Segmented Saw Blade – How to Choose and Get the Most


As a contractor or DIYer, you should own a segmented saw blade for many reasons. If you’re familiar with the various diamond saw blades, you will understand the importance of their segmented design. With various work ranging involving stone materials, possessing the right blades would guarantee an excellent result while reducing work expended and time spent.

These are enough reasons for you to have a segmented diamond saw blade. This is because nothing is as exciting as cutting hard stone materials with a durable blade. A blade that offers fast cutting speed and ensures you get your work done as desired.  

Before you lay your hands on the segmented saw blade, there are certain things you should know.

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Chapter 1 What Are Segmented Saw Blades?

Segmented saw blades are the type of diamond saw blades. The segmented saw blades are cut concrete, tiles, bricks, brick blocks, marble, marble, granite, stone, and other hard materials. With the kind of materials contractors uses it on, the segmented saw blades are usually known as dry-cutting blades. The name draws inspiration from its dry-use applications. They are put to use without water because of the cutout or segments found on the blade’s edge. The cutouts/segments allow airflow and the blade core to cool.

The segments also enable the segmented saw blade to exhaust debris better. Hence, cut quickly. One of the factors that reduce a diamond saw blade’s lifespan is overheating. This affects its bond and can warp it. This makes segmented saw blades the best option when water is not available.

Segmented saw blades have typical medium to hard bonds, and the bond determines the range of applications (wet or dry). The segmented saw blades offer a relatively smooth cut at high speed, though chipping might happen. They are very durable, and in comparison with other diamond saw blades, they have a longer lifespan.

Segmented saw blades give the roughest cut. This makes them ideal for cutting granite, stone, marble, concrete, and other masonry materials.

The various sizes and diameters of segmented saw blades are put to use with different saw machinery. Like a circular saw, angle grinder,  masonry saw, and concrete saws.

The segmented saw blade configuration and cutting modes are chosen based on the strength of the natural stone and the type of equipment.

One of the important parameters of cutting is
linear cutting speed, complying with this ensures the optimum performance of the diamond layer of the segmented saw blades.

 To achieve maximum performance efficiency of the segmented saw blade, it is best important to follow the recommendations outlined in the blade manual.

Segmented saw blades are one of the various types of diamond saw blades. This is why it is important to know the physical features of a segmented saw blade as a beginner. This helps you to choose.

Image Of A Segmented Diamond Saw Blade

Chapter 2 How to Distinguish Between Segmented Saw Blades and Other?

Diamond saw blade production is due to spreading synthetic diamonds throughout the steel used. This is what makes them ideal for masonry works. However, identifying and picking segmented saw blades from the lots requires you to note some features and distinguish them from others. Other diamond saw blades include continuous and turbo.

Continuous Diamond Saw Blades: This type of diamond saw blades lack teeth. Which of the main features distinguish it from the segmented diamond saw blade? The continuous diamond saw blades are specifically to cut through tile materials. Therefore not usually effective or appropriate for cutting through concrete or masonry materials.

Turbo Diamond Saw Blades: Physically, these are more similar blades to continuous diamond saw blades than to segmented diamond saw blades. Turbo saw blades do not have teeth too. However, their rims are serrate. This enables them to have more raw cutting power. This feature allows them to be alternatively used for materials where the segmented saw blade is also suitable.  

Segmented saw blades have a rim with diamond edges. These edges are separate due to a little gorge. This feature distinguishes them from the turbo and continuous diamond saw blades. With the gullets, segmented saw blades possess the power to deliver power cuts. However, the cuts are less accurate. So when you need to cut through suited tough materials. With which rough cut edges do not bother you, a segmented diamond saw blade is your blade.

With the similarities in applications of segmented and turbo saw blades, choosing between the two depends on your preference. Choose the turbo diamond saw blade for slow cutting but more accuracy and precision. Choose the segmented diamond saw blade for aggressive cutting, fast but less accurate and precise.

To help your decision-making when choosing your blade, ask yourself the following questions;

  • What material types are you cutting?
  • What type of saw machine will you be using?
  • How much work/cutting will you be doing?
  • How many tasks do you need to do?
  • What type of cuts do you want?
Image showing and Illustrating segmented saw blade in particular.

