7 Benefits of Choosing Carbide Saw Blade for Your Project

Segment circular saw blades with carbide tips

Caption: Segment circular saw blades with carbide tips

Carbide saw blade is usually made from a mixture of carbide with elements like tungsten, iron, silicon, etc. These tools are famous for their widespread use.

Are you still considering whether a carbide saw blade is the right choice for your next project? If that is the case, check out our list of carbide benefits and learn more about these tools!

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Chapter 1. Carbide Saw Blade–It Is Extremely Tough

Saw blade on wood carbide inserts
Caption: Saw blade on wood carbide inserts

Did you know the main advantage of choosing a carbide saw blade over steel? According to experts, it is the toughness of this material and its resistance to damage.

Let’s say that you need to cut a hardwood piece. The chances are it contains tiny minerals or silica particles. The hardwood might damage it unless it is considerably thinner and smaller than your steel blade. The same applies to small rocks, sand, and debris in wood applications.

Solid carbide cutting tools are durable for strong wood and other materials. These saw blades are tough and capable of pushing through debris effortlessly. That way, you minimize or eliminate the damage that your blade might suffer.
Here is another situation where the toughness of carbide is critical. You might need to cut lumber or metal that you want to use for another purpose. Cutters might need to be careful about screws, nails, and bullets found inside those applications.

You might not notice all nails and hit them with the blade while cutting. A steel blade is likely to break, but if you use carbide, it will be durable enough to cut through. The chances are you will go through a nail without noticing it.

Chapter 2. A Carbide Blade Saw Remains Sharp for Longer Than Steel

Carbide table saw blade

Caption: Carbide table saw blade

Since a carbide circular saw blade is tougher than its steel counterpart, it can maintain its sharpness for longer. Steel is not that tough and durable, so the blade tends to get dull quickly. That means you will need to sharpen it frequently, which requires additional time and effort.

On the other hand, you only need to use a carbide saw blade sharpener on rare occasions. The tool’s capability to remain sharp is impressive. That contributes to the overall convenience of using the tool.

The experts advise against using a dull blade for multiple reasons. It will almost certainly lead to chipping. You might even encounter overheating issues that burn the cutting material. The risk also lies in causing a blow-out of the grain and shattering it.

If you use a sharp blade, you will increase the quickness of cutting, as well as the smoothness of the cut. Those using woodworking machines will also decrease the load they endure. That is why you should check the sharpness of the blade frequently.

Chapter 3. Carbide Blade Saw–It Has a Long Lifespan

Carbide circular saws
Caption: Carbide circular saws

Did you know that carbide saw blades can last up to two decades? That is an ambitious forecast, and it depends on many factors. First, you must maintain the tool by cleaning it regularly and storing it safely. Additionally, you will need to replace the tips whenever necessary.

However, even if your blade lasts for several years, you will get excellent value for money. Here is a vital tip on how you can boost the longevity of your carbide saw blade. Since the tips of your blade will be the most prone to wear and tear, fortunately, you can have a professional replace only the tips. Any local shop should be capable of quickly welding replacement tips on your unit.

Chapter 4. A Carbide Saw Blade Is Resistant to Thermal Damage

Carbide-tipped rotary saw blade
Caption: Carbide-tipped rotary saw blade

Overheating is a serious issue for amateur and professional cutters. You need to monitor the heat level during the process.

Too much heat can cause various problems for steel blades. For starters, high temperatures might change their shape. Those deformations could render steel tools unusable.

It is an error that frequently happens to beginners. They are often unaware of the high heat before they encounter a problem.

Thermal deformations are a common issue, and one of the ways to fight it is by choosing carbide saw blades.

These blades are robust and resistant to general wear and tear and extreme heat. They can maintain optimal

performance even when the temperature is very high. If you are in a rush, you could benefit from not thinking about the heat too much. Carbide saw blades enable you to focus on the cutting results and ignore overheating issues (at least to some extent).

The resistance of these tools to heat will improve efficiency when cutting. You will be able to go through more applications than with steel units.

Chapter 5.An Excellent Investment in the Long Run

Tungsten carbide-tipped saw blades
Caption: Tungsten carbide-tipped saw blades

Saw blade buyers often have the wrong mindset. They are looking for the cheapest solutions on the market without worrying about the blade’s lifespan. However, if the user ruins the tool quickly, they will need a new one.

That is an additional expense; if you count all investments, you get a high price tag.

You can get a durable, long-lasting carbide saw blade in custom dimensions for the same money. Carbide is resistant to heat and overall damage, which makes it cost-effective in the long run.

The odds are a single carbide saw blade would last longer than multiple steel units. Not only does that save you money, but you also don’t need to buy a new blade frequently. It is a win-win situation for your budget and the tool’s convenience.

Chapter 6.Cleaner Finishes and Cuts

Carbide-tipped blade on a radial arm saw
Caption: Carbide-tipped blade on a radial arm saw

What is your primary consideration when cutting any material? First, you want to make an accurate cut. But if we are honest, that is where the cutter’s skills are most important. On the other hand, the tool significantly affects how smooth and clean your cut will be.

Due to the durability and toughness of the blade, the edges can remain sharp for a considerable time. As you might know, only a sharp edge can make smooth and clean cuts. The fact that carbide tips will stay sharp for a significant time will enable you to cut various applications smoothly.

That is critical for various reasons. Not only do you get the results that you want, but you get them the first time. It saves you a lot of time and effort. Imagine the minutes and nerves you would spend adjusting the imperfections to get the desired results.

The significant thing about clean cuts is that carbide saw blades can make them on both wooden and metal applications. These tools won’t reduce grain damage compared to steel and ensure an improved joint fit and tighter glue bonds.

Thanks to these clean cuts, operating the tools will also be easier. The chances of kickbacks will be minimal, which minimizes the risk of injury. That makes carbide saw blades a safe tool selection, especially for those without experience.

Chapter 7.Easy to Replace

A circular saw with a carbide brazing
Caption: A circular saw with a carbide brazing

We already went through this in the article, but a reminder doesn’t heart. Carbide-tipped tools are particularly durable because they are easy to replace. If your tips got dull, you could use a grinding technique to remove old carbide and add new carbide layers.

The critical advantage of tipped tools compared to solid carbide is that you don’t have to buy a new tool in case of breaking it. Once breakage happens, you might be able to remove the old tips. It is much more convenient than buying a new blade.
However, it is worth noting that not even carbide saw blades can last forever. The good news is that you don’t have to throw away the blade you can’t use anymore. Don’t be afraid to get creative and use it differently. For example, you can design a small ax from a used saw blade.


Carbide saw blades come with multiple benefits that make cutting easier and more accurate. Additionally, these tools can save time, effort, money, and other resources. The only thing to ensure is to pick the right company for purchasing your blade.

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