new technology in each of her products at every production stage and therefore much about the service life of your products can be determined by this. This manufacturer offers some of the most competitive products on the markets today which consist of a wide range and variety of diamond saw blades and many other cutting tools dedicated to helping you saw through the hardest surfaces like its the easiest thing to do in the world. 


Taking proper care of your diamond saw blades should be your utmost priority if you would preferably optimize the service life of your equipment. Although the storage methods might differ from that of the average material, diamond saw blades are potent but delicate equipment, and you should handle them with utmost care.

If you already own one, then the steps explained above will be able to guide you through optimizing storage and service life of your diamond saw blade, but if you haven’t purchased at all, you can easily apply for a free sample at www.nccuttingtools.com and become part of a winning culture. The manufacturer is ready to offer you top-notch cutting tools and also guide you through ensuring enhanced performance of your equipment.

Teach You How to Successfully Choose the Right Diamond Saw Blade Supplier

diamond saw blade supplier

Diamond saw blades are one of the fastest moving stone tools and when youre in the diamond market, it is imperative to take note of the best diamond supplier for your personal or business purposes. Choosing the right diamond supplier can be a very hectic task for you as a result of a myriad of options which includes but not limited to the price, geographical, and quality of the product. Diamond saw blades are a very export reliable product and are shipped to various continents around the world today. It is one of the best-selling products in the stone business.

diamond saw blade supplier

Chapter 1: Diamond Saw Blade Application Areas You Should Know

There are many things to consider before choosing a diamond saw blade supplier. What field do you want to use for diamond saw blades? Diamond saw blades are your company’s specific problem solution because you can cut the hardest surfaces without any unnecessary pressure. The following are three areas in which diamond saw blades can be applied.

1.1Medical field:

A diamond saw blade has multiple applications in the medical field and has been a significant participant in the pharmaceutical industry for years. It is used frequently during surgeries such as while amputating a part of your patients body; a diamond saw blade would come in very handy and handle your amputation process with precision. The same applies to vascular work and dental restoration.

diamond saw blade supplier



The diamond saw blade is also used in construction to cut through harsh surfaces especially concrete and stones. When you want to cut through concrete and rocks, it might turn out a very tricky affair especially without the right tools. Diamond saw the job done effortlessly, because with a diamond edge.


Diamond saw blades are also very useful in the engineering industry. It is common to see computer engineers making use of this fantastic tool as you can easily use it to cut through semiconductors.


Chapter 2: Things to Consider Before Choosing a Diamond Saw Blade Supplier

It is imperative for you to know how to choose the best Diamond Saw Blade Supplier in the industry. There are numerous suppliers of this fast-moving product, and this gives you free rein with a choice. Although it is vital to consider all the different products which each supplier has to offer to determine that which is perfect for your own business. Listed below could be argued as some of the vital things you should consider while in the market for a diamond saw blade supplier.

2.1 Company Size

The size of your supplying company is one of the first and most important things to consider when you want to choose a diamond saw blade supplier. It is of importance for you to be aware if this supplier owns their factory or are operating out of someone elses, the strength of coverage which they already command, the size and number of their workshops among many other things.
A small company will not be able to cover your supply needs if you need a vast number of products.

2.2 Quality

The product quality should be one of the things you should consider seriously, especially if youre looking to thrive in the business for an extended period. It will also be very beneficial to both you and your business if you take the pain to confirm if your intending supplier has invested reasonably in research & development and production technology. These are the best ways for a company to keep their products updated as to the needs of the market and will go a long way in helping to sustain your business.
The price of the product you are purchasing is also paramount. Like earlier said, there is an availability of numerous diamond saw blade suppliers in the market today, and their prices vary from one supplier to the other. As there are different prices available in the market just as the sizes of the blades differ, it is crucial to note that the most expensive is not necessarily the best product, just as the cheaper one does not stand the worst outcome. The average diamond saw blade price ranges from as low as $15 to as high as $200 or even more in some cases.

2.4 Geographical Location

Your location and that of your supplier is also significant. It is a fact that a sizeable majority of diamond saw blade suppliers ship from the Asian continent, and your proximity to your chosen supplier will help you cut down costs in one way or the other.

2.5Logistics and Transportation

Just like in many other industries, you should pay attention to your product transportation and logistics process. How your product gets to you in perfect condition should be a priority and making use of a reliable logistics company will help your business thrive and help you create a lasting relationship with your satisfied customers.

