7 Tips for Selecting Diamond Drill Bits for Drilling Stone or Glass


Have you ever tried drilling through stone or glass? These are hard materials and present a challenge, even if you are an experienced operator. It would be best if you got everything right to secure adequate results. In this article, we will be discussing how to select diamond drill bits for glass and stone. These are the tips you should consider to ensure you find an appropriate bit for the job.

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Chapter 1. Diamond Drill Bits–The Importance of a Soft Bond

High-quality diamond core bit
Caption: High-quality diamond core bit

The good news is that you got the dilemma about the material out of the way. Diamond is surely the best drill bit for hard stone. The material is strong, and it is not easy to break. The chances are it will serve you for a long time.

To ensure that, you should also consider the hardness of the material you are drilling. Based on that, you need to choose the bond for the drill bit.

As you might assume, stone is considered a hard material. The hardness of the application is in an inverse relationship to the hardness of the drill bit.

That indicates you will need a soft bond for stone materials. The reason why soft bonds are suitable is that they will ensure easier drilling.

They will also secure the optimal durability of the tool. A reliable drill bit is essential during operation if you are a professional. You want a tool to rely on for a long without going through the hassle of changing it every time.

As for the glass, you can also consider drill bits with a soft bond. However, glass is not as hard as a stone (although it depends on the type), which means even a harder bond might do.

On the other hand, if you are looking for ultimate versatility, a soft bond will be compatible with glass and stone.

Chapter 2. Your Diamond Drill Bits Should Be Compatible with the Tool

A drill bit used for drilling stone
Caption: A drill bit used for drilling stone

There is no point in purchasing a drill bit for stone materials if you can’t fit it into your tool. that is why you need to ensure these two are compatible.

You want to use the right tool for your stone drill bit. The best choice is a specialized diamond drill, but it is a significant investment.

That is why DIY enthusiasts might not own it. The good news is that a concrete drill will do the job, and you can also use a masonry tool.

These are all suitable choices for drilling stone and glass. Although you can try a hammer drill, the experts indicate it is not an adequate selection.

The next thing to consider is whether the drill bit can fit into the tool. Let’s get one thing out of the way first – the brand doesn’t have anything to do with this.

That means you are not obliged to purchase the drill bits that belong to your tool’s brand. Most manufacturers make versatile drill bits that fit various tools.

You want to check your drill’s shank. The idea is to confirm that everything will fit nicely and you can operate the tool effortlessly.

As long as that is confirmed, you don’t have to worry about the brand. However, stick to reputable manufacturers to ensure you get an original diamond drill bit for glass and stone.

You can cut stone and glass in various situations if you pick the right tool. For example, nothing can stop you from drilling a hole in a glass aquarium.

Chapter 3. Durability Depends on the Frequency of Using the Bit

A stone drill bit close up
Caption: Diamond Drill Bits: A stone drill bit close up

Here is something you might have assumed already. Now, diamond core drill bits are characterized by their strength and durability. They should last longer than steel bits and are more capable of cutting hard applications.

However, even the durability of diamond drill bits is not eternal. Their lifespan depends on how often you use the bit. If you are a DIY enthusiast that occasionally drills a couple of holes, the tool could last for years. But the durability might be shorter if you are professional drilling holes daily.

The good news is that a high-quality diamond drill bit should be reliable. These bits are durable and provide consistent results. That makes them a smart investment for every user out there.

Chapter 4. Diamond Drill Bits–Pick the Right Size

Choosing the right drill bit size for drilling
Caption: Diamond Drill Bits: Choosing the right drill bit size for drilling

The next consideration when choosing a stone drill bit is its size. The crucial factor is that these tools vary significantly. You can pick a bit that is as small as 3mm but also goes with a large unit over 20m.

Although the standard might range from 8 to 12mm, your requirements are only relevant when selecting the size. What is the hole size you need in the application?

Are you looking to make a small hole, or do you want to drill a large one? That is what should dictate your size selection.

Apart from the size, consider the length of the bit, too. Most units designed for masonry work should be around 300-400mm. The experts do not recommend going lower than that.

What if the stone you cut is large and needs a deep hole? That is where you will require a long drill bit. If you don’t think 400mm is long enough, it is possible to order longer units. The only thing to ensure is that everything fits your requirements.

Chapter 5. Diamond Drill Bits: Choose the Desired Shape

Pick the shape of the diamond drill bit correctly
Caption: Pick the shape of the diamond drill bit correctly

The shape of the drill is another factor that will affect the type of hole you are making. The basic two forms of drill bits are spear and circle.

Now, go with that bit shape if you are looking for a hole resembling an ideal circle. Many consider these the standard type, but that is a matter of personal preference.

You can go with bits with a spear form as an alternative to a circle-shaped design. These units have a clear drilling point and might enable higher accuracy. The experts recommend them when drilling a hole with the ultimate precision.

Chapter 6.Diamond Drill Bits: Purchase Multiple Drill Bits at Once

Purchasing multiple drill bits at once increases versatility
Caption: Purchasing multiple drill bits at once increases versatility

It is a rare situation that you purchase a single diamond drill bit for stone or glass. Most manufacturers will sell bits in packs for a good reason. The users benefit from purchasing multiple drill bits at once.

That is because of the drilling techniques used, as well as the work requirements. A method that most operators stick to includes using a smaller diamond drill bit for glass first.

It is easier to mark the spot and initiate the hole-drilling process with a smaller bit.

Once you start drilling into the material and leave a mark, it is time to move to a bigger drill bit of the desired size. You continue drilling with that bit until you get an optimal size of the hole.

That way, you increase the accuracy of the drilling process.

Additionally, buying multiple drill bits means you don’t have to worry about another purchase soon. Even if you don’t break the bit, it will eventually become dull.

That is when a replacement is mandatory, or you will compromise the quality of work and risk ruining the application.

The number of drill bits in a pack can vary. Pick based on your needs and how frequently you operate the tool. We recommend at least four, but you can increase the number if you change sizes often.

Chapter 7. Diamond Drill Bits: You Don’t Need a Lot of Speed

A person drills a hole in a glass bottle

Caption: A person drills a hole in a glass bottle

Stone and glass are not the easiest materials to work with, so you need to be patient. If you are looking for optimal results, it is required to have patience when drilling a hole.

Considering that you don’t want to work at high speeds is critical. That increases the risk of ruining the material or the tool.

Operating at a low speed will give you the required steadiness and precision. If you want to make things easier, you can use masking tape.

Those natural drilling stones should consider steering clear of cutting close to imperfections and edges. Finally, wet cutting can be an option to avoid overheating issues and ensure better results.

Final Thoughts

Drilling glass and stone is a demanding job. You need to be careful, work with caution, and use suitable tools. When it comes to drilling bits, you can’t go wrong with those with a diamond core.

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