Tile Saw Blade – How to Make Better Choices and Management


As a beginner/DIYer, in your search for the perfect blade to cut your tile, marble, and other types of fancy stones. You find yourself trying out a lot of blades when what you need is the tile saw blade.

With your level of expertise, you immediately access your options and seek expert guidance.

Consider the finishing you want, the cutting speed you desire, and the type of material you are cutting. All these immediately point to the Tile Saw Blades.

Before purchasing, you need to understand the basic and vital information about the tile saw blades. All of which you will get if you stick to the end of this article.

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Chapter 1 What is the Meaning of Tile Saw Blades and their Use?

Tile saw blades are priceless for anyone considering a tile-cutting task. It can also cut different ceramics, porcelain, and other stone types.

The tile saw blade uses diamond grits to grind through ceramics. It does this at high speed. With quality tile saw blades, you can quickly cut any tile.

Quality tile saw blades have good sharpness, easy cutting, and no chipping while cutting tiles. To use the tile saw blade, you can attach it to an angle grinder, tile saw, or table saw.

Manufacturers differentiate the tile saw blades into two. It is highly advised you know the two, differentiate them, and know when and how to use them.

 A tile saw blade midway through cutting a porcelain tile

Chapter 2 What are the Types of Tile Saw Blades and Their Advantages?

Categories of tile saws blades fall into two; wet tile saw blades and dry tile saw blades. The differences in this type underline their mode of operation and advantages.

  • Wet Tile Saw Blade: This type of tile saw blade is used by attaching it to wettable saws. You can carry out just any stone-cutting project with this type. A wet tile saw blade must be put to use with water. The water makes the entire cutting course smooth.
  • A reliable water source should be considered before working with this particular type. Under no condition should you use it without water.
  • Applying water to the tile saw blade when in use keeps it cool. This ability to use water ensures they last long. They are also safer to use because they contain continuous rims.
  • This prevents them from cutting through skin as fast as other blades.
  • Dry Tile Saw Blade: This type of tile saw blade is attached to a dry tile saw. You cannot use this type of tile saw blade for every stone-cutting project. This is because dry tile saws are usually handheld.
  • Being this type, having consistent control over your desired cutting quality is hard. However, as a beginner, the dry tile saw blade might be the type you go for because dry tile saws are much easier to handle.
  • All you have to do is connect it to a power source. Dry tile saw blades are best used to remove old tiles that need replacing. Do not use water with this blade.
  • Cutting with a dry tile saw blade may cause you to have debris and dust. It would be best to use protective goggles and nose masks to prevent respiratory complications.

Regardless of the type of tile saw blades you settle for, make sure you have your necessary personal protective equipment. Stay safe.

Each of these tile saw blades has features that contribute greatly to their performances. They also have advantages that you should greatly consider before selecting.

For wet tile saw blades, these advantages include:

  • It allows you to have a smooth, fast, and accurate cutting. This is due to many of them being mounted on no handheld saw.
  • You might use it continuously without requiring too much physical strength.
  • Due to being used with water, they last long.  

For dry tile saw blades, these advantages include:

  • It is suitable for most conditions where you cannot use water. It may be a place you would like to keep dry.
  • It is fast and easy to attach to tile saws.  
  • It is great for tearing out old tiles.

 A tile saw blade midway through cutting a porcelain tile

Chapter 3 What Factors do You Need to Consider When Purchasing Premium Tile Saw Blades?

Size and Materials: When buying tile saw blades, you must consider the size factor. In your search for tile saw blades, you will find out they are in various sizes. The tile saw blades range from 3 inches to 10 inches in size. So the bigger the size, the deeper your cuts. So choose a size according to the cut depth you desire.

These factors allow you to get quality tile saw blades. These factors include:

Tile saw blades are also made from diamonds and other materials. However, the proportions of these materials differ from different manufacturers. So if the blade is not well made, it shatters during usage. So check the building quality of the tile saw blades before purchase.

Blades Types: Tile saw blades come with various edges and rims. These rims fall into three (3) major types; continuous, turbo, and segmented. They are all built to cut specific materials. So before buying, be specific about your need. Then pick a tile saw blade according to that need.

