Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades-9 Tips for Longer Life


A metal-cutting circular saw Blade is one of the essential parts of a circular saw.

It is useful for cutting metal materials, and it is the best circular saw blade for cutting aluminum. It is sharp and durable but often managed poorly.

You are often concerned about keeping your circular Blade in the best shape to give it a more extended service life. The best circular saw modules are those that are kept clean, cut accurately, and do not rust.

How do you care for your circular Blade to give it a longer life? After reading this article, you will find the answer.

Close up blade of circular saw on blurred background

(Close-up Blade of a circular saw on the blurred background)

1. Use Dry-cutting Technology For Your Circular Saw Blade

It is essential to keep your circular Blade dry when it is not in use. The best circular saw Blade is most durable when using dry cutting technology. You do not need lubricants for metal cutting when using the dry-cutting technique.

It is easy for steel to rust; therefore, your circular Blade should be moisture-free at all times when in or not in use. Moisture and humidity will cause it to get rusty and degrade over time. If you’re using an expensive metal cutting circular saw blade, keep it dry.

When you’re not doing dry cutting, remove the circular Blade from a humid or wet area, on and off the job sites. With this, you can increase the lifespan of your circular Blade and keep it sharp enough for use.

Dry cutting technique and keeping your circular Blade dry when not in use helps to control and reduce corrosion, keeping your metal-cutting circular saw Blade in good, quality condition.

A circular saw blade for dry-cutting technique

(A circular saw blade for dry-cutting technique)

2. Protect your circular Blade by cutting with a lower RPM

When you’re using your circular saw blade, be careful of the rotation speed you use because this can ruin or preserve your saw. All modules are designed for use at a particular rotational speed. A metal cutting circular saw Blade should be used safely at a designated number of revolutions per minute (RPM).

When making cuts, you should cut at a lower RPM than required to keep your circular Blade in good condition. It is crucial to ensure that the maximum RPM of the saw attached to your circular Blade is the max RMP on your Blade’s package.

Also, to keep your Blade as the best circular saw for cutting your aluminum materials know the type of power tool you have. Is it a direct drive or not a direct drive? It would help you in identifying the correct speed you should use when cutting metal.

A circular saw blade in a resting state

(A circular saw blade in a resting state)

3. cutting circular saw blade fixed cutting material

Your Blade remains the best circular saw blade if you follow this tip. When you are making cuts with your sword, you may sometimes not give it a firm grip. It would help if you cut firmly by holding your metal cutting circular saw with a good grip on cutting materials and metal objects.

When cutting with your circular Blade, make sure that you clamp the material securely to the workstation. Set the circular blade depth ¼-inch below the content you are cutting and confirm the bevel angle.

To begin cutting, rest the metal cutting circular saw blade on the edge of the metal material near the cutting line. Please give it a secure grip and then start to decrease. If you cut firmly and have your content adequately secured, it will not rotate.

This cutting method is the correct way to use your circular Blade. It will prevent spoilage of your circular Blade.

Construction worker cutting metal with metal cutting circular saw blade

(Construction worker cutting metal with metal cutting circular saw blade)

4. Make Straight Cuts While Using the Circular saw Blade

Accurate and straight cuts are sure to keep your circular saw blade in the best shape. It is usual for your circular Blade to wander away from the cutting line. It may easily cause the Blade to bind up and get ruined quicker.

There are different types of cuts that you can make with a circular saw blade. A few of them include rip cuts, crosscuts, miter cut, and others. Whichever type of cut you make, the best circular saw Blade must and should cut in a straight line.

You would need to use a fence to make a straight cut with a metal cutting circular saw Blade. Freehand cuts ruin your circular Blade faster than a cutting guide or wall.

Check out the various ways you can make different types of straight cuts using your circular Blade, and be sure to use any of the techniques when using your module to protect the saw blade.

Making freehand cuts with metal cutting circular saw blade

(Making freehand cuts with metal cutting circular saw blade)

5. Rotate the circular saw blade before cutting

Before you use your best cutting circular saw blade for aluminum to cut into the material, ensure that you rotate it first. Give it a spin before you connect it to aluminum or other metal materials to see if it is in the best condition for cutting.

Not only for the preservation of the service life but also safety and precautionary measures; rotate the circular saw blade. Proper blade rotation helps to keep the cutting edge performance at maximum level, and also extends blade life.

You may research the proper way to achieve this, to give your metal cutting circular saw blade
the attention they need.

A spinning circular saw blade

(A spinning circular saw Blade)

6. Best storage method is cutting a circular saw blade

Do not save your circular Blade on the bare ground or in a poor storage condition. After you have used your circular saw blade and you are ready to store it, you would need to keep it in either a plastic knife holder or a wooden one.

Ensure that any storage spaces are clean and dry before storing them to avoid rust or corrosion. If you must store it, outside of these storage areas, do not allow the Blade’s kerf to rest on the ground, but rather hang the edge through the hole in the center.

Fix a screw or nail on the wall, and insert the circular Blade into these hangers using their center hole. If the module is placed on a shelf or floor, it may wear out and become dull.

An alternative for storing your metal cutting circular saw blade

 (An alternative for storing your metal cutting circular saw blade)

7. Never roll metal cutting circular saw blade on the ground

There are a few things that would happen when you roll your metal cutting circular saw blade on the ground. Firstly, you ruin the teeth of a perfectly functional circular blade.

Your Blade saw was not meant to reduce the floor materials, so keep it off it.
Another thing that would happen is that your circular Blade becomes hot due to friction, and this could damage your circular saw blade. The circular Blade of your metal cutting saw may become too hot and become ruined from poor use.

A circular saw blade laying on the ground

(A circular saw blade laying on the ground)

8. The circular saw blade needs to be stable

To avoid resonance when using a circular saw blade, you need to make the blade stable. Stability in metal cutting circular saw blades is essential also to keep and ensure longer service life.

You may be wondering how you can keep your circular saw blades stable. One right way is to buy a circular saw blade that is the right fit for your metal cutting circular saw. If you install the perfect fit, it will stay in place and not move about during cutting. It also reduces misalignment in your Blade to ensure precision cutting.
Another way to keep your circular blade stable is by getting a stabilizer. It provides stability when cutting with blades that have a lesser width.

A durable metal cutting circular saw blade at work

  (A durable metal cutting circular saw Blade at work)

9. Use the right circular saw blade for different materials

For different hardness, density, and thickness property of equipment, you may want to use the best circular saw Blade fit for that purpose. It should be a circular blade with suitable blade spacing.

Ensure that you use the right metal cutting circular saw blade for the job. A lot of times, many circular saw blades are said to be suitable for all types of materials; but the truth is that every kind of metal material has its different edge.

Don’t use a fine-tooth blade to cut laminate; don’t use a standard carbide blade to cut steel. Know the right circular Blade for the job, and make use of that. It would give your knife a longer life span.


If you’re reading this, it means you care about your working tools and how to take care of them. In this article, you would find nine tips to help you own the best circular saw Blade for cutting aluminum and other metal materials.

Keep your circular Blade dry, store it properly, use the right modules for the jobs, and give it overall proper care.

If you run into any challenges or require similar services to help you keep your work tools in perfect condition, you may place a call to NCCuttingtools. A dependable facility with a wealth of experience in this field.

We are undoubtedly qualified to assist you better.

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