2.6 Quantity of Purchase

The volume of products you would like to purchase is also necessary to consider before choosing a supplier. If youre in the market for a small number of products and you contact a vast supplier, then it might be difficult to reconcile your order with their usual deliveries which might lead to issues later on in the business. It is the same thing if youre in the market for a large number of products and you contact a small supplier.

 (The video explains how to choose a diamond saw blade) (VIDEO

Chapter 3: Know What You Need – Diamond Saw Blades


Diamond Saw Blades are some of the most widely sold saw blades sold in the world market today. This particular type of saw blade consists of a wide variety of saw blades which will effectively give you the product satisfaction you desire.

Also known as Diamond Circular Blade, this product is very loved in the market and does not seem to be making any stops any time soon. It is no news that there are different saw blades in the market and when considering venturing into the market or buying for personal uses, it is essential for you to be sure about the type of diamond saw blade which youre interested in or will be the best option for your business.

diamond saw blade supplier

 Sintered Saw Blades

The Sintered Diamond Saw Blade is the most common form of the Diamond Saw Blade and is very popular because of the ease with which this valuable tool cuts through the hardest surfaces including glass, quartz, concrete, etc. Sintered Saw Blades use cutting edge sintered technology also fondly referred to as “cutting teeth” because of its edges which usually look like teeth cutting through a surface. It lasts much longer and offers more efficient services than the average notched-rim blades which are also widely used in the market.

The Sintered Saw Blade is grouped further into two different categories which cater to varying types of metal and other hard surfaces.

l  Cold-Pressed Saw Blade 

        A cold-pressed saw blade is a type of sintered diamond saw blade used to cut through. This type does not generate any form of heat and does not cause any trouble when cutting the surface. It is a piece of reasonably easy equipment to handle and will come in very handy when you’re trying to cut across metal sheets.

diamond saw blade supplier

l  Hot-Pressed Saw Blade

        The Hot-Pressed Saw Blade, on the other hand, is the total opposite of the cold-pressed diamond saw blade. It usually lasts longer than a cold-pressed diamond saw blade, and the alloy rim on the surface helps to cut harder surfaces. It produces a lot of heat when youre using it and will help you cut through harder surfaces very much faster than its cold counterpart.

diamond saw blade supplier

Chapter 4: Let’s See How People in The Industry Talk About Diamond Saw Blades

l  STC, September 2017.

I have been using this blade for quite a while now, and Im delighted with it. I previously had the turquoise one (another brand which used to be the best), but it developed cracks. So far this blade has been perfect, cutting everything I tried from porcelain to concrete. I have been using 4″ diamond saw cutting blades as far back as the early years when it started production.

You need to be careful about using thin blades for shaping and profiling. This activity wears down one side of the edge more than the other causing more heat as well as unbalanced wear. It can cause cracking and eventually breakage of the blade. I would NEVER recommend using without a blade guard on the grinder. I have seen one break apart and a chip-embed itself in a piece of wood nearby. It is always seen as a good idea to inspect the blade visually before and after every use.

l  Rick, a tile contractor for 38 years LORENZO, Italy

Congratulations Mikayla, after the evaluation of numerous saw blade suppliers, we are delighted with your service quality. You will become our most important supplier. We require you to specify the lead time of production for orders of 400 blades, send me the total price, invoice please.”

l  MORTEZA, Iran

Nowadays, it is not easy to find a company that you can completely trust. Your diamond tools were recommended to me by a granite businessman, and now I know the reason the quality of the diamond blade & diamond segment are high, you are very professional. Keep up the fantastic job!

l  CHAZ KRUEGER, January 2019

These blades are great. They are not suitable for use in wet saws for a reason. They’re for a grinder. I use these to miter tiles and notch out as needed. The last one I purchased is still working, and I did a ton of miters on the shower and the tub surround I just finished. These blades are worth their weight in gold. Some are getting duds or using them for the wrong reasons.

Chapter 5: The Strength of the Diamond Saw Blade Supplier You Want

 We are industry leaders in the diamond tools business and have been serving perfect service delivery to a wide range of customers since 2001. We can provide serious construction endeavors with the ideal tools to cut through the hardest surfaces available. You only have to trust us to deliver the absolute product right to you, and well do our best to satisfy all your desires and curiosities while ensuring that you remain a long term partner and a part of the family.

