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-- About pruning blade

A pruning blade is a piece of accessory attached to a reciprocating saw for the sole purpose of cutting. Generally, a pruning blade is primarily a flat but toothed metallic blade used for cutting various materials to size. In particular, it is capable of cutting PVC, metals, wood, and nails conveniently via the fast reciprocatory action of the pruning blade. They are extremely durable and maintain a reasonable cutting lifespan. Moreover, they are fast in action and can produce a smooth cut due to their bi-directional tooth design.

Woodworkers, most especially gardeners, find pruning blades are very helpful and pivotal to the success of their tasks. As a matter of fact, it is also very instrumental in remodeling and trimming tasks. The reciprocating saw pruning blade is fast replacing hammers and crowbars in demolition works. Hence, they have another name “demolition saws”. As a rule of thumb, the tougher the workpiece, the lesser the pruning blade’s TPI. Meanwhile, the application of lubricant can also go a long way to extend the reciprocating saw pruning blade’s life.

Generally, if you possess a reciprocating saw, then a pruning blade is a must-have because they complement each other. Therefore, whether for indoor or outdoor projects, the reciprocating saw pruning blade has proven to be an indispensable tool.

-- Manufacturer for your Specific Needs & Application

Straight pruning reciprocating saw blades

  • In fact, the straight pruning blade is very suitable for cutting when lifting the workpiece between the shoulder and waist. Because there is no arch or curved area on the blade tooth. In addition, the design of the straight blades makes it the most convenient to use in such a position. At this position, the tooth of a straight blade will remain in contact with the workpiece at all times.

Curved pruning reciprocating saw blades

  • Converse to the straight pruning blade, it is best used when the workpiece is at an over-head height. Consequently, curved blades often used for work where you need to reach up into the tree or below the waist. Besides, the nature of the blade will allow you to stroke comfortably and maintain close contact through the cut. likewise, the curved pruning blade is more effective at an angled position. It worth noticing that the curved shape makes the blade easier to pull and push, especially if it is a hand saw.

Custom Reciprocating Saw Blade For Sale

The following is the custom reciprocating saw blade selection chart, please choose according to your requirements.

Material of Blades

High Carbon Steel (HCS)

  • The class of pruning saw blades made with carbon steel is the most common on sale wing to they are flexible, soft, and can bend without any fear of breakage. In spite of their extremely flexible nature makes them less durable. Furthermore, HCS pruning blades are best for softer wood, plastics, and particle boards. However, using them for hardwood will quickly destroy the tooth and make it dull. In short, HSC pruning saw blade for cutting soft cork and non-wood materials.

High-Speed Steel (HSS)

  • HSS pruning blades can cut hardwood perfectly and have a longer life. In fact, the act of tempering the blade during production helps it achieve superior strength and hardness. Equally important, this hardness helps give it the ability to cut hardwood and metals without wearing. However, their hardness leaves them prone to breakage when bent too often.


  • It’s undeniable that the combination of HCS and HSS is the bedrock of the bi-metal pruning blade. This kind of reciprocating saw pruning blade has remarkable qualities that it derives from its two constituent metals. In spite of it is flexible and can easily bend, yet still hard, durable, and heat-resistant. From experience, a bi-metal pruning blade will last up to 10 times longer than an HCS blade. Although it is a bit pricey, it gives you a return on your investment with its incredible performance.


  • This kind of pruning blade becomes capable of cutting thick metals such as stainless steel, cast iron, high strength alloys, etc. Especially, it will comfortably cut metals that HCS, HSS, and bi-metals blades cannot cut through.

Carbide Grit

  • Generally speaking, this type of reciprocating saw pruning blade is somewhat unconventional and different from the rest since it does not have a tooth along its edge. It worth that it has a tungsten-carbide abrasive strip which improves the carbide grit’s ability to cut dense masonry-like structures, fiberglass, and cast iron.


  • These are similar to carbide grits but stronger and better. In place of carbide, its abrasive strip consists of diamond grits. In particular, they can cut through any material out there, making them the most versatile. Meanwhile, it is especially suitable for cutting brittle materials like glass.



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