Chapter 3 Mode Of Cuttings For Segmented Diamond Saw Blades

Segmented diamond saw blades can be primarily made for wet cutting or dry cutting. However, they are specifically dry-cutting blades. This show in the presence of gullets/slots. With dry cutting, you do not see sloppy wet slurry, and there is no need to equip your saw with a hose or water tank. This feature makes segmented diamond saw blades a good option for indoor tasks where a dry working area is desirable or in an area where the closeness of water is uncertain.

TIP: Vital PPE should be used when operating the segmented diamond saw blades for dry cutting. To prevent/avoid dangerous respiratory risks and other health hazards caused by dust particles.

Segmented Diamond Saw Blades

Chapter 4 What Affects the Life Cycle and Performance of the Segmented Saw Blade?

The lifespan of your segmented diamond saw blades depends on certain variables. One of the major variables is blade quality. This involves diamond quality, concentration, segment bond (medium to hard for segmented saw blades), and width.

The different diamond quality is shown in different grades of segmented saw blades. A much higher quality diamond concentration ensures the segmented diamond saw blades would perform better and last longer.

Another important factor is the material you cut with your segmented saw blade. Though capable of cutting tough materials, never use your segmented saw blade to cut unspecified materials. You can use a segmented saw blade specifically designed for concrete to cut asphalt. Though it will cut the asphalt fast, it reduces its lifespan.

Image showing an isolated segmented diamond saw blade.

Chapter 5 How to Make Your Segmented Saw Blade Have a Longer Life?

This guide helps you maintain your segmented saw blades’ performance and lifespan.

  1. Using my saying above, use the segmented diamond saw blade for the right job. While some segmented diamond saw blades are generally multipurpose, some are made with a bond that specifically meets the requirements of a certain application. Thus, if you maintain this purpose, your segmented saw blade will give excellent results and last longer.
  2. You can wet your blade. Though the segmented saw blades are usually for dry cutting and thus the absence of water is not detrimental. However, wetting your segmented saw blades increases their productivity and lifespan. As the popular saying, heat and dust are enemies to a blade, but wetting eliminates both.
  3. You should not push your segmented saw blades beyond their operating limit. Doing this, you might think you are getting the work done fast. However, you are reducing its life.

Do not also force the blade through any material. Forcing the segmented saw blade through the material will increase the amperage, burn up the motor, and overheat the blade. This results in premature wear and damage.  

  1. Install the segmented saw blades properly in the saw machinery. Avoid spinning the blade in the wrong direction. This is made possible by paying attention to the directional arrows drawn on the blade to ensure proper installation and spinning of the blade in the proper direction.  
  2. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. The segmented diamond saw blades you buy come with a manual. This manual illustrates all the pointers you should know about properly using your segmented saw blades to ensure maximum performance and safety. Follows this information, and you will be fine.

For all the information you require to use the segmented diamond saw blades efficiently, contact us at

Contractors cutting concrete while wetting the blade.

Chapter 6 What are the Benefits of Buying a Segmented Saw Blade From us?

One of our distinctive qualities at is the belief that everyone should have a means of striving for their potential. This we maintain by providing quality tools.

The excellent quality of our products has ensured that we keep bringing a smile to our customer’s faces. Our customers appreciate our products.

Our segmented diamond saw blades have all the features that ensure it provides maximum results and remains durable over a long time. They are suitable for fast, free, and smooth cutting.

You don’t have any problem attaching our segmented saw blades to different saws. Like a circular saw, table saw, masonry, and many more because we provide it with flexibility. This flexibility covers its application on different materials like granite, tiles, marble, forms of concrete, brick blocks, and other masonry materials.


Having a saw is one thing; having the right blades is another. Don’t end up being in the many lots who think of the saw to use for a task and ignore the kind of saw blade to use. Using the segmented diamond saw blades is a clear path to achieving your concrete/brick cutting in the fastest time possible. Always make a well-informed purchase. This will save you time and money in the long run.

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