Wood Saw Blade– We Need to Pay Attention to The 9 Tips

Ever wondered what type of wood blade is best for cutting wood? It is not surprising because there are wood saw blade of different brands and styles. Every circular saw user also looks out for the best circular saw blade for wood.

Of all the blades, the most durable, and the multipurpose-suited blade is the Diamond blade. Although it may not be the best saw blade for wood, we can use to cut it. You only need to follow a proper cutting procedure to avoid damaging the material.

See how to cut wood using diamond blades in this guide properly.

Diamond saw blade for cutting wood

(Diamond saw blade for cutting wood)

1.Avoid Tearing the Incision When Cutting with Wood Saw Blade

If cutting with a very sharp wooden saw blade, you can avoid debris

(If cutting with a very sharp wooden saw blade, you can avoid debris)

When cutting wood with a wood saw blade, you need to take precautionary measures. A diamond circular saw blade for wood will cut through hardwood material cleanly and neatly, but for softer wooden materials, it is different.

The teeth of the blade may ruin the wood when you are cutting by tearing through the incision caused by the sword. It may lead to the splintering of the forest and overall tearing, even if you are using the best circular saw blade for wood.

If you do not cut properly, you would still find splinters on your wood. Depending on the type saw, fragments may occur in different parts of the forest. For circular saws, you would find the flake on top of the wood where you cut.

Avoid chipping and tearing, however, if you cut with a very sharp diamond blade. It will drastically reduce splintering; the duller the module, the more the wood will splinter.

You can also apply masking tape to the part of the wood you wish to cut through. Cut directly on top of the masking tape, and this tape will prevent the tip of the saw blade from attacking the wood fibres.

Avoid using tapes that will leave glue residue as this may leave your work looking shabby.

2.You Should Reduce the Cutting Speed of the Wood Cutting Blade

Reduce the speed of your wood cutting blade when cutting hardwood species

(Reduce the speed of your wood cutting blade when cutting hardwood species)

For other types of materials, diamond blades are best known to cut swiftly and accurately. If you wish to get the job done quickly, a diamond blade would be your best bet.

But as you cut with your diamond blade, you must know that the hardness and thickness of the wood matters. Hardwood species require a lesser speed for cutting. Be sure to reduce the speed of the blade as you cut.

You may use a faster speed when cutting softer wood species to reduce splintering and other related risks.

3.Coated and Serrated Blades are the Best Saw Blade for Wood

Use a serrated circular saw blades for wood

 (Use a serrated circular saw blades for wood)

When you are using any type of blade, the wise thing to do is to use the specified type of knife for the project. You can easily damage your leaves if you are using them for the wrong purposes. One easy way to find out which module works best for your need is to ask the manufacturing company or check the blade packages.

Many times, you will find the instructions and uses that are most suitable for the blade. The same goes for the blade for wood and other woodcutting blades. Many of these blades are not easy or cheap to buy, so you must take proper care of them.

To avoid ruining the material you are working with, you also need to use the right saw blade. If you are working with a circular saw blade for wood, you need to get the appropriate type. For woodcutting, this is a coated and serrated blade.

Coated and serrated blades help to make a slick cut, because it provides resistance, causes lest dust during cutting and has reduced friction. Although the coat may wear away after some time, they allow you to make the best type of cuts with your diamond blade.

4.Wet cutting with a Wood Blade

Wet cutting is not advisable for wood blades

(Wet cutting is not advisable for wood blades)

Wet cutting is a unique cutting technique that allows you to use water when cutting different types of materials. Typically, a saw for cutting wet abrasive, hard stuff that may release a lot of dust when cutting.

It is best for cutting rough, hard and abrasive materials because the water helps to cool down the high heat that is caused by the friction of the blade against the abrasive surface. Wet saw blades usually cut ceramic tiles, marble, stone, concrete, brick, metal, etc.

Wood materials are softer and less coarse than the other types of materials in the list above. Because of this, it is not advisable to use a wood blade to cut up wet wood. It is dangerous and can ruin both the saw and the blade.

