Best 7-inch Wet Tile Saw blade for Porcelain – With a Buying Guide


Best 7-inch Wet Tile Saw blade for Porcelain, Porcelain tiles have gained popularity recently for their durability, water resistance, and aesthetic qualities. 

However, their installation requires professionalism and precision, achievable only with the right tools. 

One of the main tools is the wet tile saw blade to help you cut through them easily and accurately. 

But, choosing the best blade for your project might be challenging because numerous alternatives are available. 

This article reviews the best 7-inch wet tile saw blades for Porcelain, along with a thorough buying guide.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best 7-inch Wet Tile Saw blade for Porcelain

Tooth pitch

The tooth pitch is the gap between the blade’s teeth and affects its effectiveness and the quality of cuts.

  • Small: For cutting tough and thick materials like Porcelain, a blade with a small tooth pitch, such as 5-7mm, is preferable. It ensures more effective and powerful cutting.
  • Large: Large tooth pitch is ideal for cutting softer and more fragile materials to provide smoother and more precise cuts.


The material construction determines the durability and performance of your blade. Ensure the material you choose can resist high temperatures, warping, bending, or becoming dull quickly.

High-speed steel and diamond saw blades are common for porcelain cutting blades to ensure efficiency and reduce wear.

Blade design

Regarding design, continuous, segmented, and turbo rim blades are the most commonly used for cutting porcelain tiles.

A continuous rim is ideal for clean, precise cuts with minimal chipping, while a segmented rim cuts tougher materials effectively.

On the other hand, a turbo rim offers speedy cutting but may generate chippings. In addition, a thin, diamond-coated rim is ideal for porcelain cutting to reduce heat friction and ensure durability.

Blade speed

While a high-cutting speed blade can be efficient and accurate, it may cause breakage and chipping and reduce blade life.

On the other hand, low speeds are less accurate but enhance blade life.

Consider a blade that blends speed and accuracy with a modest cutting speed. You may also use a blade that supports both speeds to ensure versatility.


The arbor is the hole in the blade’s center that fits onto the saw’s hook, and its choice depends on your saw.

Consider a universal arbor hole (5/8 inch and 7/8 inch) for your blade to work with various saws.

Some blades may also include bushings or adaptor rings to fit on arbors of multiple sizes.


While it may be easy to buy the cheapest choice, a high-quality blade may cost less in the long run. It is because it will last longer and deliver better results.

However, it’s vital to compare the nature of your project with the features you seek and your budget.

Best 7-inch Wet Tile Saw Blade For Porcelain Review

GoYonder 7-inch Super Thin Diamond Saw Blade

The GoYonder tool is a universal blade for dry or wet cutting and features X teeth for fast and smooth cutting.

Pros and cons

  • It’s a hot-pressed design for durability and long-lasting performance
  • Offers smooth and precise cuts on porcelain tile, granite, marble, stone, and ceramic
  • With X teeth turbo mesh rim for fast cutting while maintaining smooth performance
  • Can achieve an impressive speed of 13200 rpm to ensure efficiency
  • Features a blade arbor of 7/8″ or 5/8″ for compatibility with various saws and hand grinders
  • Not thin enough to cut jewels without wasting

Customer review

I used this blade with my angled grinder to cut marble tiles, and the results were excellent.

Casaverde Store Super Thin Diamond Porcelain Cutting Blade

The Casaverde saw blade is versatile and thin, making it ideal for users seeking precise finishes on different materials.

Pros and cons

  • High-temperature extraction diamond blade for longevity and superior performance
  • It’s suitable for both dry and wet cutting.
  • Offers clean and accurate cuts on materials like porcelain tile, granite, marble, stone, and ceramic
  • With X teeth design to offer fast and smooth cutting performance
  • It makes whistling noise when spinning

Customer review

Cutting angles and shapes on tiles with this saw blade is easy, even for a beginner.

DIAPRO Store Super Thin Diamond Tile Blade

 It saw blade features a diamond segment, high-strength steel construction, and an X-teeth design for enhanced precision and performance.

Pros and cons

  • Featuring high-quality blade material to ensure durability and performance
  • For both dry and wet cutting, to offer flexibility to users in different cutting projects
  • A super-thin saw blade with free chips for precision cutting, ensuring clean and accurate finishes
  • Ideal for cutting materials such as Porcelain, ceramic tile, granite, sandstone, quartz
  • It might dull quickly

Customer review

It’s a high-performance blade that cuts like butter without chipping on marble mosaic tiles.

PEAKIT 7 Inch Tile Saw Blade Dry Wet Cutting

The PEAKIT tile blade is a professional-grade tool featuring hot-pressed machining, composite construction, and X teeth for accuracy and longevity.

Pros and cons

  • For cutting various dry and wet materials
  • It can fit most tile saws and handheld grinders
  • Features a turbo mesh rim design for fast and smooth cutting with minimal chipping
  • Hot-pressed tile-cutting disc for enhanced performance and service life
  • May chip porcelain tile after prolonged use

Customer review

I bought the blade for a porcelain tile project in my home; it worked great and is reasonably priced.

Whirlwind USA LSC 7 Inch Dry or Wet Cutting Diamond Saw Blades

The Whirlwind blade is a turbo-cutting disc featuring a hot-pressing manufacturing process to ensure reliability, durability, and versatility.

Pros and cons

  • With a continuous rim turbo angle grinder to ensure compatibility with various machines
  • Features a wave design and a heat-treated steel core to reduce friction and ensure efficiency
  • Comes with an adapter for easy installation on your saw
  • Its 10mm segment height and 0.09-inch kerf ensure accurate cuts 
  • It may dull quickly when cutting dry stones

Customer review

I have already made more than 200 cuts on my paver patio project, and it’s still performing perfectly.

QEP 6-7003Q 7 Inch Diameter Continuous Rim Premium Diamond Blade

The QEP Blade features a thin base, core, and diamond-coated rims, ideal for cutting ceramic tile, granite, and marble.

Pros and cons

  • Engineered to cut different materials.
  • With diamond-coated rims for accurate and smooth cuts with minimal chipping
  • Wobble-free construction to ensure reliability and precision
  • Features steel construction for added durability
  • With a maximum rotation of 8730 RPM for enhanced cutting power
  • It may cause chipping on glass tiles

Customer review

I bought this saw blade as a replacement, and it’s so stable and cuts marble like butter.

Delta Diamond Piranha Premium 7 Inch Tile Diamond Saw Blade

The Delta Diamond Piranha Blade has higher levels of diamond, making it suitable for professionals requiring cutting precision and reliability.

Pros and cons

  • Formulated with high-grade diamonds ensuring smooth and seamless cutting
  • A continuous rim design of the blade ensures chip-free cutting
  • Cuts through a variety of materials, including Porcelain, ceramic, marble, and granite
  • Features extra tall 8.5mm premium diamond rim for maximized cutting life
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty against warping, cracking, and material defects
  • Not thin enough for cutting precious metals without wastage

Customer review

I installed this saw blade on my HF grinder, and it helped me cut my bathroom tiles easily.


Whether a professional or DIY enthusiast, consider any of the above blades for your cutting project.

Also, remember to wear protective gear to minimize accidents and respiratory complications when using these blades.

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