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There are many reasons that people need a turbo diamond saw blade. And with all the different jobs, from cutting stone countertops to making precision cuts on the tile, and anything else for stonework, having the right blade makes the job much easier and saves time. There are plenty of reasons to use these blades. The biggest reason is for the cut. The turbo diamond saw blade makes a smooth cut on some tough stones. This makes the finishes around the home much better looking when everything is all set.

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Section 1: What Should I Consider Before Buying a Turbo Diamond Saw Blade?

Shows a worker using a blade to go through concrete

There are many reasons to get blades that cut through stone, especially when creating specific types of edges for custom-fitted areas. With tile or countertops, it is imperative to get a smooth cut; otherwise, there will need to be lots of patching and using caulk to get the lines smoothed out. The turbo diamond saw blade is ideal for getting a smooth cut, whether wet or dry. There are several different ways the cuts work. Whether you are looking to cut on an angle or cut straight across, the proper finish means that there should be very little in the way of a visible line on the tile or the countertop.

Another thing to consider is the different stone cuts. Tile and stone, such as granite, can chip on the cut, so it is essential to have a blade that will cut effectively while minimizing these issues because granite is an igneous rock, and the crystals in the rock form differently. Trying not to chip them is why using the turbo diamond saw blade is the best solution.

The bottom line is when making cuts on stone. It is imperative to have the right tools. If you have to take a few seconds longer because the blade is designed for a smoother cut, the finish in the business will be that much more professional and clean looking.

Section 2: Important Information About Turbine Diamond Saw Blades

Guy is cutting concrete

2.1 How does a turbine diamond saw blade work?

It is essential to understand how all turbo diamond saw blade work.  The basic principle is the bigger the teeth and the wider the gap between the teeth, the rougher the cut. People like turbo diamond saw blades because these blades give a smoother cut to the stone. The difference here is that the turbo diamond saw blade has smaller teeth and less of a gap between the teeth. This allows the blade to make a smoother cut through the stone, which makes for a nicer finish.

2.2 Turbo diamond saw blade cutting mode

Also essential to consider is how the cutting happens. Stone cutting uses either wet cutting or dry cutting. There is a big difference between the two styles of cutting. Wet cutting uses a constant stream of water to remove debris from the area and keep the surface at a cool temperature, so the blade does not overheat. Dry cutting is cutting stone the way one would cut a regular piece of wood.

There are some advantages to the different styles, but the biggest thing to be concerned about is an overheating blade. The problem is when a blade overheats, it becomes malleable, and this causes the stone to have greater resistance to cutting. Chipping happens at this point, and to keep pushing an overheating blade could crack the blade and result in very serious injury. 

For stone cutting and tile cutting, the goal is straightforward. There is excess material that needs trimming to fit an opening. Usually, this is because of the strange angle of entering the wall or meeting another stone. Marking the stone and then cutting is the best way to do this, and wet cutting wins the argument because it is easier on the blade and all the dust washes away.

2.3 Different types of turbine diamond saw blades

Now, remember the construction of the turbo diamond saw blade. This blade is meant to create a smooth finish, hence why there are no massive teeth and no large gullets to expel the waste. Going slow through the cutting process is the key to ensuring the cut is proper.

Another essential piece of information to know is the different types of blades. The blades are either Segmented Rim, Turbo Rim, or Continuous Rim. Here are the differences:

  • Segmented Rim: This is the larger blade, and it does rougher cuts, so if you need a blade that will go through stone and do not care about the finish, this is the blade for you. It is quick and easy to use.
  • Turbo Rim: This is the blade designed to be more fine-tuned. This blade’s use includes water cuts, and in fact, that is the recommendation. This blade’s design yields a slower cut, so the cuts are always smoother.
  • Continuous rim: this blade is the one that produces the best cut but also cuts the slowest and should only cut on the most delicate of jobs. The blade is excellent for these cuts that are supposed to be smooth, clean stones.

It is easy to see that there are plenty of different blades within the turbo diamond saw blade category. The goal is for every person to use a turbo diamond saw blade that they are comfortable with, not a blade that can be problematic. Safety is the most important consideration when working with the turbo diamond saw blade. Make sure that you are always protecting your eyes. Whatever is cut is adequately secured so that it will not move around and cause possible injury.

Section 3: Advantages of the Turbo Diamond Saw Blades

Another image of cutting of stone

There are plenty of reasons that contractors prefer the turbo diamond saw blades to the other alternatives. The biggest reason is that this blade will get a nice smooth cut without taking too much time. Efficiency is something very important in terms of how the job finishes.

The key to understanding which blade is right for you is how many teeth are in the blade and the gullet space. The more teeth and the smaller space, the better the blade makes nice smooth cuts. The turbo diamond saw blade is the intermediate between the segmented and continuous rim blades. This allows it to cut effectively at the same time, saving time. Time is valuable on the job site, and spending it doing too much cutting for not a result is problematic.

Section 4: Social Comments on Turbo Diamond Saw Blades

Similar image of a blade cutting through stone

“I was a little skeptical about this blade at first – I needed to make several cuts in concrete (2′ to 4′ each) and was debating between this and renting a commercial concrete saw. This little beast exceeded all my expectations – it chewed concrete like butter. The job completed in about 15 minutes.” – Mr. Twister, Amazon Review

Section 5: The Alternative to Turbine Diamond Saw Blades

Different versions of circular saw blades

Just because the turbo diamond saw blade is a featured product does not mean it is the perfect blade for all situations. In reality, any contractor or DIYer knows that having the right blade means that there are all sorts of different cuts.

o Rock Blade: Use these blades for basic cutting of rock and masonry. They are ideal for wet and dry cutting. One thing about them is if the material requires a rougher edge, this is the product you want.

o Segmented Rim: This is the ideal blade for cutting into granite and hard masonry because it does more of a rip cut and gets the chunks out. The issue is that the cut from this blade is usually quite rough, which, unfortunately, makes it not ideal for finished edges.

o Continuous Rim: This blade is the opposite of the segmented rim. Use this blade for the smoothest possible cut, be aware that the blade will take a long time to cut.


Safety is critical with these blades. Use vise secure the item to a surface so ensure that you are not removing the blade guard to get through the cut faster. This will not make the cutting go faster but could result in serious injury.

Section 6: Conclusion

 Worker finishing a stone cut

Cutting stone is something that DIYers and contractors must do, especially when installing tile or stone counter finishes. Using a turbo diamond saw blade is the best way to ensure you get a smooth cut each time and allows you to have great customized cuts. There are plenty of turbo diamond saw blades available. So click on the link below to order them through our site so you can cut stone or tile with greater ease.

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