Cutting Marble Tile-9 Ways to Work Like a Professional


a man using disc cutter

Marbles are naturally existing stones widely used in tiling and countertops. For one to cut a slab of marble, onegetting a wet saw, a piece of proper safety equipment, and a diamond blade is required.

You can use a pencil to mark the marble where you desire to make the cut and slowly slide the slab into the machine. To prevent the piece from breaking, make a tiny slice on the backside, and conclude by cutting on the outer side of the marble.

It will be easy for one to cut a marble if you make use of the ideal tools. In this article, we will discuss ways to nine kinds of professional cutting marble tiles.

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Cutting marble tile

(Cutting marble tile)

1. Keep a straight cut for cutting marble tile

For cutting marble tile, the perfect side entirely relies on the type of saw. In most cases, people would desire to line up the marble with the ideal side of the blade. Assuming that you use the wrong side, you may cut the slab too short, although not intentionally.

The saw blade cuts off about 1/8 inch (0.32 cm), so ensure that 1/8 is directly from the scrap side and not on the debris in use. Also, to know which part of the blade is correct, try practicing by cutting a piece of marble.

Furthermore, ensure to enable the marble to clamp down so that it will not go in another direction as you cut. You should note that the quicker you move the statue through the blade, the higher the chance the slab will splinter, break, or even chip. Cutting marble tile need to be taken slowly, and allow the machine to do the rest for you.

Possibly at a point, you may begin to notice smoke as you cut. All you need to do is reduce the rate at which you cut the marble. Make attempts at sawing a tiny section before you pull the saw back a little, and then proceed to the following small section.

Also, assuming that you desire to examine how cutting at distinctive speeds has effects on the marble, make some slices on a practice slab, then cut the final piece.

a slab concrete countertop notche,For cutting marble tile

(a slab concrete countertop notch, For cutting marble tile)

2. Marble is placed on a smooth workbench

First and foremost, when you get to a craft supply store, get a large piece of foam. Use this feature to keep you flat and protected when cutting marble tiles. As you move the marble across the platform of the saw, rather than the marble getting scratched up, the foam itself gets scratched up.

It can be simpler for you to make attachments in the form of a piece of ¾ inch, which is 1.9cm, plywood. Make use of silicone to attach the foam to the wood, and be patient for for the silicone to dry before you start cutting.

Afterward, you can lay the board on a sawhorse for you to cut comfortably. Also, the foam should be the exact size of the marble or, larger. Finally, make use of any non-abrasive surface, assuming you do not possess any foam, like cardboard.

staff of cutting marble tile

(staff cutting marble tile)

3. Don’t sand the marble with rough things

Firstly, when cutting marble tiles, try to visit and make consultations for the right measurements because distinctive products have different amounts. Just place the compound on a tiny part where you can start work.

Please be careful not to immediately use a polishing agent on the entire marble material, as we are not sure how much polishing to apply. We will do some research, and it will be easier to add it later.

In cutting marble tile, you can only make use of a soft cloth or, better still, a polisher that operates at a low speed to polish marble. Before deciding on which to use, you should note that using a soft cloth is not time-saving and requires pressure applied at a constant level. Otherwise, your results could be affected. Hence, it is advisable to make use of a low-speed polisher.

Moreover, if you decide to use a soft cloth, it is required to make circular and tight movements, and if you use a polisher, move it gently in a controlled circular motion. Immediately you are through with the flat sides, drive straight to the corners using a soft rag.

cutting marble tile process

(cutting marble tile process)

4. Back of cutting marble tile

Make a 1 to 3-inch cutting marble tile with the end of the sculpture facing up. Carve the statue with the concluded side facing downwards onto your piece of foam to do this.

Change the direction of the saw when you are prepared to use it, then feed the marble slowly into the saw until you get to 1-3 inches, that is, 2.5 to 7.6 cm.

