Five Different Types of Saws That Will Make Your Home Amazing!


A saw is a ubiquitous and efficient tool. Every home has one, every construction worker, interior designer. So you’re thinking,” I Don’t need this, I have a saw” or” everyone knows I can waltz into the hardware store and get a saw,” keep reading, this post is about to educate you on something you had no idea existed.
Countless times, I’ve had to struggle with using my dull old saw to get through some specific surfaces, has this ever happened to you? Here’s the reason why;You’re using the wrong type of saw! Today, you’re about to learn the different types of saws there are and the specific surfaces that will be.
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Section 1:Do you Know Why You Want to Use A Different Saw?

The magic in having that perfectly trimmed board isn’t in using just any type of saw, it also isn’t in getting a highly expensive professional to get your jobs done for you, you can achieve perfection; you just have to understand the material of surface you’re cutting into for you to make use of the perfect saw. Not only does using the right Saw

make your job easier, but also it also denotes a tone of professionalism and increases satisfaction.

Are you trying to renovate the house by yourself? Is it looking difficult? That regular saw of yours just would not cut it for some hard boards; you can’t expect to use the same saw for your cabinet and your burglary.

Using the right type of saw will ensure you’re getting the maximum quality of your work. As a construction worker or interior designer who has millions of surfaces to cut through, you need to understand the importance of enhancing performance with varying types of saws. If you own a construction company, you have to not only learn but educate your workers on the different types of saws there are, and the importance of using the right saw at the right time.

However, learning about the right saw for the job is only half the work; you also have to understand how to use them safely and efficiently. You can never overestimate the importance of safety when it comes to dealing with gadgets such as the saw Safety is always crucial.

Here are five different types of saws and how best they can be put to use;

SECTION 2: Five different types of saw to save you home

Construction workers and interior designers, get in here, this is definitely for you.


It is also known as a “recipe saw” or “hog-nose saw.”

Image of a reciprocating saw
  •  Advantage:

This saw is used majorly for demolition; you could say it does” smart destruction”; it is precise and removes items very carefully. It is heavy to lift and can handle big projects.

A reciprocating saw is the right type of saw that would make your work more productive and comfortable, meaning less work and less effort.

  •  How to choose:

We use this tool for” go-hard or go-home” jobs. To achieve maximum effectiveness, you need to choose the right blade for your reciprocating saw. Here’s how to go about that: If you’re looking to cut through construction-related materials, a 10″ demolition blade” will serve perfectly for the job.

  •  Cutting material:

These blades are designed to take on hard jobs, with small-hooked shaped teeth which can cut through plaster, dry wood, and just about anything they come across.


They’re also known as the” big daddy tool”.
 man using circular saw

  •  Advantage:

This tool best works as a home feature. We can use it for repairing household fixtures that have previously damaged. They can be used for just about any project.

  •  How to choose:

Came in two different types, which are:

(1) Sidewinders:

This saw comes in a lighter and smaller size; it has its blade on the right side and its motor projects out the left side.

(2) Worm drives:

These are heavy and bigger than the Sidewinders. You can rely on these for just about any restoration project.

You may be wondering, How can you use a circular saw to remove flooring effectively? You start by making two passes down the length of the damaged board, creating space big enough to have a bar in there, then you carefully pry the two pieces free. You need to pay attention and keep a keen eye on what you’re doing because you want to cut up but not into the adjourning floorboard.

  •  Cutting material:

Your circular saw is your go-to saw for cross-cutting and ripping out materials like sheets and plywood.


This saw is perfect! We also call this the” frame-to-finish” tool.

(man cutting timber using portable saw
  •  Advantage:

(1) Professionals have attested to the fact that finishing is a specialty for this saw.

(2) Just as the name hints, this is easy to carry around.

(3) This saw is designed to cut planks no matter their length, a process named ripping.

(4) This saw is perfect for jobs such as trimming your boards or perfecting the thickness and width of your board.

(5) A Table saw is the right tool for cutting through a part for making a cabinet.

  •  Note:

Although table saws are capable of opening wide enough to cut through a 24″-full piece of sheet stock like MDF or plywood, we would not advise this as it is dangerous.


hand using Japanese handsaw
  •  Advantage:

This saw is perfect for undercutting jambs to accept new flooring. Though not commonly used, this saw is a hundred times better than any saw out there for tile. The saw can be made flat to make cutting easy.

This saw would be used majorly by interior decorators who want to achieve the best of their work and satisfy their clients to the stars.


This saw has been said to be the core of setting up your tools.

Miter saw isolated on white background
  •  Advantage:

(1) This saw is perfect for heavy duties such as cross-cutting framing, angling pergola rafters, and slamming through umpteen fire-blocks.

(2) Not only that, but it can also serve appropriately as a finishing tool, for trimming hedges. You no longer have to sweat, using regular saws to cut through hard surfaces.

(3) However, you need to understand the right way to set to achieve effectiveness and high quality.

Here’s how to set up a proper workstation for Your Miter Saw:

You shouldn’t set up your Miter saw on the ground with regular support, instead you should build a stand with just a few 2x4s, a sheet of ¾” plywood, and some 2×4 blocks, if you’re not feeling up to building, no worries, you can always buy a reliable stand from a store nearby.

SECTION 3: How the Ownership of a Saw Affects your Home

Having the right saw in your home is the thin line between mediocrity and exquisite craftsmanship. The proper saw will give you a taste of perfect furniture and fittings. Allowing you to turn your home into your desired palace.

The saws mentioned above are not just metals; they are tools which are meant for you and are capable of turning things around in your home.

It is very crucial you remember that owning a personal saw might save you in a moment you didn’t think would come.
What more reason do you need?

  •  Owning a saw would allow you to attend to matters faster than if you didn’t.

Isn’t it amazing? Different saws with specific uses and requirements. Maybe you just realized you’ve been using a portable handset where you should have been using a miter saw or vice versa. There is no point wasting time on a job which should naturally take you half the time you’re using if the right saw is applied.

Why waste your time managing the wrong saw, when you could have the right saw working efficiently for you? It’s time to go ahead and purchase the power saw for the right job.

Different construction tools in the hands in white gloves
  •  Ownership of a saw gives you the liberty to do renovations on your whenever you please.

There are various household jobs that would require you to use the right saw if you want a perfect job.

If you want your works to look remarkably different from others, you need to put in the right efforts; this starts with getting the right saw, using the right blade, sitting upright, and watching your woodwork become a phenomenon on its own.


Go out and ensure you acquire all the right types of saws to have that perfect job.

However, when using all these tools, always remember to put your safety first, wear the right protective gadgets, ensuring you have all areas protected.

To purchase the best saw for your home, we are very available to help you source the best among the different kinds of saws available for usage in your home decor.

We wish you. Good luck!

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