 All our diamond saw blades are created with top-notch quality in mind and have undergone the most rigorous creation process which is designed to bring the perfect diamond tool right down to your doorstep. Some of our best diamond saw blades include the; Granite Diamond Blade, Concrete Diamond Blade, Marble Diamond Blade, Asphalt Diamond Blade, Laser Welded Diamond Blade among many other varieties created by us, just for you. We are very concerned with offering the highest quality diamond blades for you, and it is an absolute delight to see you attain greater heights with our custom made diamond tools. Here are data on some of the most compelling reasons why our clientele cannot get over our diamond products.


I believe that after reading this article, have an understanding of how to choose a diamond saw blade supplier. Whether you need to order immediately diamond saw blades, we are very willing to keep in touch with you.

WWW.NCCUTTINGTOOLS.COM is dedicated to the business of providing a wide range of customers with the best diamond tools and the perfect solution to your supply problem. We do not just offer up our products for sale, but also guide you through making the right decisions when it comes to choosing the right product and supplier for your business and personal uses. Just like many other industry leaders, were more concerned with offering our clients the worth of their purchase in both product and value, thereby helping both businesses to create lifetime value for their brand and customers who are the last consumers of the product.

You can easily apply for free samples on our website www.nccuttingtools.com to get a feel of what it means to enjoy value-added services, top-notch delivery and the perfect product for your business. Our expertise in the production and supply of diamond tools is comprehensive, and we’re here for you at all times to cater to all your needs. 

Diamond Saw Blades for Cutting Marble: Everything You Need to Know

cutting marble

You’ve had problems with cutting marbles safely and cleanly, especially when it comes to cutting through marble slabs, blocks, floors or walls. Cutting a slab marble the right size for the kitchen top.

it’s all going steady till “crack” the marble cuts right through the middle due to the blades or techniques that you were using, nothing is ever as painful as that, as you’ve not only wasted effort in cutting it, but you’ve also wasted resources. It will seem such a challenging and Herculean task if you do not have the right diamond cutting blade. 

If you want to cut your marble without it getting damaged either by chipping or breaking, we’ve got the solution for you.

To get a clean and safe cut of your marbles, you need the best of the best diamond saw blades. How do you know the ones to choose from the vast array of diamond saw blades on display? Very simple. You could always come away with a clean and smooth cut, if only you know the right blade and right techniques to use. We’ll be giving you tip and issues to consider before purchasing a diamond saw blade.

cutting marble

Section 1: 4 Big Questions to Consider Before Buying a Diamond Saw blade

Before purchasing a diamond saw blade, the things you need to consider are these:

  • What is the right blade to use for the cutting?
  • What is the thickness of the marble you’re cutting?
  • What price range are you aiming for among other things? 

The Thickness of the marble: 

Marbles come in different sizes, and for that, not every one types of diamond saw blades can be used. For that, you need to know the size or thickness of the marble you want to cut. 

To cut a thin slab of marble for a countertop, you would have to use a diamond blade that comes in a circular saw. For a marble that is more than 16 inches, you cannot make use of a tabletop wet saw blade, as it will just not cut at all.

cutting marble                                                                          (The thickness of the cutting marble)

Right Diamond Saw Blade: 

Diamond saw blades for marble cutting is different from every other diamond saw blades, as they have a specific function to cut just marbles.

As marble is a highly crystalline form of limestone, the blades used for it’s cutting are manufactured especially, and Vacuum Brazed – Electroplating blades have their synthetic diamond particles deeply rooted in their metal coating, they come in length so thin that they amount to 10 micrometres thick, and they are mainly for precise cutting.

Vacuum Brazing, on the other hand, is made with the synthetic diamond particles on the outer edge of their circular steel blade welded in a vacuum brazing furnace, and they are specially made to cut wide varieties of materials such as steel, iron, and concrete. Diamond blades for cutting marble have their diamonds embedded or on the outer side. 


Blade thickness: 

Some marbles are very thick. When you want to reduce such materials, consider the width of the blade. The thickness of the blade determines the hardness, and the thicker blade cuts have higher precision and better performance because it produces greater stiffness. But when you consider the thinner cutting factor in making furniture, you might want to use a smaller blade.

Price Of The Blade: 

Diamond blade saws over the counter are quite affordable with a new saw blade costing $100 – $30 while renting costs $35 per day or $100 per week. For the best quality of diamond saw blades, you can get them from as low as $19.00 to as high as over $1,000. 

