Best Tools for Cutting Carpet – Your Go-To Guide


Carpets are a popular flooring choice for homes and businesses, but they can wear out over time, requiring replacement. That is where you need to know how to cut your carpet correctly. This guide will discuss the best tools for cutting carpets so you can do the job quickly and efficiently.

Top Three Recommendations Under A Comprehensive Evaluation

CGOLDENWALL Electric Rotary Fabric Cutter
  • With a 70mm(2.76") octagonal blade and 2400RPM high speed, its cutting thickness reaches 25mm(1"). 
  • Can cut multi-Layer cloth, fabric, cotton, silk, synthetic fiber, leather, and other materials
CANARY Heavy-Duty Carpet Cutting Scissors
  • These scissors are ideal for cutting and trimming carpets and rugs.
  • The blade is made of durable & sharp quality Japanese stainless steel.
VOLLTEK Electric Carpet Shears
  • 4V electric scissors allow you to take your projects on the go and eliminate the need for messy cords. 
  • With two easy-to-install blades, you can complete any everyday job, home DIY task, or crafting project effortlessly.

Best Tools for Cutting Carpet In 2022

1. CGOLDENWALL Electric Carpet Cutter

Best Tools for Cutting Carpet:
CGOLDENWALL Electric Carpet Cutter

Basic Features

  • 3.79 lbs
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Replacement blades
  • Straight blade edge
  •  Air ventilation system 

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Firstly, the built-in sharpening stone automatically hones the machine, keeping the blade razor-sharp.
  • Next, the motor is powerful enough to cut through several layers of carpets at once, which is ideal for industrial and commercial use.
  • However, this electric carpet cutter is heavier and could weigh you down if you use it for an extended period.

Customer Reviews

“I like this product. It is working well for my project. My only complaint is it overheats quickly, and I have to stop it until it cools down.”

2. CANARY Heavy-Duty Carpet Cutting Scissors

Best Tools for Cutting Carpet:  CANARY Heavy-Duty Carpet Cutting Scissors

Basic Features

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Firstly, the ergonomic handle offers a firm grip and is spring-loaded for hassle-free operation, boosting productivity.
  • Secondly, the angled blade lets you cut through carpets without your hand getting in its way.
  • In contrast, this tool doesn’t cut thicker carpets well, which can be a pain if you want to cut thicker stuff.

Customer Reviews

“Great for thinner carpet; less great for thicker carpet pile, but it still works. You’ll have sore palms, however!”

3. VOLLTEK Electric Carpet Shears

Best Tools for Cutting Carpet:  VOLLTEK Electric Carpet Shears

Basic Features

  • Cordless
  • 1.32 lbs
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Batteries included
  • Safety button

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Firstly, it comes with unique blades, which you can replace quickly and safely for convenience.
  • Furthermore, it’s powerful and cuts through carpets like a hot knife through butter, increasing productivity.
  • Notwithstanding, this tool’s batteries last no more than 2 hours when fully charged, which can be a pain if you want to use the shears for longer.

Customer Reviews

work in the upholstery department at a furniture warehouse. I cut vinyl material pretty much all day. I used to use scissors but now use these all day. Saves my hands and has increased my productivity by about double.”

4. Bon Tool Stand-Up Carpet Cutter

Best Tools for Cutting Carpet:  Bon Tool Stand-Up Carpet Cutter

Basic Features

  • 3.1 pounds
  • Multicolor
  • Hand powered
  • Metal and plastic material
  • Satisfactory customer ratings

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Firstly, the ergonomic design makes it easy to use, so you can use it for extended periods without getting tired.
  • Next, the reliable return policy means you can return it – if unsatisfied with it – for a refund or exchange.
  • Nevertheless, this tool’s handle might keep collapsing if you don’t tighten it hard enough.

Customer Reviews

“I used it to cut strips of a commercial carpet, so I could pull it up. The tool handled a lot of cuts on some pretty tough glued-down carpet.”

5. Kutir Carpet Knife

Best Tools for Cutting Carpet: Kutir Carpet Knife

Basic Features

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Firstly, it has built-in self-loading blades, which are hidden in a chamber in the handle, making it stand out from the competition.
  • Then, the heavy-duty construction makes it last longer, saving you frequent trips to online stores.
  • Nonetheless, this tool’s locking wheel can be difficult to lock or unlock manually.

Customer Reviews

“It feels great in my hand, and it’s easy to get leverage. It does not slip when handling it as the rubber parts secure it in my hand.”

Best Way to Cut Carpet

Best way to cut carpet padding

The best tool to use when cutting carpet padding is a utility knife. It’s small and efficient for this job that doesn’t need precision cutting.

Firstly, mark the cut by running a sharp blade over the desired path.

Next, pull the knife across the carpet. Do it quickly and with force to produce a seamless cut.

Best Tools for Cutting Carpet: The best way to cut the corners of a carpet

The best tool to use is a utility knife. It’s small enough to get into the corner of the room. 

Firstly, lay the carpet flat on the ground, with a section running slightly up a wall.

Next, stamp any bumps or ripples to the edges. After this, start the cutting process – do it upwards from the corner.

Then, fold a section of the carpet (running up the wall) over the carpet on the floor.

Afterward, cut it out, leaving off an excess of 10cm. Do this on both sides of the corner, then push the carpet into the walls, tucking it in.

Finally, cut the remainder of the excess carpet to 1cm, then use a carpet tucker to tuck the ends into the bottom of the wall.

Best Tools for Cutting Carpet: The best way to cut a circle in a carpet

The best tool to cut a big circle is an electric carpet cutter. If the circle is smaller, a carpet knife will do the trick. Yet, you’re better off using a pair of carpet scissors for much smaller circles.

Firstly, make a mold from cardboard – this will improve the cutting accuracy.

Next, place your carpet over the mold, and cut it (along the mold).


With these tools, you’ll be able to easily and quickly cut through any carpet. If you have any questions or want more information about the best carpet-cutting tools, feel free to contact us.

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