Making a tiny cut on the back of marble makes sure the slab doesn’t break or chip. Assuming that you do not do this, your work could get ruined, and the end of your tile might break off as you conclude the slice.

cutting marble tile

( cutting marble tile)

5.Prevent Marble Fracture

Adhesive tape is applied to the edges in order of preventing the marble from breaking during the cutting process.

In the process of cutting marble tiles, fracture of materials is a very common phenomenon. We need to prevent this from happening. A more effective method is to put tape around the area you want to cut. Due to the ductility of the tape, it can effectively protect the marble from breaking during the cutting process.

Many professionals, cutting marble tile will also use this method, simple and effective.

Broken marble cut

(Broken marble cut)

6.Ensure high-quality cutting tools

There are two types of marble cutting saws, which generally considere to be the ideal choice. They are the wet saws and saws a diamond blade. The two mentioned makes sure you have a smooth and clean cut. Assuming that you are only required to make acutting marble tile on marble for some tasks, it is advantageous to rent a saw from marble cutting tools suppliers rather than purchasing a new one because it is more costly.

Although, considering that you have plans on various home improvement tasks, purchasing a personal saw may be wise and convenient. Firstly, ensure you acquire the perfect type of equipment, that is, wet saw.

Suppose you want to cut a cutting marble tile under 15 inches, and you should make use of a wettable saw. You can ask questions from people at the store to give their recommendations concerning the marble cutting saw you intend using when you have a task at hand.

The price of a wet saw ranges between 100 dollars to 300 dollars, while renting it fluctuates between the amounts of 35 dollars and 100 dollars.

Let us look into the case of you being unable to make use of the saw. If you don’t have any knowledge of how to use the saw, it is highly likely you injure yourself as you engage in marble cutting. Please read the instructions written on the model you intend to use because they are different.

With this method, you know virtually everything concerning the model.

Worker cutting marble tiles using wet tile saw

(Worker cutting marble tiles using wet tile saw)

7.Focus on diamond saw blade temperature

Cutting marble tile too long can cause the blade to become too hot, which is not encouraging at all. When you are making use of a wet saw, the marble cutting blade must stay regularly wet to maintain its coolness.
Assuming that it ( the blade) gets overheated, the cutting marble tile may be affected, that is, having a wrong cut. You will have to get to the top of different water tanks or link up the saw to a hose, although that depends on the kind of model you are using.

Note that it is necessary to go through the instructions to discover whether it is the same one given on how to link up the water supper to your equipment (saw).

a worker make cuts with a circular saw,cutting marble tile

(a worker make cuts with a circular saw,cutting marble tile )

8.Cutting marble tile using wet cutting

The cutting method of cutting marble tile is a very good choice. Many professionals choose this cutting method.

In wet cutting applications, the primary purpose of water is to eliminate particles as well as dust. It also acts as the coolant for the cutting blade, which leads to deeper cuts. There are five necessary steps of wet cutting and they as follows;

  • Select your saw wisely
  • Maintain your blades, that is, a dull blade will usually fracture your marble and destroy cut, and it puts extra stress on your saw.
  • Diversify your blades
  • Plan for buried materials
  • Wait for curing
a man using disc cutter

( a man using disc cutter)

9.Cutting marble tile process to protect yourself

The process of cutting marble tile must be well protected from injuries.

Firstly, safety gloves safeguard your fingers and minimize the chances of cutting them as you slice the marble. Also, put on a pair of earmuffs before you make use of the saw to prevent any hearing damage.

Finally, tiny fragments of marble may fly up as you make use of the wet saw, which could wind up in your eye. So, make sure you use goggles to protect the eyes.

Wear gloves during cutting marble tile

(Wear gloves during cutting marble tile)


In summary, this guide lists the key points of cutting marble tiles.

Just note that cutting marble yourself will save you a lot of money. The majority of stone yards will remain, scrap pieces of sculpture that you can get for an affordable price. Assuming that you see the opportunity to discover a part big enough for your DIY project, bring it to your home and cut it down to the perfect size.
If you need marble cutting tools, you can contact us and NCCuttingtools will provide you with one-stop service.

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