Stained Glass Ring Saws–6 Things Stained Glass Ring Saws Do Well


Stained glass ring saws can be quite handy for masons or handymen specializing in stained-glass arts. While many glass artists may easily get by with other glass cutting tools, a stained glass saw makes it easier as you can use them to work wonders with stained glasses jobs.

If you have a forthcoming stained-glass project and can’t decide on the tool to use, we’ve taken the stress to compile some core functions of stained-glass ring saws.

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Stained Glass Ring Saws
Figure 1 – Engraving a glass

6 Things stained glass ring saws do well

Before selecting another tool for your stained-glass cutting project, you might want to consider why we recommend stained-glass ring saws for your cutting projects. It will fascinate you to know that stained glass ring saws disallow wastage of glass materials as it allows you to cut more efficiently, something a handheld tool almost lacks.

1. Use it to cut intricate curves and shapes

Since most stained-glass projects are art-based, you can’t avoid making intricate cuts and dramatic direction changes. A hand cutter wouldn’t help much here, so you have to use a stained-glass ring saw. With this, you can make complex twists and turns without worrying about damaging the stained glass. Also, a hand cutter can be strenuously time-consuming and offer a low success rate.

Naturally, glass cutting can be a daunting task. Stained glass cutting is a more technical task that requires special tools; stained glass ring saws are one such tool. To make your job easier, we’ll advise that you get diamond saw blades as they’ve proven efficient.

2. Easily cut textured and uneven surfaces

Stained glasses come in complex designs; if you’re not careful, you can easily deplete your success rate with the wrong tools. These designs range from ripples, dimples, and waves; you can mostly find them on the glass surface. Cutting surfaces like these with hand cutters can pose a terrible risk.

Also, the severity of these textures may give handheld cutters a tough time. It is yet another reason to explore the stained-glass cutting ring saw options available to you. A stained glass saw keeps you out of the error radar as it operates mechanically. Moreover, since stained glass cutting requires much precision, a stained-glass saw would make things easier for you.

An engineer cutting a stained glass
Figure 2 – An engineer cutting a stained glass

3. Cut small and delicate pieces.

There are some small and delicate shapes that you’ll find hard to achieve with hand cutters. If you are a glass artist, you’d understand that cutting out irregular glass pieces can be laborious. Most glass artists stay in their seats for hours trying to cut out these irregular pieces. A glass-cutting ring saw is the best tool for this kind of job, especially when precision is critical. Glass artists who make ornaments will undoubtedly find stained-glass ring saws remarkably handy. Aside from its speed, you’re almost certain to make little or no errors as they cut precisely. Precision matters most in this case.

4. Cut ornamental, fused, or any specialty of glass easily.

If you didn’t know, stained glass doesn’t deal with sheet glass alone. Stained glass can also come in fused glass, glass beads, glass tubing, and various other varieties. Each variety poses a severe challenge if you want to integrate them into one stained glass piece. Once again, you have no option but to turn to your diamond saws for glass.

Furthermore, using stained glass on any of these glass specialties ensures you cut the glass materials easily without fearing scraping it and incurring more expenses. If you wish to cut your stained-glass materials more confidently, you should consider getting a ring saw for stained glass. As a jeweler, a stained-glass saw can boost your productivity tremendously as you can carve out ornamental pieces seamlessly.

A stained glass
Figure 3 – A stained glass

5. Stained Glass Ring Saws: Conveniently cut thick glass materials.

Most masons or handypersons can relate to this as vir,tually all glass materials are thick. Yes, handheld cutters might have a trying chance, but you can be certain of expending excess energy. An easy route out of this daunting feat will be to resort to a stained glass saw. You can quickly cut glass materials without losing too much energy. Also, in a situation where the finishing is quite important, you should strongly consider using a stained glass saw as a hand cutter might only succeed in doing little or even ruining the whole operation.

We’ll go further by saying that you should opt for diamond saw blades as they perform better than other metal cutters. Thick glasses require strong tools, and diamond tools are one such tool. Diamond tools have a penchant for wearing them evenly, making them quite durable.

A stained glass saw engraving a glass
Figure 4 – A stained glass saw engraving a glass

6. Stained Glass Ring Saws: Use them to cut other hard materials.

You might not want to cut other materials with your stained glass saw, but you should probably hear this first. You can use stained glass ring saws to engrave inscriptions on glass and other materials. Let’s focus on “other materials.” Other materials include tiles, ceramics, granites, stoneware, and many other materials. With this, you can attest that the benefit of owning a stained glass saw outweighs that of a handheld cutter.

It would be best to consider the expenses of purchasing other tools when you can use one to handle several projects. It will also save you some workshop space. You don’t need to hang excess tools on your wall when you can have a few efficient tools.

As a word of caution, we advise you to purchase a diamond stained glass saw as you can use it on various materials. It will equally save you loads of time. Let’s not forget the ease of using diamond tools as well.

Note that we aren’t asking you to suspend using your handheld cutters, as these tools are also useful for some simple tasks that require less precision or mechanical operations. You can keep these hand-cutters as supplement tools. Besides, if you rely on handheld tools, you’d do well to leverage diamond tools as you will exert less energy when using them.

A set of glass cutting tools
Figure 5 – A set of glass-cutting tools

Frequently Asked Questions on things stained glass ring saws do well.

We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions most glass artists or masons might have. If you’re looking to purchase a stained glass saw, you may also need answers to some of these questions.

Can I use other cutting tools to cut stained glass?

It depends on the severity of the glass. As we stated earlier, some glasses are thick, and some come in complex designs. To be on the safe side, we advise using stained glass ring saws for glasses of this nature. Plus, stained glass ring saws will help you to avoid expensive damages. Predominantly, as a stained-glass artist, owning a stained-glass saw is a necessity that you shouldn’t compromise. Most stained-glass artists have attested to its efficiency.

Stained Glass Ring Saws: Can I use diamond glass ring saws to cut other materials?

Diamond-cutting tools are the hardest you’ll find on the market. So, you can use diamond glass ring saws to cut other materials, hard or soft. It is one of the benefits of purchasing a diamond-cutting tool for your cutting projects. If you predominantly work on glass, tiles, and other hard materials, we recommend using a diamond-stained glass saw and saving yourself from incurring additional expenses. Also, you can engrave designs on these materials effortlessly.

Where can I get the best diamond-stained glass saw?

Getting the best diamond stained glass saw is crucial and requires buying from a reputable manufacturer. While there are numerous manufacturers, we recommend purchasing your quality stained glass ring saws from NC Cutting Tools. NC Cutting Tools offers the best diamond stained glass ring saws on the market. You are likely to find NC Cutting Tools in most workshops you visit.

Final thoughts

If you haven’t thought about purchasing stained-glass ring saws, we sincerely hope this article has helped expose some core uses of stained-glass ring saws. With this, you can stop underestimating the benefits of using a stained glass saw and proceed to get one today. It would be best if you also deemed it necessary to purchase them from NC Cutting Tools, as they are one of the prominent manufacturers of stained glass ring saws and other diamond-cutting tools.

Don’t hesitate to purchase your stained-glass ring saws and make beautiful designs on your stained glasses today.
Watch this video to understand how a stained glass saw works.

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