Knowing these essential tips will help you in purchasing the right diamond saw blades for your cutting. Why would you want to go for diamond saw blades in cutting marbles? 

Let’s give you some of the advantages of using diamond saw blades in cutting marbles.

Section 2: Advantages of Using a Diamond Saw Blade

Apart from it being extremely useful in cutting every hard surface cleanly and smoothly. Diamond saw blades are popular in the construction industry because of its delicate and clean cutting amongst the following:

  • It doesn’t get stuck in the marble-like other saw blades. 
  • It gives a precise and straight cut. 
  • It is vibration free which enables it causes little damage to the marble. 
  • It is faster in cutting through marble and other hard surfaces. 
  • It is one of the best high-quality cutting products and as such is powered with efficiency to function as one.

We’ve brought the best styles of the diamond saw blade, and we’re going to introduce them to you.

Continuous Rim Blade

Commonly referred to as a blade for wet cutting. Generally, we use to cut tiles, marble, and granite. Using water when cutting with a wet cut blade helps the blade longevity. The water cools down the blade from heating, and it also decreases the friction in the cutting zone by flushing out all the debris of the materials cut; it also reduces the dust produced from the cutting.

cutting marble                                                                       (Wet saw cutting marble)

Segmented Saw Blade

The segmented Saw blade features multi-application saw blades that are suitable for fast, free and smooth cutting. Can cut bricks, tiles, bricks, marble, concrete, granite, stone and many other materials. Operated with a masonry saw, table saw, and circular saw. Diameter is ranging from 4″ to 14″, it has various arbour sizes and segmented specifications that are always available upon request.

Section 3: Method for Cutting Marble By the Diamond Saw Blade

It is quite essential to know about the methods and techniques of cutting with the diamond saw blades. Buying equipment and not knowing how to use it is the same as not having the machine.
The first thing to do is to read the instructional materials that come with the product. Reading it keeps you safe from injuring yourself in the process of operation. Review everything, from the set up to the instructions to the safety tips.
The technique of cutting marble is wet cutting, so next, we have to ensure continuous water supply.

cutting marble                                                                        (saw cutting marble)

A wet blade must always be we’re to keep it from overheating. Keeping it moist makes the blade efficiently cut consistently and correctly. 

Before turning on the saw make sure that it is wet if it is not making sure the blade is entirely wet. To connect your saw blades to water, you could always read the instructional material in the product’s manual, or you could fill up its separate water tank or get it connected to a hose for constant water supply.
Different cutting styles come with different skills of cutting, but before any cut, We hope that you can equip your protective gear. After all, it is an essential skill of all. We must emphasize that you must use the correct personal protective equipment before operating a powerful machine. We have a straight line and curved marble cutting techniques. Emphasizing this is not excessive.

For the straight line marble cutting, here are tips to follow:

  • Adjust the fence on the saw blades to keep your cut straight. 
  • Draw a 2.5 cm (1 inch) line along your mark, keeping the marble face down.
  • Flip the marble tile so that it faces up, then glide the marble tile through the saw.

For a curved marble cutting:

  • Change the blade in your grinder to a diamond blade for efficiency and sophistication.
  • Place your marble on pieces of thick foam or wood, preferably 2″ to keep the tiles from getting scratched in the process of cutting.
  • Cut the full length of the tile through the middle
  • Walk through the tiles again along the lines. Whatever cutting style you use, always make sure that your blades are thoroughly wet to enhance its capacity and efficiency.
  • For more: cutting tips click here.

section 4: We Look for Real Feedback From Some Users

Here’s what a couple of users had to say about using diamond saw blades to cut marbles.

  • Re: Diamond saw blades used for cutting marbles.
    Helpful. I was cutting some tiles with my cheap wet saw with a segmented diamond blade and was getting chipping along the cut. And I remembered that I had used a continuous blade. I’m guessing that’s my issue here, luckily every cut I’ve done so far will be was hidden by the trim. I’ll have to pick up a continuous blade for the visible stuff.
  • I used this on my disk grinder to cut some marble tile. It cut smoothly and quickly, and I have no complaints whatsoever. I was also able to use the edge of the blade to smooth and grind the marble a little bit. I needed to cut a curve in a tile to fit around the edge of a bathtub, and it fit nicely.

