Best Tools for Cutting Sod – The Ultimate Guide


If you’re cutting sod and want to create the best look possible, you must ensure you’re using the proper tools.

It can be hard to decide on the right tool for the job, but a few go-to products and tips will help you make the right choice.

This article will go through the five best tools for cutting sod and how to use them.

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Best Tools for Cutting Sod

1. Power Sod Cutter

Power Sod Cutter

Features & Benefits

  • Firstly, it has a powerful 79cc Viper Engine that spins a 9-inch spring steel blade at 3400 rpm.
  • Secondly, the four-wheeled design and multi-angle cutting features make it easy for you to cut straight, professional lines.
  • Finally, you’re guaranteed a level of safety, as this machine has a debris guard to protect you from flying debris.


  • The instructions are unclear and hard to understand.

Customer Reviews

“This edger was a reasonable price for the unit. It’s designed and built well. Assembly was straight forward, and instructions were clear.”

2. Manual (Kick) Sod Cutter

Manual (Kick) Sod Cutter

Features & Benefits

  • Firstly, the tool’s frame is high-quality, durable steel that will last a long time.
  • Additionally, its design promotes fast-growing roots, eliminates water runoff, and strengthens the tolerance of your sod.
  • Lastly, at 37 inches, the aerator reduces pressure on your back, while the handle design increases comfort.


  • Mud and dirt can clog the tunnel, which can be annoying to remove.

Customer Reviews

“Worked as advertised for my small lawn; make sure the lawn is semi-wet and not dry.”

3. Square/Spade shovel

Square/Spade shovel

Features & Benefits

  • Firstly, it’s 59 inches tall, so you’ll get plenty of leverage without straining your back.
  • Also, there’s a big step on top of the blade, making it easy to drive into the ground using your foot.
  • Thirdly, the product has a lifetime guarantee, so they’ll cover you if something goes wrong.


  • The joints aren’t overly strong, so you may find parts coming loose.

Customer Reviews

“Best shovel I ever had! So good I bought 2 more.”

4. Hook knife

Hook knife

Features & Benefits

  • Firstly, the knife is extremely sharp and will cut through things very easily.
  • Second, it’s very high quality considering the cheap price.
  • Also, it lasts a long time.


  • It can become blunt quickly.

Customer Reviews

“Pleasantly surprised with the quality. A comparable Home Depot knife costs about the same and has ok reviews.

This one is much better, and the handle is comfortable.”

5. Sod Cutter Knife

Sod Cutter Knife

Features & Benefits

  • Firstly, the knife is sharp, making it easy to cut with.
  • Secondly, it features a clever scalloped design that improves effectiveness.
  • Additionally, the blade doesn’t bend at all.


  • The knife can rust if you let it get wet.

Customer Reviews

“The knife is sharp and strong. I like the fact that it doesn’t fold. I found that folding knives are more unsafe.”

Tips for cutting sod easily

Make sure the soil is damp

Dry soil is difficult to cut through, as it’s clumpy and hard. To make it easier for yourself, dampen the solid a couple of days before you start cutting.

Use the right tools

Investing in a high-quality, versatile tool will make the cutting process simpler and more efficient. You’ll also end up producing better cuts.

Cut on all four sides.

Cut in the shape of a square to remove turf from the soil. Use your tool on all sides to do this, and make use of curved blades when possible.

Work in sections

Before cutting, mark out large sections and work through them gradually. It will improve quality and make the process more organized.

How to use a sod cutter

Step 1

Firstly, prepare all your tools and equipment ahead of time. That way, you’ll have everything within arms reach when you need it.

Step 2

Secondly, prepare the soil and sod by watering it a few days before you cut.

Step 3

Next, wear comfortable gloves and solid shoes to meet a level of safety. Then, use the sod cutter to lift 2-3 inches of turf.

Step 4

Start cutting the first section of sod. Use a curved knife to get deep into each section. 

Step 5

Dig out each section using a shovel or knife. Organize layers based on thickness and roll them up like a carpet for storage.


This article discussed some of the best tools for cutting lawns. It also went through some tips for making the job easier and using a sod cutter. If you want to improve your knowledge of cutting sod, contact us today!

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