Diamond Saw Blades: 6 Best Ways to Extend the life


If you have recently purchased a diamond saw blade or intend to, this article was written specifically for you. Diamond Saw Blades use very innovative technology to help you cut through the hardest substances. Although the diamond saw blade is potent, it is just as delicate as it is sturdy and needs to be stored appropriately. In this article, we will learn how to optimize your diamond saw blades’ storage and service life.

I have deployed the diamond saw blade in many of my construction sites. I can authoritatively tell you that it is usually essential to keep your equipment in the best state possible to avoid disappointing performances and even injuries due to debris which is often hidden between the metal saw of your diamond saw blade on many occasions.

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Diamond Saw Blades

Section 1: Should pay attention! Protection of the saw blade during transportation

One of the most important things to pay attention to while making a diamond saw blade purchase is the transportation process from the manufacturer until you take possession, whether you’re a consumer or buyer. The serrations of your diamond saw blades should be a priority as many an equipment has had their service life reduced or terminated abruptly due to careless transportation. To ensure that the manufacturer delivers your diamond saw blade in perfect condition, you have to protect the blade tooth. Here are some sure-fire ways to take care of your sawtooth while transporting and they are:

1、Make sure you place the serrations in the outer plastic frame.

2、Ensure that you place the blade appropriately on the shelf.

3、Avoid rolling the saw blade.

4、Ensure that you do not touch the saw blade during installation.

Diamond Saw Blades

Section 2: Want to know how to store your diamond saw blade?

The diamond saw blade can be very complicated equipment to store, and you do not paying enough attention to ways in which you can optimize your storage processes and facilities. The sawtooth is, and it should be adequately taken care of, as any damage to the sawtooth will lead to hindered performance and a reduction in service life.

This video comes from YOUTUBE, which describes making a diamond saw blade storage rack. The storage rack effectively protects the diamond saw blade, making the storage more orderly beautiful, and saving space. You can try to make such a shelf yourself or buy a similar product in the market.

If you have a lot of diamond saw blades, I believe you need them.

Section 3: Note that the installation method helps to extend the life of the equipment

Like earlier said, the diamond saw blade is a very powerful but albeit fragile piece of equipment. While installing it, it is imperative to avoid any vibrations as they can have a lasting effect on the general performance of your machine. It is crucial for your diamond saw blade to remain hard as this helps to determine the cutting speed and quality of your equipment, but doing this requires you to look at current installation methods and create your personalized process out of them while ensuring that you squeeze out optimized service life from your equipment. Here are some tips to extend the service life of your diamond saw blade

 l. Always ensure that you install the right edges on your equipment. Some diamond saw blades were meant for wet cutting, just as the manufacturers built others for dry cutting. It is important not to confuse one for the other. 

l  Always ensure you do not expose your equipment to overheating, especially while using it. Overheating your diamond saw blade would wear your edges out 

l  While cutting wet surfaces, it is crucial to ensure that the water supply is sufficient enough to carry out the task to avoid unnecessary friction, which will wear down your blade faster than usual.


Section 4: Mastery of cutting materials and speed

It is equally important to pay attention while purchasing your diamond saw blade to avoid pairing the diamond saw blade with the wrong cutting materials. The illegal cutting materials will most definitely cut down your equipment service life, Once the mistake is made, correcting it without any adverse effects on your equipment might be very hard to do.

It can be very tempting to adopt a breakneck cutting speed while using your diamond saw blade, but it is vital to know that a very high cutting speed does not necessarily equate to optimized performance. It is usually more beneficial to both the equipment and the user to ensure that your cutting speed is in the normal range. It would be best in some situations to slow down your machine cutting speed as much as possible without affecting your productivity in any way. Adopting a more rooted cutting style or a higher chip load would go a very long way in extending the service life of your diamond saw blade.

Diamond Saw Blades

Section 5: Learn to clean your diamond saw blade.

 If you’re looking at enhanced performance and extended service life for your diamond saw blade, then the proper cleaning methods should be taken into cognizance as soon as possible.

Cleaning your diamond saw blades does not require water or any other cleaning liquid; you can do it in just a few easy steps.

Diamond Saw Blades

 l, Avoid any wear and tear as much as possible, as there is no going back to optimized performance once your metal blades are worn. Therefore, to stop your diamond saw blades from becoming obsolete, it would be pretty important o avoid the metal teeth from getting worn at all. If it is, then the only remedy might be having to replace the metal blade in its entirety.

l, Look for a piece of concrete, something big and hard enough to cut through with your diamond saw blade.

l  Then start your saw and cut through the concrete for about 10-15 seconds. The aim is to make shallow but effective cuts multiple times and from different angles to ensure that all parts of your blade are touched. Doing this will make your equipment feel brand new while using it again.

With this method, your diamond saw blade will become as good as new, and you’ll be happier for it as all the grit your equipment accumulated in the operation course will come off. You can get back to optimized performance with ease. This method is still one of the most straightforward ways to ensure that your diamond saw blade stays as clean and highly functional as possible.

Section 6: The most important quality of a diamond saw blade production!

A diamond saw blade is one of the innovative technological equipment available in the market today, and well, we all know technology to be a continual process. The service life of your diamond saw blade is directly proportional to the technology used in producing that particular equipment.

It is, therefore, important to choose a suitable diamond saw blade production supplier. Directly related to the service life of the product.

Diamond Saw Blades

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Taking proper care of your diamond saw blades should be your utmost priority if you would optimize your equipment’s service life. Although the storage methods might differ from the average material, diamond saw blades are potent but delicate equipment, and you should handle them with utmost care.

If you already own one, then the steps explained above will be able to guide you through optimizing the storage and service life of your diamond saw blade. Still, if you haven’t purchased, you can easily apply for a free sample at www.nccuttingtools.com and become part of a winning culture. The manufacturer is ready to offer you top-notch cutting tools and guide you through ensuring enhanced equipment performance.

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