These feedbacks warmed our hearts but got us thinking hard. Is there an alternative product to the diamond saw blades? Is there a product that can replace it? In our extensive search, we’re proud to say we found none (as of now). Although we have the Carbides (boron, silicon, titanium, tungsten, etc.), and High-speed steel, they cannot operate on the level of the diamond saw blades.


Diamond Saw Blade is the right tool to use for cutting marbles to give it that smooth and beautiful cutting you so much desire. If you want to learn more about this article, or if you’re going to know about buying a diamond saw blade, you can contact us.

Safe use of Diamond Saw Blades – the Most Complete Guide

Safe use of a diamond saw blades

 All around the world, safety is one of the most important things to watch out for. The diamond saw blade are the revolutionaries of the construction business. And as all revolutionaries go, they have to be handled with the most care.

     Most accidents have occurred due to negligence and lack of safety precautions when handling the diamond saw blades for operation. We aim to prevent this, so we have tips for you on the safe use of diamond saw blades. Check out this YouTube video.

Safe use of a diamond saw blades

Section1: Personal protection, you should pay particular attention to

Prevention is better than cure, that’s why you should always use a protective gear each time you’re operating with the diamond saw blade. And here are some of the safety tips to follow while using the diamond saw blade.

  • It is a fact that 230 people develop cancer each year after they’ve been repeatedly exposed to silica. Silica is a highly carcinogenic substance produced when diamond blades are used on surfaces like clay, tile, stone, and concrete. To avoid inhaling this harmful substance, it is highly recommended that you use the face mask or protective respiratory gear whenever you’re cutting with the blades. You could also use a wet cutting system to control the spread of the silica.

Safe use of a diamond saw blades

  • Eyes also get blinded if sharp shards of the materials cut to get into it, and for that, the proper use of safety goggles or a face shield is highly recommended for use here.
  • Prolonged exposure to the noise created by the cutting will effect in long term damage to the ear and has been known to cause partial or full deafness in some cases. Therefore, it is highly recommended for your safety to use earplugs and defenders.
  • Wear a low flammable snug fitting clothing with cut-retardant pads when you’re operating the diamond saw blades for cutting, This prevents fire outbreaks as well as avoid the trapping of apparel in the moving parts of the machine.
  • Wear steel capped non-slip work boots to give you that added footing you need when cutting.

Safe use of a diamond saw blades

Section 2: You Need to understand the difference between diamond saw blades

However, the usage of Diamond saw blades sometimes requires you to use different diamond blades for different cutting.

Safe use of a diamond saw blades

     Not all blades are the same, and this is because we have different binders, different types of cutting and different kinds of materials to cut. The two significant types of cutting are dry cutting and wet cutting. Therefore the styles of the cutting of the diamond blades are the difference we’re focusing on. There are three different styles of a blade; the segmented rim blade, the continuous rim blade, and the turbo rim blade.

Let’s take them one after the other.

2.1Continuous Rim Blade

 Commonly referred to as a blade for wet cutting. It is used for cutting porcelain tiles, marble, ceramic tiles, and granite. It produces the best cut out of all the styles of blades but is also the slowest of the styles. Using water when cutting with a wet cut blade helps the blade longevity. The water cools down the blade from heating; it also decreases the friction in the cutting zone by flushing out all the debris of the materials cut; it also reduces the dust produced from the cutting. If you’re looking for a slow and steady blade for cutting, the continuous rim blade is your blade.

2.2Segmented Rim Blade

This blade is known for giving the roughest cut and is quite famous for all the dry cut because of the segments at the edges of the blade. These edges allow for the flow of air and for cooling the blade core from overheating. It is used on hard and dry surfaces like the concretes, blocks, hard reinforced concretes, bricks, limestone, and masonry. If you’re interested in a sharp and powerful cutting blade for your hard materials, the segmented rim blade is your blade.

2.3Tubo Rim Blade

This blade is used for both applications; wet and dry. It is equipped with smaller segments at its edges to allow for cooling off the module; it is also integrated with an interwoven diamond matrix. The blade also has small holes randomly placed around the modules; this is to help increase the blades cooling capacity. Useful for cuts on concrete, limestone and brick materials the blade is the fastest due to its fantastic design.

Notwithstanding, since you know the different types of diamond blades, it is also essential you know how to use the right edges.

Section 3: Choose the right blade for your job

As of now, there isn’t one blade cuts all material. Therefore, you need to choose the right knife for the right equipment when you have the wet and dry cutting.

