How to Get the Best Performance From Concrete Saw


Have you ever wondered why the performance of your saw has declined over the years? Probably you were able to cut through hardwood and concrete saw in a matter of seconds, but now you’re struggling to spend more time, trying to hack through a harsh surface. 

If you have ever purchased a concrete saw or intend to buy one in the future. This article will guide you on the various ways you can improve the performance of your concrete saw in cutting through hard surfaces. You would also learn the different mistakes you could be making in handling your saw. 

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Section 1: What is a Concrete Saw?

concrete saw in road construction

A concrete saw is a piece of equipment used across industries where harsh concrete surfaces need to be cut through.
In the construction industry and the military, concrete saws are essential tools for cutting through the hardest concrete. The machine is deployed mainly on roads and buildings which we build from hardened concrete.

The concrete saw is a very mobile piece of equipment and is available in both hand-held and electric-based specifications.
If you have worked in or currently work on a construction site, then you must be used to the demolition of structures that do not mean regulations of the industry. In this case, a concrete saw shouldn’t be strange equipment. As for enthusiasts who aren’t well versed on the machines used in the industry, this is a guide to help you understand your concrete saw better.

The concrete saw is very potent equipment, but you must understand that the concrete saw is also as fragile as it is sturdy. Therefore you need to take the time to understand your machine on a personal level.

It helps to enhance and optimize your work performance with your concrete saw in the long run.

Section 2: Common mistakes made while utilizing a concrete saw.

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We will outline some of the common errors made by active concrete saw users today. Whether you’re just an owner or a worker in the construction or any other relevant industries. It is essential to understand the common errors that hinder your equipment from an optimized performance.

When you know the common mistakes that you make while making use of concrete saw, you’ll know how to avoid these things. And focus on the actions that’ll help you achieve an optimized performance from your machine.

• Overcleaning

Avoid overcleaning your concrete saw as much as you can. It is unnecessary and detrimental to the service life of your machine.

• Lack of lubrication

Try to lubricate your concrete saw blade frequently with grease or oil. Like all other metal tools, lubrication helps your blade work better.

• Poor installation methods

Always consult a professional when installing your concrete saw. Although most machines come with manuals, it won’t hurt to get professional help.

• Storing concrete saws in inappropriate facilities

Storting your concrete saws with the wrong facilities will eventually lead to reduced performance from your concrete saw.

Section 3: How to Get Optimized Performance From Your Concrete Saw

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1. The first step is to know the right time to clean your concrete saw blade.

(Saw blade with accumulated grit and rust). The concrete saw blade is a very crucial competent of your concrete saw. If possible, we can call it an essential part, as it is the equipment that cuts through your surfaces.

Most saw users think that the more often they clean their blade, the more they can increase its efficiency. It is incorrect; in this case, more is indeed less.

If you’re looking to increase the performance of your blade and optimize usage, then the proper cleaning routine should be followed:

It would help if you cleaned your concrete saw blades at least once a month.

You do this by soaking it in an alkaline solution and using a brush to wash away the grit and pitch build-up.

You do not use an acidic solution as this can react with the metal thereby causing it to rust quickly. It is essential to get the areas between the blades as this is where particles get stored up mostly after washing it properly, dry with a paper towel.
When your baker dries completely, without any wetness on it, you then proceed to rub a dry lubricant all over the blade.
This lubricant would perform two functions. They are:

1. Reducing friction on the blade

2. Due to its dryness, the grease would make sure the grit from wood or other surfaces does not get stuck in the edges of your saw.

2. Engaging a proper installation method help increase the life expectancy of your blade

Picture of an installed saw blade and a sharpening machine

As earlier said, the concrete saw a blade is a potent tool, but also very fragile. It is imperative to note that any form of vibration must be avoided during installation as this can affect the future general performance of the blade. Your concrete saw blade must remain hard during installation, and this determines the cutting speed and overall efficiency of your tool.

While installing your equipment, it is paramount you don’t use the wrong part for a particular job.

Some concrete saw blades are manufactured for wet cutting, while some for dry cutting. While installing the edges, you must make sure not to mistake one for the other.

When you are cutting through wet surfaces, you must make sure you have enough water supplies to reduce friction.
Another widespread mistake made is exposing your saw blade to overheating while it is in use. It would wee out the edges, making the leaves dull and ineffective.

3. Proper storage of your concrete saw blade can increase life span and optimize usage.

The concrete saw blade can be complicated equipment, especially when it comes to storage.

Storing your concrete saw blade in the right condition goes a long way in ensuring it lasts you longer and performs efficiently.
Leaving your saw to lie around is never a way to optimize its usage. It would only increase the possibility of your saw malfunctioning.

You must pay attention to every detail while storing your concrete saw blade. Any shortcoming can damage the leaves, thereby reducing its performance and even life span.

It is best to store your concrete saw blade in a storage rack. The video below will instruct you on how to build from scratch.

However, if you don’t have the time to build a storage rack or the process seems too tasking. You can always get a storage rack from a trusted convenience store around you. Make sure to test the purchased storage rack for its strength and durability as you need a storage that can last for an extended period and stand the test of time.

4. Make sure to protect your concrete saw at all times.

We mention that concrete saws are fragile devices. Exposing it to the wrong environment can affect its efficiency and eventual delivery.

After purchasing your concrete saw, you must ensure you get it delivered to its final destination in safe hands.

Most malfunctions of the concrete saw blades occur as a result of mishandling during transportation. The blade is a vital part of your concrete saw. During transit you must ensure that;

1. You place the serrations in a different plastic frame.

2. The blade must be placed appropriately on the shelf.

3. Avoid rolling your blades as a way of transporting them. It would only dull your edges, Instead, lift your blade whenever you need to move them.

4. Ensure that you do not touch the saw blade during installation. You must wear gloves when handling your saw blade. It is also paramount to your safety, the edges of your saw blades are sharp and can cause severe damage to you.

5. Avoid placing your concrete saw in unpleasant environments.

Do not expose your saw to water without drying it off. After every use, dust away excess debris and particles which could be lingering around the edges and corners of your saw.

Section 4: Conclusion

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When you understand that the primary key to optimizing the usage of your concrete saw is by taking adequate care of it.
You must put in the required effort it’s going to take to ensure that your concrete saw lives longer.

By taking care of your concrete saw and making it a lifestyle, your saw would, in turn, give you the best performance it can offer.

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