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-- About Cold Cut Saw Blades

HSS circular saw blades are famous for cutting ferrous metals. Because of their composition, they allow the cutting of metals seamlessly at about 350 SFM. These blade series have low heat generation and resistance to wear. Hence, they are suitable for cutting at high temperatures.

HSS circular saw blades comprised of either M35 tool steel or M2 tool steel. Also, the HSS cold saw blade‘s heat treatment process allows it to accommodate shock and wear without failure. However, the flip side of this treatment is to increase brittleness. Manufacturers often add cobalt alloy and wear-resistant coatings to improve the performance of this blade

-- Manufacturer for your Specific Needs & Application

Why Should You Choose Them

Using Composite Anti-Wear Coating Technology.

It can improve wear resistance and compression resistance, effectively extend their life.

Made of High-quality, High-speed SteeI

It will make the saw blade get stable and durable.

Scientific design of the teeth

We used high-precision grinding 35° teeth, which make the cutting process smoother.

Have multiple positioning holes

Make the saw blade better fixed on the machine and prevent loosening.

HSS saw blade can deal with the pipes of various materials

Stainless Steel Tube

lron Tube

Galvanized Tube

Aluminum Tube

Copper Aluminum Tube

Copper Tube

HSS saw blade can use in the following machines

Manual Pipe Cuitting Saw

Automatic High-speed Circular Saw

Semi-Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

CNC Tube Cutting Machine

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Product For Sale

Cobalt M42 Saw Blade

HSS Saw Blade (High-speed steel saw blade)

Cobalt M2 Saw Blade

Cobalt M2 Saw Blade

About NCCuttingTools

-- Professional Saw Blade Manufacturers

NCCuttingTools is a professional Diamond Saw Blade , and Diamond Abrasive Tools manufacture. It occupies 25300 square meters. NCCuttingTools is specialized in Diamond Tools, Metal Fiber, PDC Bits, a total of over 1000 varieties of product systems , and OEM Service.

Our products are widely used in cutting , and grinding marble, granite, stone, concrete, , and other materials. We have rich experience in scientific&technology development, abundant production strength, , and perfect management, which help us deliver products on time with high-quality.

Our company is the first one to certificate , and acquire MPA Germany ISO9001:2000 by China Quality Control System , and bring in the advanced SAP management system. We put focus on using advanced technology , and quality product to provide the most scientific solution , and the best service for our customers.

What We Can Do For You


Customized Service

Support extremely high customization requirements such as segment size, diamond density, color , and logo, substrate size, super large base saw blade, no MOQ, multi-device matching, all-round technical support, , and other services.


The diamond wire expert

Our experienced engineers will give you the most professional services.


Provide you with our best possible solutions

We can provide the products according to your specific requirements.
We can give you reasonable suggestions about choosing the right cutting tools based on your project.


Packing & Delivery

Each product will be 100% quality tested. Provide detailed packing photos. Accept third-party on-site inspections. Contact us for detailed air transport and shipping plan.

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