The first thing to do is to learn the four essential blade components; this will help you to choose a blade with the correct features for the cutting you need. These include;

1.Weld: This is what attaches the cutting segments to the core of the blade.

2. Base: This is an engineered to precision steel disk accompanied by a segmented rim which holds the diamonds.

3.Diamond Crystals: Not the diamonds on rings, these diamond crystals are what slices through the materials due to its sharp cutting edges.

4.Matrix: This is the metal band that holds the diamond particles until they wear off.

All these components work together in perfect synchrony, the diamond crystals do the cutting, as they become duller, the matrix sheds away to release the old diamonds and reveal newer sharper ones which were embedded in the pattern. The bond which is the matrix is inversely related to the cutting it makes; if the blade is used to cut a soft material, the bond should be hard, and if the blade is used to cut hard materials, the bond should be sweet. This is to allow easy erosion of the bond to reveal sharper diamonds for use.

Safe use of a diamond saw blades

The next thing after the basics is to know what you’re cutting. Matching the blade to the materials you’re cutting will increase cutting speed as well as blade life. The features of this are the compressive strength, type of and the size an hardness of the aggregate.

Ensure that the speed of the blade does not exceed the maximum RPM. Then ensure that the blades are not inserted wrongly, but are kept in the right direction for use. Choose between wet and dry cutting, don’t use s wet cutting blade for a dry surface and vice versa.

However, before you use these blades, it is essential you check if they are in good working conditions to prevent the hazard.


Section 4: Different recommendations for wet and dry cutting

This is a bleed off of the right use of diamond blades, but our main focus is on the cutting styles.

Dry cutting and wet cutting are mainly different from their weld. Dry cutting blades are fitted with segments welds to resist heat, and for that, they do not need water for cooling. Wet cutting blades are used for cutting joints, and since they need water for cooling, they make a deeper cut.

Safe use of a diamond saw blades

  • A wet cutting blade should never be used without water.
  • You can make a long continuous cut with a wet diamond blade, never do such with a dry cutting blade, it should be allowed to cool down to avoid heating.
  • Never force the blades into materials, forcing then will just cause more damage and heating to the blade.
  • Don’t cut dry with a wet blade; don’t mow wet with a dull knife.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Always inspect.

   While all these are important, it is also advised you ensure a good maintenance routine.

Section 5: When you are ready to cut, you need to do the inspection

This is very important as safety will be guaranteed, and lots of danger could be prevented if all blades are first inspected before being put to use. Make sure that the following are checked before every use:

Cracks: Make sure that there are no cracks between the blades.

  Missing Segments: It will make your work slower and constitute a work hazard.

  Wear and Tear: Checking for wear and tear in the blades before cutting reduces the amount of danger that will occur.

  Blade damages: Any damage to the blade will be damage to you.

The inspection of all these before use will ensure that you come to little or no harm at all.

Safe use of a diamond saw blades


Section 6: Need to pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of the saw blade

Maintenance culture sometimes is all that is needed for the blade to last longer. Below are some tips for maintaining your diamond saw blades.

  1. If there’s a segmented loss due to worn bearings, worn blade flanges or hard blades which makes it hard for materials to cut, you should switch to a softer bond, replaces the blade flanges and replace the work bearings.
  2. If the blades overheat, check the water supposed and the obstructions in the water system, and try to use only for shallow cuttings not long continuous cuttings.
  3. If there are cracked cores due to excessive cutting pressure or overheating, change the blades used and use adequate cooling techniques.

Diamond saw blades are the trusted blades for effective cutting of any materials; they help give a powerful, seamless cut on any documents. 

As stated earlier, diamond saw blades are highly technical powerful machinery, and that should be handled with expert care. The safe use of these machines will reduce the danger associated with the user. While operating, make sure you’re wearing the appropriate PPE’s, use the right blades, inspect before every use and take proper maintenance of the modules to ensure the lifespan of the leaves as well as its efficiency.


Section 7: Summary:

After reading this article, you should have some understanding of the safe use of a diamond saw blades, This is not only responsible for ourselves, but also society. There are also specifications for diamond saw blades on our products. To be strictly enforced. If you would like more information on diamond saw blades, you can click on our website. We will provide you with a comprehensive service.

