Best Hand Saw for Trees: How to Choose the Ideal Hand Saw for Tree Pruning


Best Hand Saw for Trees, You notice trees in your neighborhood have become overgrown.

So a hand saw will come in handy at this point. Now, you have to decide the best hand saws for trees.

Hand saws come in different types and specifications. However, we have handpicked the best ones useful for pruning branches or small trees on your land.

As you read on, you discover their pros and cons, practical applications, and how to make the ideal choice. 

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Why Buy A Handsaw For Cutting Trees?

Several reasons can influence your decision in this regard.

  • The price is lower than that of other power tools.
  • A handsaw is the best portable tool for tree cutting.
  • Also, handsaws are flexible. Unlike power tools, for example, they are more suitable for angle cutting and other complex cutting. 
  • Handsaws don’t need electricity.
  • Long-term usage only causes a few scratches on high-quality handsaws.
  • In general, these saws are simple and easy to use.
  • In addition, they are easy to store.
A woodworker working with a hand saw

(A woodworker working with a hand saw)

Which Hand Saw is Best for Cutting Tree Branches?

Rope Chainsaw

A rope chainsaw has both ends of the tool linked with a chain and ropes. It allows you to throw the chain around a branch. Then pulling the rope cuts through the branch.

Pruning Saw

This saw is used for pruning or cutting branches. The curved blade cuts through material up to 20 cm/8 inches thick relative to its length and quality.

Pole saw

Pole saws are tools that can reach high or challenging branches. They have the same functions as pruning saws but with an extension pole attached.

Man uses a pole saw to prune a tall tree

(Man uses a pole saw to prune a tall tree)

Bow Saw

This saw is the best tool for trimming, pruning, and cutting trees. However, unsuitable for limited spaces due to potential inconvenience.

Crosscut Saw

The crosscut saw uses a push-and-pull motion for felling trees. However, it is more powerful and durable relatively. 

crosscut saw

( crosscut saw)

Characteristics to Consider When Choosing the Best Hand Saws for Trees


High-carbon steel is the best material to choose if you prefer top-quality hand saws since it will last longer.


Pick blades with a sharp edge if you want to cut through larger trunks and thicker logs.

They should measure about 20 inches/51 cm in length. However, trimming requires picking a blade about 15 inches/41 cm long.

Teeth Alignment

Depending on how the cutting teeth are positioned, the hand saw used to chop trees can only cut in one direction, both directions.

Curved vs. Straight Blades: Which to Use?

Curved blades can be better depending on whether you use the saw below or above your waist. Select a straight blade if you often use your saw between your waist and shoulders.

A selection of curved and straight pruning hand saws

(A selection of curved and straight pruning hand saws)

Teeth Per Inch, or TPI

The more TPI (Teeth Per Inch) on the blade, the smoother but slower the cut, is a general rule of thumb. On the other side, less TPI enables a rougher but quicker cut.

Teeth Sharpness

The saw’s quick entry into the wood and ease of making straight cuts are made possible by its sharp teeth. If the teeth are dull, sawing takes longer and produces less-than-ideal results.

Hand saw with more TPI for smoother cuts

(Hand saw with more TPI for smoother cuts)

Ergonomics-focused design

When using it to chop trees, you want to pick a handsaw that is as comfy as feasible. If the saw is difficult to operate, you can only use it for a short time.

Top Hand Saws for Cutting Trees

The WilFiks 16-Inch Hand Saw Pro

The WilFiks 16-Inch Hand Saw Pro 


  • Its portability and modest weight make it easy to carry.
  • The handle provides maximum comfort because of its ergonomic build.
  • Also, the handle gives anti-slip safety measures.


  • When used for a hefty object, the blade may bend.

Fold Pruning Saw by Fujiwara

Fold Pruning Saw by Fujiwara 


  • This saw is excellent for its lightweight fold-back blade giving you flexibility and durability. 
  • The ergonomic grip makes it easy to use.
  •  Light and portable. 
  • The blade won’t swing out when you close it and won’t close while you see.


  • It could be better for slicing down large branches.

The Pole Saw/Milliard Extendable Pruner

The Pole Saw/Milliard Extendable Pruner 


  • The tool is very portable and simple to use.
  • The pole extender allows you to access high branches without a ladder.
  • Built-in clippers are present. 


  • The pruner pole’s extension could bend after extended use.

Eversaw Folding Hand Saw

Eversaw Folding Hand Saw


  • This powerful saw has a gear lock and can cut branches up to four inches thick.
  • It guarantees long-term usage.
  • Doesn’t require frequent sharpening. 
  • Suitability with outdoor pursuits like hiking and camping trips.


  • Prolonged use may cause the blade to bend.

Corona Folding Razor-Tooth Saw

Corona Folding Razor-Tooth Saw 


  • It comes with several high steel blade diameters.
  • The saw works best for chopping thick trunks and lighter branches alike.
  • It is very efficient, with smooth-cutting and razor-sharp teeth.
  • The ergonomic handle makes using it for prolonged periods pleasant.


  • The length of the blade means that, when folded, some of it remains visible.

Common Hand Saw Pruning QnA

Best Hand Saw for Trees: How to Sharpen a Hand Saw

Buy a tapered file and teeth-resetting saw set. 

After sandpapering, the saw blade of rust firmly clamps it in a vice. 

Using the instrument that resembles pliers, adjust the kerf width. 

However, the tool bends the tooth if you place the set against the one that has to be fixed. 

So, file the individual teeth with the taper file. 

Then use either single-cut or double-cut files, as desired.

Best Hand Saw for Trees: How to make a saw blade attachment for a tree pruner.

  1. Get rid of the old blade. Remove every bolt holding the blade to the trimmer part to do this. Applying lubricant to the bolts will simplify the process.
  2. Recycle the old blade and clean the bolts.
  3. Replace the blade by inserting it into the saw blade slot.
  4. Lastly, tighten the blade with the bolts. 
A hand saw that requires maintenance

(A hand saw that requires maintenance)


Overall, having a hand saw for tree cutting is beneficial since it makes gardening, cleaning, and other yard work more fun. However, choosing a hand saw according to your needs and financial situation is more important. 

The saws we have listed above should easily cut and prune your trees. Got any questions? Please leave them in the comment section below. 

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