When the wood becomes wet, if you attempt to use the wet cutting technique, it loads on your circular saw blade for wood and causes it to bind on the wet wood. It can ruin your wood saw blade and would ruin your wood.

5.Determine the Maximum Operating Speed of the Diamond Blade

Stick to the required speed for cutting with your circular saw blade for wood

(Stick to the required speed for cutting with your circular saw blade for wood)

For each blade type, should be operated to the maximum number of revolutions per minute, or the number of strokes per minute. It is implemented by the manufacturer to protect your blade and reduce the risk of accidents during the cutting process.

Running your circular saw blade for wood at speed higher than required is not safe for you or your material. It can put you at a high risk of danger or destroy your wood beyond salvaging.

To avoid cutting disasters, the proper thing to do is to find out the maximum operating speed which your wood saw blade should run. Do not exceed this operating speed so that you can fully maximize your saw blade.

6.Wood Cutting Requires a Specific Angle Cutting Technology

To use a Diamond wood saw blade properly, you must learn about angle cutting technology

(To use a Diamond wood saw blade properly, you must learn about angle cutting technology)

When cutting with a wood saw blade, especially when using a circular saw, there are specific techniques required to be able to determine the slope and cutting angle.

Cutting your wood at specific angles gives you different types of cuts for unusual designs. Various tools help in making bevel cuts in different aspects. Different kinds of woods also have different bevel cutting technologies.

7.Some Tips for Using Wood Saw Blade When Cutting Plywood

You can preserve your plywood if you cut it correctly with a wood cutting blade

(You can preserve your plywood if you cut it correctly with a wood cutting blade)

Using the best round wood saw blade to ensure perfect wood preservation. Firstly, you should set plywood sheets on a steady surface with stable support to make sure it does not shift. Next, set the blade depth to fit the thickness of the wood.

Before you begin cutting, check the guiding accuracy to make sure it is in order. To ensure you have a smooth cut, maintain a steady speed through the length of the cut. Finally, taping a masking tape across the range of your cut will reduce splintering as you cut.

8.Keep Diamond Wood Cutting Blade in Good Condition

Clean and elongate the life of your wood saw blade for splinter-free cuts

 (Clean and elongate the life of your wood saw blade for splinter-free cuts)

A worn-out unkempt blade will no doubt give you splintered cuts. If your blade is not in a reasonable state, it may damage the blade and render it useless for subsequent cuts. Cleaning your wood cutting blade does not require a lot; it is also cost less.

First, before cleaning, please make sure the blade is intact. If it is, cleaning it is useless, get a replacement. If not, look for a concrete slab to push the blade to the top. Start and run the saw blade through the concrete with only shallow cuts.

Cut in different angles for 10-15 seconds, and you are good to go. Your blade becomes cleaner, and sharper for more accurate cuts.

9.Wear Appropriate Protective Clothing When Using a Wood Saw Blade

Appropriately cover-up injury-prone parts of your body when cutting with your wood saw blade

 (Appropriately cover-up injury-prone parts of your body when cutting with your wood saw blade)

Woodcutting can be a dangerous activity because of the risk the wood saw blades pose when in use. These blades are usually sharp and can cut through fingers, or other body parts. They will cause serious harm to the users of the saw, but we can avoid these problems.

There are appropriate protective clothing that you can use when you are using the saw. These clothing make sure that you are not susceptible to any injuries when you use the saw.

When cutting with a circular saw blade for wood, it is advisable to wear cut-proof gloves to protect your fingers from cuts and lacerations. Safety goggles also prevent splinters from entering your eyes or cutting your face. A long-sleeved vest protects your arms from flying fragments.


Diamond blades are the go-to blade for many types of cutting. As a wholesaler or distributor, it is essential to know how to use your Diamond blade to cut efficiently. This way, you can properly advise your clients and customers when they buy from you.

With the above tips, you would find the secret knack to effectively cutting with your Diamond wood saw blade. If you however still find it challenging to cut appropriately with your wood cutting blade you may contact Nccuttingtools for help.

They will provide you with similar services to give you the ultimate cutting experience.

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