How to Choose the Right Diamond Saw Blade – the Most Complete Guide

choose saw blade

Over the years, a lot of people have been trying to come up with the best option out of the different. A diamond saw blade is one that comes with diamonds that are fixed on the edges. They are designed for cutting abrasive or hard materials .

 As a professional mason, I find diamond blades useful for cutting materials such as granite, marble, asphalt, concrete and much more. It was only until recently that I found the benefits offered by this type of saw blade.

 Had I known about it before, I could have saved myself from stress after seeing some issues with cutting using traditional saw blades. With diamond saw blades, the cuts are not just precise but are also free from common issues such as chipping and others.

choose saw blade

Section 1: We have to choose the right diamond blade

If the selection of the diamond blades is done rightly, they will provide a good cutting speed, working life and of course value for the money spent. On the same note, if you select the wrong blade or its misused, you will lose money and also damage the blade. For this reason, it’s of utmost importance to consider certain factors that will aid the selection of the right diamond blade. Some of these factors are explained below.

choose saw blade 

1.1 Price

You might want to consider a more expensive series of diamond blades to give room for larger jobs and frequent use, and will also deliver a long term experience. Although, for smaller tasks and occasional use, it’s always preferable to choose from diamond blade series of lower prices.

 1.2 Size and Quality of Grinder or saw

In this case, what is mostly considered are the RPM and horsepower of the tool you want to use to complete the task. Diamond blades are designed to work perfectly with the RPM of the grinders and saws. Both sides of the machinery need to be checked before deciding on what product that would suit your need perfectly. This does not only account for value but safety as an important factor.

 1.3 Materials to be cut

Before making the selection of a diamond blade, it’s important to identify correctly the materials you want to cut. This greatly determines the life and cutting speed of the diamond blade. Most of the materials can be categorized under four sections; Medium to Hard, Soft, Medium to Soft and Hard. If the material you want to cut is hard, you’ll have to go for diamonds with softer bonds.

 1.4 Speed

A lot of people make the mistake to believe that the hardest blade will cut everything without stress. This isn’t right, because hard products cannot be cut by hard bonded blades. However, you can find out the material that would easily be cut or the material with the most important blade performance.


Section 2: Buy a diamond saw blade – you have to consider

When it comes to making professional and cleaning cuts on hard surfaces such as concrete, diamond saw blades remains the best choice to opt for. Irrespective of what you may want to do; whether you want to enhance concrete with decorating scoring, sawing control joints, or marking out existing concrete for replacement or patching.

 you need a top quality blade to carry out these tasks effectively. You have to start thinking like a chef who has to work with a variety of knives to come up with gourmet specialties, you can’t be drawn to a particular kind of blade for an effective cutting task.

2.1 What are you cutting?

choose saw blade

The right blade to be used will be determined by what you want to cut and its metallurgical bond. The bond denotes a combination of metals that form the segment and controls the exposure of the new diamond during the cutting process. Most manufacturers often create a list of materials that can be cut on the package. If the wrong bond is chosen, it could result in the failure of the blade in certain ways; too soft of a bond and the blade will wear out too fast. Too hard of a bond and the blade will stop cutting shortly after you start using it.

2.2 What kind of saw are you using?

The different kinds of blades available are known with their varied horsepower. Low horsepower saws, for instance, do not require more diamonds as higher horsepower saws. The blade size varies with the saw RPMS.

 2.3 Is the application wet or dry?

 One of the most important factors that are been considered during the selection of any diamond blade is the application. Smaller diamond blades, for instance, have been designed to cut dry, but can equally cut wet as well. Making shallow passes is the key to dry cutting, and leaving the blade to spin in the air at intervals to cool it down. It may be difficult to cool large diameter blades when water isn’t present at the job site.

2.4 What is the diameter of the blade needed? 

Before selecting the perfect diamond blade, there are a lot of factors to put into consideration. However, many of these factors center around the tools that are been used to cut. The most important thing is making sure the right size blade is put on the right saw.

Section 3: Understand the characteristics of diamond saw blades

3.1 Advantages of diamond saw blades

Extremely high wear resistance and longevity

Diamond saw blades have extremely high wear resistance and longevity. This is very important. Many saw blades will wear out during use, resulting in short service life. This feature helps us reduce this concern.

Produce less heat

When a suitable diamond blade is selected for use, there is less friction between the bonds which could result in a generation of heat. Little or no heat is generated during this cut, and this is an indication that the perfect diamond blade has been chosen.

