Diamond Saw Blades for Cutting Marble: 4 Things to Know

Do you want to cut marble? Use a diamond saw blades. Along with all the fanciful decorative use of diamonds, you must also know that diamonds are one of the strongest mineral resources around. It would surprise you to know that only a minimal percentage of the world’s entire diamond is on necklaces and watches. Most of the diamonds are in major industries today used for making precise and neat cuts and finishes, especially for marbles. This article will describe four things you should know when cutting marbles with diamond saw blades.

Diamond Saw blade cutting marble
Figure 1: Diamond Saw blade cutting marble

1.Choosing the right diamond saw blade.

Just like many other professionals, you must have come across different materials that you need to cut. Finding the perfect blade to give you the perfect cut and still be efficient is the dream of any professional. In this case, however, you need to cut marble, which is a type of stone. In this section, therefore, we are going to examine how to go about choosing the right diamond saw blade.

Type of Cut

There are two types of cuts you can carry out with the diamond saw blade, namely;

⦁ Dry cutting: this type of cutting is common among users of handheld saws, and are mostly used to cut stone and concrete materials. They are explicitly applicable in areas where you are not allowed to use water.

Dry Cutting of Marble
Figure 2: Dry Cutting of Marble

⦁ Wet cutting: this type of cutting is somewhat more advantageous for most users as the water increases the service life of the blade. This method of cutting is also applicable for cutting ceramic, concrete, and stone.

NOTE: As a rule of thumb, you should use the continuous rim diamond blades for wet cutting, while the other sintered diamond blades can use for dry. Keep in mind that the wet cutting of marble increases the longevity of diamond saw blades.

Wet Cutting of marble
Figure 3: Wet Cutting of marble

Type of material to cut

When it comes to choosing the right blade, you must know what you are cutting. Manufacturers produce blades to attain maximum efficiency both in Speed and in blade life. Hitherto, you must know the characteristics of the material you are cutting as the manufacturers will design the blade with relation to these characteristics.

Marble is composed of the mineral calcite and sparse content of other minerals. Hence, you must use a specialized blade for cutting marble. As a rule of thumb, the blades should be vacuum brazed. Vacuum brazing of saw blades is especially essential because they allow the blades to cut a wide variety of material, including marble.

Blade Quality

You are mot likely to find different quality ranges of your diamond saw blade. These blades will differ in diamond content and price range. It then poses you with the challenge of what is more efficient, which means to give the optimal performance and, at the same time, remain economically valid.

Vacuum brazed diamond saw blades are quite efficient for cutting marbles. These blades have prolonged longevity because they don’t get stuck in the marble-like other saw blades

2.Tips for cutting marble

Cutting marble is a bit challenging, and that’s why this section of this article will look to provide you with the necessary tips for cutting marble.

⦁ Marble position:

Now, the marble must always align with the right side(Cutting Side) of the saw blade. Failure to put this into consideration will lead to wrong or short cuts of the blade. More so, you must ensure you are using the right side of the blade and a way to ensure this is to test cut on a scrap piece. Also, while cutting the marble tends to move, you must then use a clamp always to keep the marble in position

⦁ Cut Slowly:

a golden rule in cutting marble is always to cut slowly to prevent cracks and breakage. Marble will most likely chip if you opt to cut through quickly, so most professionals advise that you don’t for the process. Instead, you move at the pace of the machine. An excellent way to know you are cutting too fast and need to slow down is if when you are cutting, you begin to see smoke.

⦁ Cut with the finished side facing the foam:

one of the critical aspects of setting up your marble and saw is to have a foam underneath the marble. This foam will help keep your marble flat and protect it from scratches. Hitherto, making a small cut on the back of your marble with the finished surface facing the foam will help keep it from chipping.

⦁ Cutting thick or thin slabs:

for cutting thick slabs, you will have to flip the finished surface over to continue cutting. However, when cutting very thin slabs, you don’t need to flip your finished side over to make a complete cut through the slab.

⦁ Clean Finishing:

after cutting the marble with your diamond saw blade, you must ensure to perform a clean finishing over rough patches. You can use wet or dry sandpaper to carry out the Finishing. However, never use coarse sandpaper as it can scratch the marble. You can also use the electric angle grinder for an automatic alternative to the sandpaper for finishing.

Using Grinder for finishing
Figure 4: Using Grinder for finishing

3. Effects of Diamond saw blade on the marble.

Wear resistance: a diamond blade is an efficient tool that has generates little or no waste. The low waste removal of the diamond saw blade makes it resist wear longer than other contemporary blades. This feature allows the blade to cut for longer while maintaining the same cut depth.

Smooth Cut: It allows the blade to cut smoother due to the presence of its configuration. The blade’s gullet helps to reduce chipping or breaking of the marble due to the vibration of the saw. The blade’s structural design gives you better control of the level of smoothness you can cut on the marble.

Precision and Speed: the diamond blade’s structural makeup allows you to maintain the accuracy of the blade. The precision level of the blade helps you cut faster and, at the same time, prevent loss of material.

4. Safety Precautions in Cutting Marble

Cutting of any sort can be hazardous if done recklessly, and cutting marble is not any different. It then poses a responsibility on you to know the safety practices to ensure to prevent any form of fatality. Here are some safety practices that can sure protect you when cutting:

⦁ Using protective gloves:

Both the freshly cut marble and the diamond saw can be sharp enough to cut your hands. To reduce the risk of cutting yourself, you must look to get gloves of thick material that will protect your hands.

⦁ Using protective googles:

Small fragments of marble can sometimes chip off when cutting and fly towards your eye. To prevent any form of eye injuries, you must wear protective goggles that cover the entire eye.

⦁ Avoid loose clothing or long hair :

As a general practice in the workshop, it is expected that you desist from having any loose object on you. The reason for this is quite simple as loose objects like your hair, or even a tie can get cut up in the saw, which can lead to a fatality.

⦁ Use protective boots:

There is always a tendency to have things dropped on your feet, whether its a slab or the blade. Having protective boots with impact resistance will prevent any real damage.

⦁ Use ear muffs:

Cutting marble with your diamond saw blade can be very loud and sometimes above human decibel range. Using ear muffs in cases like this will prevent any form of deafness or disorientation.

⦁ Turn off the machine and clean workspace:

It is vital always to turn off your machine whenever it is not in use. It goes for whether you are done with a job or cutting multiple slabs. Another necessary safety practice is cleaning after each appointment. Clean surfaces with rags to keep pieces of equipment in good shape.

Protective goggles against kickbacks
Figure 5: Protective goggles against kickbacks


Using the diamond blade to cut marble is a well-known practice that is popular among professionals, skilled users, and unskilled users also. Marble is a useful stone that has multiple uses in the world today. As popular as cutting marble is among users, it remains somewhat difficult to cut. This article, however, looks to enlighten on what the entire process of using a diamond saw blade to cut marble entails.

So, as you continue to look out for a better understanding of how the diamond blade cuts marble, look no further, NCCuttingtools has got you covered. Click here for a video with up-to-date information about cutting your marble, and how to make the best choice.

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