Saw Blade – How to Make the Composite Floor Cut Perfectly


When you have a composite decking task at hand, it is very much likely that in the course of accomplishing your tasks, you will be making some vital adjustments to your boards. It is general knowledge that there are numerous saw blades out there. However, not all these saw blade can cut composite decking in the manner which you desire.

It would be best to have the right saw blades for cutting your composite decking. This article is about breaking down the positive and negative attributes of the saw blades we will recommend.

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Chapter 1 Why do You Need to Use the Type of Saw Blade Carefully?

Composite decking is a type of material in the decking industry. It is made by combining different materials.

Manufacturers sometimes mix the components. They add pigment and preservatives. The mixing happens by heating, forming into a board-looking length, and then cooling.

The composite decking weighs more than wood most times. Although it is not as strong as wood, however, in comparison with wood, composite decking does not rot, warp, or give fragments and does not require painting, staining, and sealing. These make composite decking a preferred choice.  

To cut, drill and fasten the composite decking, you will need standard woodworking tools. You should use carbide-tipped saw blades. This is because they stay sharp for a longer time. The blades should not overheat during cutting, as this avoids the cutting effect.

Though composite decking cutting is similar to normal woodcutting, it still requires attention to details and gaps. This is why you need to be careful with the type of saw blades you use.

Cutting composite decking could be complicated as it expands and contracts with temperature.

Working in the morning while the composite decking is still cool is advisable, as when the material heats up, it expands and becomes more pliable. This makes cutting difficult.

An image of composite decking.

Chapter 2 Which Saw Blades are Suitable for Cutting Composite Flooring

Cutting composite decking is similar to cutting normal lumber; it requires special saw blades. So when cutting composite decking, it is advisable to use saw blades that are convenient and flexible for cutting. The saw blades must also be sharp.

We recommend table saw blades for this cutting task, circular saw blades, and miter saw blades. The essence of choosing these saw blades is the ease with which they help you cut composite decking cleanly and smoothly. They are sharp, which makes them save time.

Jigsaw blades are also flexible, making them suitable for making curvy designs on composite decking.

When you don’t use these saw blades, you might waste valuable products and have a negative end product.

2.1 Circular Saw Blades:

A circular saw blade is a disc with teeth that can cut composite decking utilizing a spinning motion.

You can attach them to various power saws depending on the size of the composite decking. The depth of the cut you can make on composite decking depends on the blade capacity.

The larger the saw blade, the deeper the cut. However, the blade’s speed, type, and finish cut depend on the number of teeth. Fewer teeth allow you to cut composite decking faster and more teeth will give it a finer finish.

2.2 Table Saw Blades:

The table saw blade is one of the most important blades when cutting composite decking. It’s best used with a table saw. When in a table saw, you can adjust the blade up and down to control the depth of the cut.

There are various table saw blades; the difference is the number of teeth. A particular table saw blade to cut composite decking should have a few numbers of teeth and a diameter of 7 to 9 inches.

The table saw blade made for cutting composite decking has a special tooth design that allows it to cut through composite decking.

mage showing a table saw blade

2.3 Saw Blade: Miter Saw Blades

Miter saw blades exist in various types. These types involve different sizes and shapes to suit different purposes. Composite decking can be a little difficult to cut without chipping.

This is because the plastic veneer is thin and can easily chip. This is why miter saw blades for cutting composite decking are designed with a triple chip tooth and more teeth to make them ideal for cutting composite decking without chipping.

a mitre saw blade

2.4 Saw Blade: Jigsaw Blades

These blades are versatile and offer a great service of accuracy when cutting through composite decking.

It is important to select the jigsaw blades according to the material you are cutting. It is easy to select because most manufacturers specify on the blades the type of materials you can cut with it.

The thinner ones are the best version of jigsaw blades to use for composite decking. This is because it is flexible (bendable), making it easy to make curves and patterns in composite decking.

Image showing part of a jigsaw blade for cutting curves in composite decking

All the saw blades above, except jigsaw blades, are capable of cutting composite decking and are similar in their functions and build. They make simple crosscuts in composite decking. The jigsaw blades are best for making curves and patterns.

The power saw they can be used with are also similar. You can use all the saw blades with a miter saw. This provides accurate and straight cuts. However, a table saw with a support extension can make all cuts easier.

The cuts performed by these saw blades come independently from the teeth rather than the whole blade. Therefore, the tooth type selection is similar to all these blades.

So, a high number of teeth and the thinness of the blades make them ideal for achieving fine and accurate cuts in composite decking. The carbide-tipped feature of these saw blades also makes them ideal for having a great cutting lifespan.

picture showing the teeth of a mitre saw blade

Chapter 4 Pros and Cons of These Saw Blades

4.1 Saw Blade: Circular Saw Blades

The circular saw blades are one of the most versatile saw blades there are. Their ease of use is one of the reasons DIY should get it and why professionals love it.

While attaching it to a circular saw can produce different Ripcuts to composite decking. A handheld circular saw is relatively inexpensive and very easy to use.

However, the circular blade has the least precision and accuracy among all the recommended saw blades.

4.2 Saw Blade: Table Saw Blades

The table saw blade is one of the best-selling blades for cutting composite decking. The ease of adjustment while attaching to a table saw makes it cut deeply.

Making effortless and efficient Ripcuts on composite decking with a table saw blade is relatively easy for beginners. It offers high precision and accuracy not seen in the circular saw blade.

Table saw blades are also easy to maintain. Compared with the circular saw blade, it also gives less chipping while cutting composite decking.

It is, however, not easy to use when put into a table saw. The table saw is stationary, unlike the circular saw, which is handheld. They are also more expensive than circular saw blades.

4.3 Saw Blade: Miter Saw Blades

If any, this can easily become a going saw blade for cutting composite flooring. When a premium miter saw blade is in a miter saw, the quality of the cut is always high.

They are also able to produce longer cuts than most blades. The also have a special tooth design, making them the perfect choice for cutting composite decking. They also have high accuracy and precision.

Its only con is its inability to cut bulk composite decking boards. They are slow in this situation. They also have a short lifespan, unlike table saw blades.

4.4 Saw Blade: Jigsaw Blades

These blades have a completely different function from the earlier-mentioned saw blades. They are more versatile in making curves, patterns, and designs in composite decking. The blade makes plunge cuts. They are also valuable in making intricate cuts due to their sizes (thin).

However, due to their thinness, they snap easily under pressure. This shows that it is not powerful and could be dangerous to use. It also has low precision while cutting through composite decking.

Chapter 5 Buy From Us

By now, you have probably understood what using the right saw blades for cutting composite decking means. However, knowing the blades to use is just one part of the process. Buying quality ones is the other part. At, we sell only top qualities tools.  We are always the top layer for products with exceptionally balanced quality, innovation, and cost. Our services extend to professionals, beginners, and even DIYers.

Our saw blades for cutting composite decking are convenient, straightforward, and affordable. They help you finish the job quickly and right on the first trial. Contact us at to start your journey of high-quality saw blade acquisition.  

a man checking out a circular saw blade he wants to buy.


Composite decking is another alternative to traditional woods. It can provide a longer lifespan and lower maintenance needs compared to the traditional design.

However, cutting them during installation should be properly done with the right saw blades to achieve premium results.

This is why you should use circular saw blades. Table saw blades, miter saw blades for your straight cuts and jigsaw blades for your composite decking curve cuts and patterns.

Contact us at, and let’s get you started on your composite decking cutting task by supplying you with quality saw blades that provide vital information to help you achieve your objectives.

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