Smooth cutting 

You do not have to go through any stress while cutting, all you have to do is set the cutting blade at the right angle to allow for a smooth cutting process.

Low noise 

Just as less heat is produced during the cutting process, little or no noise is generated when using the diamond blade, this allows for the use over a long period of time without stress.

choose saw blade

3.2 Other advantages are highlighted below:

  • Diamond said blades have a longer lifespan and extreme wear resistance.
  • For concrete projects, diamond saw blades will ensure high-quality performance.
  • During any sort of operation of a diamond saw blade, one can stay confident of less heat and high resistance to wear.
  • Diamond saw blade performs a smooth cut as it’s less likely to cause a fracture or burn on the surface during the operation.
  • Since there’s little or no wear with the equipment, there’s less cost for your project at the end of the activity.
  • A lot of money is saved and tool investment is reduced due to the ability to use a new layer and removing an abrasive from a diamond blade.

Section 4: Comparison of diamond saw blades with other blades

It’s highly recommended that you check your requirements with us, as there are different options and types available under the diamond blade selection. While conventional saw blades are designed for both professional and beginner users of circular saws, diamond blades are created for those who have advanced knowledge in the trade. These are the types of people who constantly have to deal with cutting tougher and stronger materials, including tile, marble, and others.

These diamond blades, technically, do not do the cutting. The cutting action happens when the blades start grinding the materials through friction using its diamond bonding matrix. This is one principle that is considered as basic and should be familiarized by those who opt to choose this type of saw blade.

choose saw blade

Under this section, we have highlighted the major types of the best blades available for use;

4.1 Rescue blades

choose saw blade

Vacuum brazed or rescue blades are usually used to cut a wide variety of materials such as steel, concrete, various irons, masonry, glass, tile, and plastic. These blades can also be used to cut rail line. The fire brigades often use them to cut “rescue saws”, hence, the reason why they are referred to as rescue blades. They work perfectly with dry applications, but if water is used, they can work for a longer time.

 4.2 Core Sample blades

Core sample blades are used mostly in the mining industry across the Western Australian Goldfields to cut core samples. These cutting blades are highly suitable for cutting hard materials.

Section 5: Diamond saw blade feedback you want to know


This is some of the comments and feedback I have found on the web for diamond saw blades. I hope to help you with your choice.

  1. Lucy N.4 years ago

Thanks for the demonstration. It was great see how each blade performs.

  1. Yes, it helped me solve the recent troubles, l think it is better than other saws.
  2. 2 months ago:

 when l bought a diamond saw blade, I cut the concrete inside my house . many friends asked me where I got it. Its serrations are sharp and I think it can help us solve most of the cutting problems.

Section 6: Is there an alternative product for diamond saw blades?

6.1 Dremel SM540 3-Inch Tile Diamond wheel

This cutting tool has been designed specifically to cut through different kinds of materials effectively, and this also includes the referred residential materials such as plastic, tile, wood, and metal. The tile diamond wheel has been equipped with two kinds of the wheel to a low for effective cutting. One is the domed flush cut wheel, and the other is the traditional flat wheel. Both of these wheels can work perfectly on door jambs, bevel cuts, and other tight areas.

6.2 Black Widow Micro-Segmented Rim Diamond Blade

The segmented Rim diamond blade has been designed with a thin-rim design which makes it very easy to work on marble tile, porcelain, granite, and ceramic, as the design makes it easy for quick wet cutting applications. Also, it has diamond-shaped laser cutouts that have been designed uniquely to prevent blade wobbling. This, in turn, helps to extend the blade’s life and also keep it cool for a longer period of time.

6.3 Concord Blades

Concord blades have been designed to cut concrete, lightweight blocks, stone, bricks, field stones, as well as other masonry materials. What stands it out as a unique cutting material is a fact that it can work for both dry and wet cutting applications. Both sides of the segment are being treated with the laser, and this helps to extend the lifespan of the blades and also add more strength.

choose saw blade


Everyone, including professional masons and other technicians working in the field, has no doubt that diamond blades make their tasks faster and easier. However, the continuous advancement in technology and innovation has given room for the creation of other models with different added features available. This, of course, has made my decision to choose the best diamond blade a bit daunting.

For this reason, we have designed this guide to help you with the best selection that will suit your need perfectly. Take your time and go through the details and ensure that you do not lose touch of the guide. Reference. If you have any questions, you can contact me in time.

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