Ring Saw Blades–6 Things You Must Know About Ring Saw Blades


A ring saw blade is an ideal cutting tool for hard surface materials. It uses an abrasive coating, unlike other saws that use “blade teeth” for cutting.

Therefore, as a user of cutting tools, why have ring blades and how to work become the primary task of most people?

This information will aid you in selecting or producing the right ring blade and ensure maximum use and proper maintenance.

In this write-up, we’ll take our time in unraveling this information and teach you how to use them to your advantage.

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Circular saw isolated on a white background.
Figure 1: Circular saw isolated on a white background.

Ring Saw Blades Come in Various Types

Although all ring saw blades have one thing in common, the materials for producing them, they come in different types with variances in areas such as work specialization, features, mode of operation, manufacturing process, and more.

Let’s quickly talk about the various ring saw blades to get a clearer picture.

●Abrasive Ring Blade

If you are looking for a blade that will improve your ring saw precision and make it highly effective, your best option is the abrasive blade. They are the best for precise cutting on any hard materials.

However, their downside is that they reveal lots of dust and get hot after long use. Therefore, it is not advisable if your job requires using a ring saw for a long period or if dust could hurt your production process.

An abrasive disc for metal cutting
Figure 2: An abrasive disc for metal cutting

Besides this, an abrasive blade is one of the best ring saw blades you can ever lay your hands on.

●Wet Cutting Ring blade

Unlike abrasive ring blades, wet cutting blades are good for cutting hard materials, and you don’t have to nurse the fear of dealing with much dust. Also, water usage in cooling the blade erases the fear of getting hot due to long usage.

Close up worker use wet sawing machine for cutting marble stone
Figure 3: Close-up worker using a wet sawing machine for cutting marble stone

Consequently, it cuts more quickly, is nicer, and gives shapes to cuts than any other saw blade. It gives it an astounding reputation and makes it high in demand.

Nevertheless, it has its downsides. And that is the fact that it doesn’t work for all ring saws. Thus, you must be extremely sure that your ring saw can use this type of blade before you opt for it.

●Laser-Welded Ring Saw Blades

Similar to its name, this ring saw blade undergoes welding using a laser to make it suitable for its work specialization. Furthermore, this ring blade is best for cutting hard materials such as diamonds, concrete, and bricks, to mention a few.

Also, you can use it to cut small openings, adjust doors or windows opening, and do pipe cutting in installation jobs.

Cutting disks with diamonds
Figure 4: Cutting disks with diamonds

●Diamond Ring Saw Blades

It is an all-around ring blade that is perfect for every ring saw. On its side are diamonds in smaller sizes glued to it. It makes it very sharp and strong and allows it to cut through hard materials effortlessly.

Consequently, this makes every diamond ring saw highly durable and wear-resistant and brings out the flexibility in your ring saw no matter how hard the materials you are cutting are.

Diamond Blade Sawing
Figure 5: Diamond Blade Sawing

Working Mechanism of Ring Saw Blades

Ring saw blades are unique in this aspect. Unlike others that vibrate when in use, ring saw blades spin in a circle, reducing the risk of chipping the material you are working on and producing more wear on the blade.

As you know, ring saws are handheld so that you can use them in areas bigger saws cannot reach. What’s more? They are very versatile and have loads of benefits.

Regardless, you must entrust it into capable hands if you want to make maximum use of it and be long-lasting.

Materials Used in Manufacturing Ring Saw Blades

As we said earlier, diamonds are ideal materials for manufacturing ring blades. Your blade must be extremely sharp and strong to cut through materials like gemstones, asphalt, stone, concrete, diamond, etc.

Thus, the reason why most cutting tool manufacturers make it a common initiative to use diamonds in manufacturing ring saw blades.

Proper Maintenance- The Key to Long-Lasting and Effective Ring Saw Blades

It is true not only for ring saw blades but for every machine. While buying the best ring blade for your ring saw is important, it may not impact your business if you don’t know how to manage it effectively.

Therefore, before you buy your blade, endeavor to know the rules guiding its maintenance and see if it’s something you can adhere to. If it’s not, it will be better to look for another blade, else it will, in most cases, be a loss of time, money, and energy.

To be safer, you can carry your operators along and consider their opinion regarding the selection when buying your blade.

Best Way to Buy Ring Saw Blade

Is there a sure way to get the best ring saw blade? It has been a common question regarding ring saw blades. Although we can’t categorically say there is a foolproof way to buy ring saw blades, that doesn’t make it unachievable.

You can either buy it online or go to a physical store. However, everything cuts down to knowing what you want and channeling your energy to finding the right source for your ring saw blade.

●Know what you want

What are your objectives? Which blade is best suitable for your job scope? What is your budget? Providing answers to these questions will give you an upper hand, which, in turn, allows you to create a picture of what you want in your mind.

●Finding the right source

There are lots of self-acclaimed best manufacturers of cutting tools out there. But if you do not want to fall victim to substandard tools, you must ensure you are going for the best because of excellent reviews from past buyers or recommendations from reliable sources.

According to research, NC Cutting Tools is one proven and leading company in buying grinding and cutting tools. With amazing reviews from past buyers and their matchless reputation, NC Cutting tools remain at the top of our chart list.

Buying from them will undoubtedly leave you with a great experience.

To Customize or Not

Honestly, customizing your ring saw blade has a lot of advantages and makes your work easier, faster, and better. However, it is imperative to know whether customizing your blade is worth it.

For instance, if your work doesn’t require frequent use of a ring saw or if you are still new to your business, customizing your ring blade may not be necessary.

But if you are into your business big time and usually use the machine for a long period, then customizing is not just necessary but compulsory. It will give you a competitive advantage and bring out the best in you, your operators, and your business.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ring Saw Blade

Below are some questions you may likely have regarding ring saw blades. However, if you don’t have the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us.

1. How deep can a ring saw cut?

A typical ring saw blade can cut as deep as 275mm. However, the depth largely depends on factors like the type of ring saw. Your ring saw blade and the materials you are working on.

2. How do you change a blade on a ring saw?

Changing your ring saw blade is not something anyone can do, and explaining it in words may be quite tasking and confusing. But not to worry, the video below will certainly serve as a guide in changing your ring saw blade effectively.

Final Thought and Recap

The information above will surely enhance your knowledge of ring saw blades. However, it doesn’t just end at that if you want to achieve your desired result.

You also need the right tools at your disposal, which can only achieve if you have a seller that gives you more than value for your money.

NC Cutting tools are there to help you with getting anything related to grinding and cutting tools. Their product, over the years, speaks a lot about their reputation.

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