Diamond Tile Drill Bit–5 Facts About the Diamond Tile Drill Bit

The diamond tile drill bit is an essential tool for drilling hard surfaces. Drilling holes in tiles can be somewhat tricky as you have to employ absolute caution as well as using the right diamond drill. You should also understand that the two common different types of tiles are – ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles happen to be the hardest to drill, plus most of them come with high silica content, which makes them denser than ceramic tiles.

Not familiar with diamond tile drill bits? Here, we will examine some interesting and unusual facts about these essential tools.

Figure 1 – A handyman drilling a tiled wall
A handyman drilling a tiled wall

Chapter 1. Facts about Diamond Tile Drill Bits

If you’re looking to purchase a diamond tile drill bit, there are a few facts you would have to intimate yourself with, and we are going to be discussing some of these facts –

1. One size doesn’t fit all.

There are different sizes of diamond drill bits. The standard sizes you are likely to find are – 1mm – 3mm, 3.5mm – 60mm, and larger. Now, your tile sizes should influence your choice of drill bits. However, small diamond drill bits tend to last longer than small diamond core drills, but they take longer to drill holes. Plus, their robust nature allows them to penetrate dense materials such as porcelain tiles as well as other hard materials.

Small core diamond drill bits, on the other hand, drill holes faster, but they don’t last long due to their small surface area. In all, diamond drills are your best bet when it comes to drilling tiles. As a regular user of diamond drill bits, we recommend that you have both the small diamond drill bits and the small diamond core drills, as both tools can come in handy when drilling dense materials like tiles.

Squarehead drill bits
Figure 2 – Squarehead drill bits

2. You need square head bits.

Most of the time, masons and handymen tend to drill square holes in wall tiles as they need to affix anchors or holds for bathroom items. This recurring phenomenal has only gone further to necessitate square head bits. Squarehead bits should be a necessary part of your tile drilling process as the chances that you would need them are quite high. You can also use square head bits to drill rectangular-shaped holes as they can function well in this regard.

So, when next you’re prepping for a tile drilling project, endeavour to add square head bit drills as part of your drilling tools.

A mason drilling a tile
Figure 3 – A mason drilling a tile

3. The lifespan reduces as the coating wears off.

As we discussed earlier, small core diamond drills are fast in penetrating porcelain tiles, but this speed causes the dill tip/bit to wear off quickly, which is quite familiar with drill bits. In this regard, we recommend that you choose your tools wisely. Tiles aren’t too forgiving as you can shatter or scratch them easily. This sole factor is a massive reminder that you shouldn’t use second-hand drill bits for your tile-drilling project or any drill bit for dense materials.

There are diamond tile drill bits available on the market, and we recommend that you use them for drilling dense materials like tiles. We recommend diamond drill bits because they are hard enough. You should know that making a mistake can be quite costly when training porcelain or ceramic tiles. On the good side, diamond drill bits tend to wear evenly. With this, you can still drill a perfectly straight hole without the bit slipping away from the aimed spot. Porcelain tiles usually have a glazed surface due to their high silica content.

4. Drilling at maximum speed causes breakages.

While you may find it tempting to fire up your drill while you’re attempting to break through the glazy surface of your tiles, you should know that this is a sure way to ruin your project, how? Drilling at maximum speed will overheat your drill bit and cause vibrations that will probably crack the tile. Yes, the glazy surface of your tiles can inspire you to exert intense pressure, but you have to employ absolute caution here.

We advise that you start with a low speed, applying calculated pressure until you have penetrated the glazy surface. Once you have bored through the glaze, then you can gradually increase your speed cautiously. Once you bore through the tile and hit the wall, endeavour to reduce your rate in order not to blow the wall apart and cause your wall anchor not to hold proper.

Drilling safety gear kits
Figure 4 – Drilling safety gear kits

5. Working with diamond tile drill Bits requires extra consciousness

Drilling tiles come with some level of risks, and as such, you ensure that you kit yourself with protective gear. Some of these protective kits include – safety goggles, dust masks, safety gloves, and the likes. Wearing safety goggles will keep fragments or chips of tiles from flying into your eyes during drilling. The dust mask will also keep you from inhaling tile-dust.

Generally, diamond tile drill bits are high-speed drills, and this sole factor can cause your drill bit to overheat. To prevent your drill bit from overheating, we advise that you have a damp sponge close by. Dabbing your drill bit with a wet sponge will prevent your drill bit from overheating.

Alternatively, you can choose to hold the wet sponge beneath your drill bit while drilling. It will prevent it from overheating as well as catch any dust or debris resulting from the intense drilling. If you’re employing this method, you should be extremely cautious as you won’t want to expose the rotor part of your drill to water.

Chapter 2. Where you can get reliable diamond tile drill bits

Diamond drill bits for tiles are quite specific, and we know that their reliability depends on their manufacturers. If you’re looking to get topnotch tools for your tile-drilling projects, we recommend that you get them from NC Cutting Tools as they are quite innovative in their tool manufacturing.

Also, they are quite multi-functional. It invariably means that you can use them on diverse materials. You can visit NC Cutting Tools to purchase your reliable diamond cutting tools.

Drilling a tiled floor
Figure 5 – Drilling a tiled floor

Chapter 3. Frequently asked questions

Well, most of us might have one or two questions regarding diamond tile drill bits. We will be addressing these questions accordingly –

Can I use the same diamond tile drill for all sizes?

Tiles are quite tricky, and most times, require different drill bits. The density and size of your tiles should influence your choice of drill bits. If you’re on a low budget, you can use a universal diamond tile drill bit for your tile projects. However, you may need to support your drilling with some equipment that will hold your drill bit in place. Most times, support-tools or equipment come as part of the package in new drill bits.

Can I use diamond tile drill bits for other materials?

Any diamond drill bit that can drill porcelain tiles successfully can pretty much drill similar dense materials. Diamond drill bit for tiles also do well with glass, ceramic, concrete, and other hard materials. So yes, you can use your diamond tile drill bit on other dense materials.

However, you should be wary of overworking your drill bit and eventually causing it to wear off. Tiles are tricky materials, and they don’t give you chances to second-guess. We advise that you have a specific diamond drill bit for your tile projects, as this reduces the risk of shattering or cracking your tile.

Where can I get the best diamond tile drill bit?

Your diamond tile drill bit is as good as its manufacturer. In this regard, we recommend that you get your diamond tile drill bits from NC Cutting Tools as they have a reputation for manufacturing a range of topnotch diamond cutting tools. You can use NC Cutting Tools for a variety of projects. If you’re looking to indulge in any construction of any sort, then you will do well to get your diamond cutting tools from NC Cutting Tools.

Final thoughts

Drilling tiles is quite a sensitive project that requires absolute caution. You should understand that your safety matters too, and you can only ensure this by selecting your drill bits correctly. There are a host of factors to consider when choosing your drill bits. These factors play a huge role in ensuring your safety as well as the successful completion of the project.

While you employ absolute safety precaution, you should also purchase reliable tools. In this regard, we recommend NC Cutting Tools. Why? It is because they have a reputation for manufacturing the best tools on the market. Feel free to look this up as you’re more than welcome to convince yourself. You’re likely to find a handful of testimonies from other users of NC Cutting Tools. Join the drilling team by filling your toolbox with NC Cutting Tools.

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