How to Cut Glass Tiles with Diamond Saw Blade


A diamond saw machine is one of the most durable machines across numerous industries today. This is because the tool can cut through the hardest materials known to man due to its diamond fittings. The diamond saw blade has become the industry standard for cutting through hard materials. One such hard material is glass tiles, which usually require a sizeable amount of skill to execute. So how do you cut a glass brick with a diamond saw? What is the best way to cut?

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Section 1: Why Diamond Saw Blades are the Best choice for Cutting Glass Bricks

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Glass tiles are some of the most delicate finishing materials across various industries. Although they’re quite expensive, their demand is high, especially among the upper class, who have impeccable taste in choosing materials in this regard.

Glass tiles are used mostly in the construction industry, where we use them in building, finishing walls, and other construction efforts. Although cutting glass tiles with a diamond blade is just like cutting standard ceramic or porcelain tiles. But glass is a much more delicate material, and you must handle it carefully to avoid damage.

The most comfortable way to cut a glass tile is to use a wet saw with diamond fittings. Wet saws, when combined with diamond fittings, are formidable for cutting through glass tiles, and you can use them on all kinds of glass tiles.

Undoubtedly, glass tiles are gorgeous and perfect for new homes. And while cutting them with the regular wet saw is not entirely impossible, it is not advisable, especially when you need a clean cut.

Using a wet saw with diamond fittings helps you to execute the cutting of your glass tiles without any chips or crack on your tile body or edges.

Section 2: 5 Rules for Diamond Saw Blades to Cut Glass Bricks for Effective Results

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When cutting through glass tiles, picking up a wet saw with diamond fittings is only half the job.

There are some rules to observe to ensure the task is successful. Without these rules, your attempt might be futile at the least or lead to the destruction of your glass tiles at worst.

Here are some of the most important rules that they would love for you to adhere to;

Be Consistent

While cutting glass tiles, consistency is the name of the game. It is essential to avoid switching blades or saws to not affect the precision with which you’re working.

Precision is vital while engaging in this task because of the glass tiles’ delicateness. Usually, small mistakes lead to chipping and the creation of cracks on your glass tiles, and they are not flattering.

It is best to use a specific wet saw with a diamond fitting for your cutting exercise from start to finish. The continuity makes the job more convenient for all the parties involved, including the tiler, tile, and diamond blade.

  1. Ensure that you thoroughly clean the surface of the wet saw on which you will place the glass tile.

Another vital issue is to ensure that you clean the surface of your wet saw as thoroughly as you can. You will be placing your glass tile on this wet saw and are therefore responsible for any complications, or otherwise, that arise therein. 

When you do not ensure that you clean your wet saw appropriately, the debris left on it might damage your diamond blade. Waste, such as grains of sand or other particles, is unsuitable for your diamond blade and can lead to severe complications while cutting your glass tiles. Just a little speck of particle is detrimental to the service life of your diamond blade, and you should, therefore, prevent the possibility of crises rather than manage it.

Make Sure to Revive your Diamond Blade before Attempting to Cut

A common mistake when cutting glass bricks. Even a few months of unused diamond saw blades, and the diamond blades are assumed to be fully loaded.

When your diamond blade is out of service for a prolonged period, you should expect the blade edge to be blunt. You should, therefore, attempt to sharpen its dull edges.

You can do this by applying an abrasive surface to the edge of your blade to revive it. Doing this increases the service life of your diamond blade and helps you cut through glass tiles more smoothly.

Make Sure to Use Lots of Water when Cutting Glass Tiles or Mosaic

This rule should go without saying, especially since you’re probably cutting your glass tile with a wet saw.

You need to use lots of water because the friction from cutting your glass tiles will usually emit a ton of heat. If you don’t regulate the temperature, it will lead to chipping and cracking on your glass tiles. Applying water while working on your glass tile will help you to keep the temperature of your diamond blade and glass tiles minimal.

Ensure that the Cutting Process is not too Slow

Cutting a glass tile can be a frustrating endeavor if not done quickly. This is because cutting your glass tile will lead to vibrations, which will, in turn, increase the risk of chipping and cracks.

When your cutting process is straightforward, this risk is cut down by a lot, and the task will go on more smoothly. A slow-cutting process usually churns out less than expected results, which means that your glass tiles will be affected immensely.

Section 3: Feedback

A walk-in bathroom with a perfectly laid tile

I used to work in the construction industry for about ten years.

Although I was very familiar with diamond saw machines and understood how efficient diamond blades were in cutting through hard materials, I’d never really thought about how lethal the combination of a wet saw and diamond fitting would turn out.

The first time I had to cut a glass tile, I used a regular saw, and the result was just plain disappointing. My client was furious, and I had to refund the fee I got paid for the job, accompanying it with profuse apologies.

Some weeks later, I joined a few colleagues for a conference on “The Various Use Cases of the Diamond Blade & Saw.” I realized that I was doing something wrong. I took the bold step, approached my erstwhile disappointed client, and convinced him that I was capable of the job. After a few times and lots of apologies, he finally conceded and let me work on his next batch of glass tiles. I made sure to use a wet saw with diamond fittings this time as opposed to the regular wet saw, and the results were nothing less than incredible.

My client was so impressed that he offered me a five-year contract on delivery, and we still work together.

  • David Johnson, CA, USA.

Section 4: Conclusion

A walk-in bathroom with a perfectly laid tile

Glass tiles are delicate to cut, but the results are usually overwhelming when placed under a wet saw with diamond fittings. If you work in the construction industry already, this shouldn’t be news; if it is, you now know more about the subject.

Like earlier, the combination of a wet saw and diamond blade is formidable and one you should deploy when cutting glass tiles. Using a regular saw will not suffice while cutting glass tiles and can lead to chipping and cracks on your glass tiles.

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