Crack Chaser Saw-6 Reasons For Repairing Cracks With It


Cracks are our worst building nightmare! When our treasured edifice’s concrete walls and floors start cracking, we immediately run into panic mode. Luckily, there’s a way to fix them up, and there’s no better tool for these than the crack chaser saw.

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What is a crack chaser saw?

A crack chaser saw is a tool that helps simplify and repair cracks in asphalt, concrete, or stone. This tool is very useful for repairing cracks found on driveways, roads, sidewalks, and building foundations. The powerful blade can cut through a wide variety of materials. This tool is very effective because it is as delicate as it is powerful. Delicate that the blades do not cause any damage or chip to the area surrounding the crack you’re working on. Instead, it makes the crack broader and mends the hole with appropriate fillers.

A road construction worker repairing concrete cracks

(A road construction worker repairing concrete cracks)

Six reasons to choose a crack chaser saw

Let’s look at six reasons to choose a crack chaser saw.

Strong and Solid Features

The crack chaser saw is a strong tool due to its composition of high-standard materials. This tool is usually made from thick welded steel and no plastic because plastics break very easily, and given the type of work the tool performs, a break in any of its parts can be very dangerous. Diamond is the strongest substance on earth and is one of the components that build the ultra-power of the tool.

A regular crack chaser saw has caster wheels and a blade. The caster wheels are responsible for making the tool follow the crack patterns. The saw also contains a vacuum that helps store and control the dust that flies out during operation. This vacuum is excellent dust control, making the saw dust-free, which guarantees optimal usage.

These tools also come with adjustment knobs for their blade; this knob helps set the blade to the appropriate depth for the job you are doing.

Strong metal sawing up close

(Strong metal sawing up close)

Accurately Fast with Smooth Cutting Action

The cutting action of the crack chaser saw is a sight to behold. A popular contractor who uses the tool a lot in his line of work says, “you can slice and dice a floor up like a boarding house pie with a crack chasing saw.”

The blade depths are adjustable. Therefore, the depth and speed that cuts through fiberglass will differ from that of asphalt. The saw also cleans out joints and cracks against the wall. When the precision caster is locked, it makes straight and accurate cuts, but when it is unlocked, it makes radius or circular cuts. The tool uses blades that can extend from 3 inches to 8 inches. It’s also interesting to know that the cuts never leave any residue or chips in the work area.

The make of some crack chaser saws is in such a way that they permit up-cut rotations. The up-cut rotation of the blade in the saw allows it to completely extract the material it is working on. Depending on the main composites of the saw and the material, the crack chaser saw can make up to 3000 cuts per day. It interprets an average of 6 to 8 cuts per minute.

Cutting through strong concrete

(Cutting through strong concrete)

Designed to Cut Through A Variety of Materials

The crack chaser saw is a vital tool for anyone interested in construction. This tool is highly versatile and can cut through various materials. The most popular ones linked to it are; bolts, concrete, granite, asphalt PVC, nuts, fiberglass, HDPE (high-density polyethylene), plastic, rock, stone, wires, polyurea, caulking, rebar, and epoxy.

In addition to slicing through these materials like a piece of cake, the crack chaser also repairs driveways, roads, walkways, sidewalks, and building foundations.

The versatility of this tool is one of deep amazement. Certainly, there are still more undiscovered materials it can cut through.

Natural stones that can cut with a crack chaser saw

(Natural stones that can be cut with a crack chaser saw)

Maintains the Quality and Visage of the Material

Undoubtedly, the greatest advantage of the crack chaser saw is that it does not damage the material it is working on. The saw will not chip, crack, or damage any surface it repairs. Its primary focus is to fix and mend cracks without causing further damage.

An exception to this comes while you’re cutting through granite. It can be tricky, and it is important to predetermine the spacing and intensity of the tool to prevent cracks. It is because granite cracks easily, especially when cut by such a powerful tool.

When cutting concrete, do not push the blade of the crack chaser saw too hard. Reduce the speed to the minimum amount necessary to cut through.

After working with a crack chaser saw, you can always see that the quality of the material is the same as before. No dents or chips.

Cutting through concrete with a saw

(Cutting through concrete with a saw)

Effectively Used for Both Dry and Wet Cutting

The crack chaser saw is very effective for both dry and wet cutting. Dry cutting is the cutting done without the use of a coolant. Wet cutting is done with a coolant to reduce friction on the material.

Generally, the tool’s speed and pressure while wet cutting mainly depends on the material you’re working on and the type of coolant you use. During wet cutting, you shouldn’t just increase the speed of the blade because of the presence of lubrication.

Also, while dry cutting with the crack chaser saw, use a dust extraction system with a suitable filler. The speed you’ll use while dry cutting depends on the work material. The most important thing is that this tool is very effective for both types of cutting, and in the end, you get the perfect result.

Wet cutting

(Wet cutting)

Certified and Used by High Profiled Professionals

Popularly regarded as a heavy-duty tool, only skilled professionals must handle the saw. It is because improper use can cause lots of damage. The main users of this tool are industrial workers, crack repair specialists, concrete contractors, restoration and repair contractors, building contractors, site contractors, and road crews. These are the set of people that have the knowledge and skills necessary to operate the tool.

This highly operational saw is not just a random household appliance you pick up to slice a chicken. To effectively use it, you should have full comprehensive training. Some important things to note:

  • How to hold the tool
  • How to adjust the blades to suit the work material
  • The speed necessary for the work material
  • Whether to use wet cutting or dry cutting for a specific material
  • The number of cuts to make in a material
  • If to chase or widen a crack in the material, and a lot of other very specific information about the tool.

This video shows how to operate a crack chaser saw properly.

Final Thoughts

The crack chaser saw, as seen in this guide, is an essential tool. Road construction workers use this tool for repairs because it does the job so well that there is no chance of an error occurring later in the future.

This saw has an all-around versatility and works magic in the construction field. A definite must-have!
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