Kerf and Arbor: The kerf of a tile saw blade could be thick or thin. If you want a continuous chipless cut, don’t use a thick kerf tile saw blade. Pick a thin kerf tile saw blade. An arbor is that metal bar holding the tile saw blade within the saw machine. Each saw machine has a specific size.

There is a hole in the tile saw blade to which the blade is tightly fitted. Before buying the tile saw blade, be sure of the arbor size. If you buy the wrong size, the tile saw blade would not properly fit into the saw machine.

Following the above guide guarantees your chances of buying a quality saw blade.

Image of a tile saw blade cutting a ceramic tile.

Chapter 4 The Service Life of the Tile Saw Blade Depends on What Factors

When you eventually get your tile saw blade, many questions still run through your mind. You might ask, how long does the tile saw blade last? The answer ‘depends,’ actually. It depends on various factors that further accentuate the importance of the buying guide given above.  

  The service life of a tile saw blade depends on these factors. The quality of the blade, the type of material you are cutting, the amount of pressure you exert on it while cutting, and even the revolution per second of the tile saw blade.

From this information, you can see the answer isn’t straightforward.

If you buy a tile saw blade capable of seeing through a long time, its lifespan is greatly reduced with the wrong handling or improper material.

However, with great feedback and testing, our high-quality tile saw blades on https://www.nccuttingtools.com/  has a life span of over five cutting days under standard working conditions. That is approximately 120 cutting hours.

Chapter 5 When Do You Replace Your Tile Saw Blades

Knowing when to replace your tile saw blades saves you a lot of trouble. There are several signs to observe to detect this to know it is the right time to replace your blade.

These signs include uncommon vibration during cutting operations and visible damage on the blade. Seeing the steel core of the blade also shows that diamonds and bonds have worn through.

Uncommon slow cutting speed and unusual thumping noises while cutting also mean it’s time for a blade change. If the wet tile saw blades also chip the surface of the tile you are cutting, it could need replacing. Sometimes, cleaning the tile saw blades might fix the chipping problem.

Chapter 6 How to Improve the Life of Tile Saw Blades

Besides buying high-quality tile saw blades, there are certain tips for extending the life span of your tile saw blade. The guide to extending the lifespan of your diamond saw blade is really easy and straightforward.  

  The diamond pieces embedded in your tile saw blades bond with the metal. The material you cut eats away at this bond. This action reveals new diamond pieces which extend the blade’s cutting life.

The blade lifespan reduces when the bond is too soft, or the material is too abrasive. To prevent this, always buy your tile saw blades according to the material you are cutting. 

  Never make the mistake of dry cutting with wet tile saw blades. You can, however, use dry tile saw blades for wet cutting. This improves its lifespan.

Don’t exert too much force on the tile saw blades to induce fast cutting. Also, avoid placing excessive pressure on the tile saw blades while cutting.

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Chapter 7 Why are We the Best Choice For Buying Tile Saw Blades?

With our long-serving background, we have earned the bragging right to tell you we sell the best tile saw blades on the market. Our tile saw blades last longer and cut faster than those commonly found.  

Our tile saw blades adopt an ultrathin base and cut-edge designs. It has high cutting sharpness, good cutting accuracy, and precision and produces small or no chipping.

It is suitable for wet and dry cutting of various tiles of a marble machine, angle grinder, and tile saw. Especially suitable for renovating homes and offices. 

  Not only do we sell you tile saw blades of any kind that saves you money in the long term. Our tile saw blades would undoubtedly increase your work’s quality and consistency.  

  Our blades perform properly, allowing you to cut easily and achieve neat edges without chipping.  


After reading this article, you can see the importance of buying a good quality tile saw blades. When buying tile saw blades, consider the important factors.

To ensure you use it for a long, follow the necessary guidelines, and know when to change your blade to avoid accidents and bad-cutting results.

When you follow all these processes, you will pick a quality saw blade and find your results desirable.  

  If you need supporting suggestions, we offer a guide to choosing the right tile saw blades for your tasks. We also supply a wide range of professional tools; contact us at https://www.nccuttingtools.com/.  

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