7 Tips on How to Sharpen Your Diamond Core Drill Bit


There appears to be some ambiguity about what is meant by the diamond core drill bit. The diamond core drill bit is a powerful tool for drilling hard substances. These substances include concrete, granite, glass, and other hard materials, regardless of density and thickness.

For delicate work or versatile and straightforward penetration of hard substances, the diamond core drill bit is needed for a smooth and flexible working experience.

The drill bits must be self-sharpened, so we must keep them sharp throughout the drilling process. The best tips required to help sharpen the bit drill are:

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Diamond coated core metal hole saw bit

(Diamond-coated core metal hole saw bit)

1. Reduce Water Flow When Working on the Diamond Core Drill Bit

This tip is one of the best drilling processes, which keeps the drilling bit as sharp as possible. The diamond drill bit is useful in updating or remodeling the bathroom. It can also be valuable in redesigning your kitchen decoration. Regardless of what you are drilling with the diamond drill bit, when using this drill, the main concern is

-To obtain water at the edge of the diamond drill bit.

-To make sure the drilling bits are wet.

While drilling fiberglass, controlling the flow of water is very necessary. This tip applies whether you use concrete coring bits, diamond drill bits for glass, or diamond drill bits for granite.

NOTE: The drilling process may be done with or without water, but make sure that the surface of the diamond drill bit is wet.
Reducing the water flow allows you to control the drilling process, keeping your drilling bit sharp throughout the process.

Remember that your drill bit needs the right water mix to degrade the material. It can glaze over, thus resulting in a slow drilling rate.

diamond core drill bit- reduce water flow while drilling

( diamond core drill bit- reduce water flow while drilling)

2. Low-Speed Rotating Diamond Core Bit

It would be gladden you that some core drill bits are more heat-resistant than regular bits. Most of the core drills used to drill through hard materials run at high speed. Therefore, they drill through stainless steel, metals, and other hard substances.

But remember that diamond core drill bits are much less brittle than standard low-speed rotating core drill bits. Therefore it does not need to be replaced more often. They are also more economical than any other type of bit.

diamond core drill bit-low-speed can achieve more

(diamond core drill bit-low-speed can achieve more)

3. Temporarily Diamond Core Drill Bit Increase the WOB

Weight-on-bit (WOB) increased by 15% to 20%

The bit pressure or force applied to the bit must be as small as possible while maintaining a reasonable penetration rate. You must put as much strength as 15% to 20% of the bit’s weight on the bit as you need to go forward. To achieve a reasonable penetration rate, you must strive for the perfect combination of rotation speed and the bit’s pressure.

little more pressure to drilling process

(little more pressure on the drilling process)

4. Silica Sand added to the Drilling Hole

It is no news that sand is naturally made of silica. To be more specific, silica sand can be poured into the drilling hole to provide more grip and avoid glaze over the drill. The amount of sand usually poured into the drilling hole is just the quantity required to keep your tool functional during the drilling process.

This tip also helps avoid the drilling machine’s wear and tear. The speed of the drill bit was controlled after coming in contact with the sand poured into the drilling hole.

coarse substances on the drilling surface

(coarse substances on the drilling surface)

5. Remove the Residue in the Gap of the Diamond Core Drill Bit

One of the characteristics of a professional driller is the ability to maintain a clean and safe working environment. The cleaner the working environment, the more reliable and comfortable it will be to work on the surface next time.

Residues are cleared from drilling surfaces to avoid the slow drilling process. The residues tend to hit the sharp edges of your drilling bits, causing wear and tear. This is a lousy method for keeping your bits sharp throughout the drilling process.

NOTE: A safe working environment must be clean and free from all forms of residue.

diamond core drill bit-safe working area

(diamond core drill bit-safe working area)

6. Choose the Right Bit Parameters

Choosing the right bit parameters is very important. The type and nature of work you are about to do determine the type of bits you should use to a great extent. Nevertheless, some of the drilling bits used for drilling different types of surfaces are multipurpose in function. But you should also know that every drilling process has a specific kind of drill bit to be used.

Examples are the diamond drill bit for granite, the diamond drill bit for glass, the concrete coring bits, the drilling bits for tile, and the drilling bits for metals and steel.

Remember that your working style will also tell how long you can maintain a sharp drill bit during the drilling process. Very many drilling working styles would leave your drill bits blunt. Therefore it is advisable to maintain a perfect working style that is known to keep your drill sharp throughout the drilling process.

Just as the saying “you can never tell what advantage a hunter gets from silence while hunting,” you cannot tell what time and energy there is when using your drill bits correctly to maintain a sharp drilling bit.

While working with the diamond drilling bits, always know that your drill is second to none.

Choosing the right drill bit parameters also plays a significant role in achieving a reasonable penetration rate with a superior drilling performance.

professional diamond drill bit

(professional diamond drill bit)

7. Still Can not Improve Diamond Core Drill Bit

After going through the above, if you still cannot sharpen your diamond drill bits, I would rather you repeat the above steps. The above tips have taken you through the best ways to maintain your diamond drill bit for a long-lasting and efficient drilling system. To enjoy high productivity gains in the drilling process, reduced downtime, and an excellent sharp long life, you need to get yourself the most appropriate tool for the job. You must have gone through the tips listed above and see that the diamond drill bit is easy to use and maintain. It has a long shelf life.

Usually, you would not buy a tool, such as a diamond concrete blade or a saw blade, without scrutinizing its quality and testing out the grip for comfort. But the reality also holds for the diamond drill bits.

If you find it hard to sharpen your drill bits, you should know some necessary recommendations. These recommendations will serve as a guide to prevent your bits from burning or damaging.

Also, remember that there is a direct relationship between the drilling parameters and other factors in drilling. The drilling parameters relate to the hardness of the material and the diameter of the equipment in use. There is a great advantage in understanding how to adjust drilling parameters. Understanding this can help drillers improve their drilling performance in difficult drilling situations.

Try to repeat the above steps and also look out for the best.

types of diamond drill coring bits

(types of diamond drill coring bits)


People involved with any diamond core drill bit must be cautious in handling the drill. This statement is very important to avoid distorting the drill bit’s sharpness.

The core drill bit does not vary much in design. They may differ in the quality of materials used in crafting them.

NCCuttingtools can provide you with the services, experience, and strength. Contact us to sharpen your drill bits.

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